Solution to Terrorism – Mr. Tony Oyatedor

Men, Women Equal in Quran - Mr. Tony Oyatedor

The Solution to Terrorism – Mr. Tony Oyatedor Reveals in an interview at NTA.

Men, Women Equal in Quran - Mr. Tony Oyatedor
Presenter: Salam Aleikum Nigeria, it’s great to have you join us again for yet another program and we have a distinguished Nigerian who has come to share with us his experiences, some perspectives, some observations, some informed positions on how this country can actually change the narrative of where we are, where we are heading to and where we should not be caught in.

So what are we looking at again in the edition of your favorite program, this is Close Flow and we know that the conversation is about you, your opinions, your convictions, your choices, about the story of Nigeria.
So are we actually a nation in flight or are we a nation that is stagnant??

So, is Nigeria actually ready to become what many of us used to hear those days “ giant of Africa” or are we going to remain perpetually a beggarly nation?
Now, these are some of the questions that our distinguished guest who incidentally and I must tell you a little bit about him before you get to see his biography on air.

He used to be on this same seat somewhere in this same studio in this same nation some years back and he was very passionate about what he was doing, he also walked through the corridors of power reporting about what Nigeria is doing and what Nigeria should be doing and so over the year he has been doing that. Telling the story of Nigeria, re-telling the story of Nigeria, and sharing with the world what Nigeria can be.

So he is back here again in the studio and we are asking ourselves, what are the ideals and ideas of actualizing Nigeria? That is; a project in Nigeria, can those ideals be real? Are they realistic or just some kind of dream that many of us may wake up one day and find out it’s just not going to work?

So stay with us and get to meet our guest, you get to meet the kind of person he is, you get to meet his conviction, and then you can ask him all the questions.
Stay with us.

Dr. Tony is the president of Newstime, journalist, Author( Best-selling book “Leadership”) Consultant, Publisher, Radio/Tv talk show Analyst/commentator on religious and global affairs, specializes in African affairs in general, Nigeria in particular, and preacher on peace, he is a professional international speaker, seminar leader, and corporate trainer.

He preached and teach with the three holy books, (Torah, Bible, and the Quran)
He is based in Washington D.c, United States of America.

Presenter: Alright great, it’s not about me, it’s about Dr. Tony Oyatedor. Again you are welcome
Mr. Tony: Thank you very much, we give thanks and praise and glory to the gracious merciful God. Bismillahi Rahman Rahim, our immense gratitude for that magnificent introduction you did about us and we are always gratified for the great hospitality that you give us every time we come here so Nigeria, welcome to Close Flow.

Presenter: Alright, so he has finally so that means as I said to you in the intro the conversation is about you, your conviction, your choices you are going to make in life on how the story of Nigeria is going to u raveled, that’s what it’s about here on the show and you saw his biography so we are starting with the fact that yes we are in the season where the Abrahamic faith has been celebrated all over the world so we are the Easter, we are the Passover and now we are going through the Ramadan so why are we not getting the full import of that synergy that this religion or these religions represent.

Mr. Tony: Very good fascinating question, nowhere it’s we have just ended Ramadan fast with our Muslim brothers and sister all over the world.
Ramadan, sacred divine revelation from angel Gabriel (Jibril in Arabic) to prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
All religion we have been preaching all over the world, telling the entire world that all religion is one, the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran all talk about one God Allah/Jehovah and God almighty in his infinite mercy must make sure that this past April, all the fate had something to do with April and we have just ended the Ramadan fast and on that note, I will like to give all our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world Barka da Sallah most especially the sultan of Sokoto “Alhaji Muhammad Sa-ad Abubakar” and the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari.
So the three Abrahamic faith, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, are where we are today because mankind suffers from willful Ignorance.
The scripture is right there, it says in all the three holy books. In the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran “My people perish due to lack of knowledge”
People without understanding shall stumble, fall and come to ruin. Seek ye the kingdom of God first.
Anabi Isah, Jesus Christ said to seek the word of God first and then all others shall be added unto you.
We have refused to seek knowledge but we are consistently, constantly going to the mosque every Friday and going to church every Sunday, and going to the synagogue on a Saturday but not seeking knowledge so that is why the entire world, mankind has not gotten it right.
I am a Christian but have just ended the fast of Ramadan with Muslims, a gracious period of life when you do fast, we also fasted with the Christians for lent, and we also tasted with Judaism so every religion is one.
Decades ago, a century ago prophet Noah was laughed at and mocked.
God almighty is a consistent God unchangeable.

We were laughed at a year ago when we said all religion is one but everything’s coming back now and the fish scales are dropping from the eyes of mankind, people are now listening intently to Newstime worldwide and so who is this man “Prophet Tony Oyatedor” we say we are sent by God to tell the entire mankind most especially Nigerians to know that all religion is one, we are all one created by almighty God Allah/Jehovah.
We all came from Adam in English, Adamu in Arabic, and Eve and here we are so all religion is one
Presenter: Ok, so let’s take it back to him. Do we have a universal consensus, that the three faith have natural healing powers which can be employed just to change a situation like ours? This current divisiveness that we have
Mr. Tony: very well, we have watched on television where people will be complaining that Hausa/Fulani is here, Muslim is here but wait a minute sometimes ago there were Christians here and Christian over there but Almighty God Allah/Jehovah did not create us to be Muslim, Christian and Jewish people. No! He created us as human beings.
A Fulani man is my brother, I am from Niger-delta, an Ijaw man, a Yoruba man is my brother, everyone.
We are all brothers and sisters on this earth.
So on the day of resurrection preached in the Torah, preached in the Bible and in the Quran, that when Jesus Christ the sinless one, the prince of peace, Anabi Isah in Arabic will come back to judge mankind, he is not going to judge mankind based on your religion and let me shock a lot of people all over the world, Islam that we are talking about today in the Quran is not the religion of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him but the religion of Abraham written black and white in the Quran.

The religion of Abraham, Ibrahim in Arabic.

So if you know this, why will you hate your fellow human beings based on religion, it says in all the three holy books too sacred injunctions on all human beings by almighty God Allah/Jehovah.
The law in English, Torah in Arabic, 10 commandments in Christiandom are in the Bible but in Arabic and in the Quran “Sharia” but we journalists and a lot of people all over the world call it sharia law, there is nothing sharia law because you will be saying the law, law. Sharia in Arabic, the law in English. And it says in that very precepts “thou shall not kill” period.
So you can’t kill somebody because he is a Christian, you can’t kill somebody because he is a Muslim or a Fulani or a Niger Deltan, you must not kill period.

I am passionate about this great nation created by God, the best nation on earth created by almighty God but mankind wants to use their own hands to destroy this great nation created by God.
We are not going to sit around and sleepover until all Nigerians wake up, roll up their sleeves and work to bring this great nation back to where it was.
Our great, great forefathers are weeping where they are right now over the status of Nigeria.
Sir Ahmadu Bello, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the great Nnamdi Azikwe. This is not what they wanted but we are going to make sure this country gets back to its feet.
Presenter: you have said something that is very salient and we all know that the country is not where we want or where it should be so what do you ascribe to be the real cause of the failed nationhood? Is it a lack of forthrightness in the governance or a lack of courage in citizenship??
Mr. Tony: it’s both and it all stems from the knowledge
Jesus Christ, Anabi Isah said in the scripture when he was being put on the cross he says “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing”

Well yes forgive them for are not what they are doing at that time but now forgiveness will not be given anymore because you know not what you are doing, ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.
Each and every one of us must seek the knowledge of God so on the day of resurrection when Jesus Christ will return and then you will be judged by your knowledge of God not with your ignorance to say I did not know.
No! You must know and every leader including the followers must roll up their sleeves and work to make this nation better.

God almighty Allah/Jehovah will not come down and do it, it’s you and I that will do it. Having said that, again I brought some stuff here for people to see which is the federal republic of the Nigerian constitution and I want to ask each and every one of you how many of you have this constitution?? Including you the governors and the ministers and the local government chairman of the country and we the media especially. Do you have the constitution??
In this constitution, it tells us that we the media but hold the government and people in government accountable, and also we the media must teach the people the right thing to do. Are we doing that?

Then in this same constitution, Written there it says to be elected as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria all you have to do is get knowledge unto secondary school level, it’s written here in black and white not Mr. Tony Oyatedor said it. Have you read it? Especially in the media, when you carry out stories and tell people that they are not educated and all and they cannot be in the office, did you read your constitution that it says the minimum you need, not the certificate. The minimum you need is that you can read and write.

So every man and woman listening to me and watching me you can run for office, do not alone anyone fools you but the criteria is when you run for office. Are you going into that office to empower just yourself, to work for your wife, your children, your husband alone, Or do you want to work for the entire populace?
We blame everything on the leader, government, and the president but do not blame ourselves. Are you holding each and everyone in your area accountable including your bank manager, your ceos, all of us are contributing one way or the other to the fall of this country but we are going to correct that starting from now.
God has enabled us to do that, we are going to help each and every one. There must be peace in Nigeria that brings security, you must go for peace first.
In all the three holy books, almighty God said peace first then security not security first because that will be jumping the box
Presenter: He has actually nailed it because he has brought to the table the next issue we want to raise and that’s the fact that currently, the National insecurity indices are placing Nigeria in the top bracket of the most unsecured nation on earth but your view because you are a citizen and also an advocate of responsible leadership so do you think we possess the capacity to overcome this negative.
Mr. Tony: Absolutely, but it will not happen overnight with the snap of a finger, it will take people like you and me to bring knowledge to the people.
The insecurity that we are talking about now, for over 40 years now every leader in government has been fighting insecurity with weapons.
You can do your fight with insecurity with a weapon from now till eternity, it will not end. Mark my words, it will only end with the word and how do you use the word? The people around you who are hungry and angry must see that you are working for them and speaking of working today also is Labour Day all over Nigeria but you have millions upon millions of youth if Nigerians unemployed, jobless, broke, hungry and angry. Are you going to use the weapon to kill all of them? No
You will use the word to pacify them, talk to them like the children that they are to us and then they will drop their weapons.
I have not come here to advocate for violence, I am here to advocate for peace and the only way peace will come is through the word.
I worked as a reporter a year ago, I have also worked with the military, the arm forces of the federal republic of Nigeria, men, and women of great integrity defending this great nation, they are not supposed to be at war with us.
The armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria are supposed to defend us not kill us.
We are your children, everybody that is aggrieved right now, Fulani herdsmen, Ipob, Boko Haram, Niger Delta militants talk to them with the word.

Appease them with the word, not weapons then there will be peace in this great nation so we all can be sleeping with our two eyes closed not with one eye open. Some people even said we are sleeping with two eyes wide open, it must end.
We can’t continue like this, please my fellow brothers and sisters I am begging, Fulani herdsmen, boko haram, and Ipob members to drop your weapons and let there be peace in this great nation called Nigeria.
We have traveled all over Nigeria, have traveled all over the world, we have been to Maiduguri, and have been to Sokoto. The fundamental question we are going to ask all our leaders. Have you found out the cause of this anger that is making our children kill and destroy us?

You have got to do that, that is why you are the leader.

Every leader is elected for the people and does the work for the people not just to enjoy the office.
Today, as we speak all over Nigeria leaders, are just going about treating everything with levity. I don’t care, well you will care one day because on the day of resurrection. Anabi Isah Jesus Christ will ask you that position that you occupied what did you do with it? Good or bad?
Our intent is for guys to do good, we are not pointing our fingers at anybody, we don’t come here for a blame game, and we are not talking about challenges. We are talking about a problem and for every problem, almighty God Allah/Jehovah provides a solution and the solution is here now.

We do hope and pray everybody is listening to us and we all retrace our step back. 41 years ago when I was working in this very station, I can leave this station after doing my newscast at 11:00 and I can leave and go home safely, no problem but now even in the daytime people can not go anywhere and we the leaders are supposed to be sleeping and saying everything is okay? No, my brothers and sisters, it’s not okay but we are the ones that will be held more responsible if we don’t do the right thing and correct all these mistakes.

We have all done mistakes but we must correct the mistakes.
Like I said earlier when I came the other time, every rich man you saw today was poor yesterday.
Every great nation today fell and rise back up again.
I am an optimist not a pessimist, Nigeria will rise back again.
Presenter: close to the issue of national security is a question of the extremely high poverty, right now the united nation is looking worried about the status of the impacting impoverishment. So, is this part of your optimism that this nation will change.

Mr. Tony: yes the nation will change, poverty is a curse whereby people are not given the opportunity to excel.
In America that we are living today, everyone is given an opportunity to excel. You work you earn, and you become who you are but here a lot of people are not working, and a lot of people are not given the opportunity.
They don’t have a job so they are stealing, they are armed robbers, they are killing, they are doing fraud. What do you expect them to do when you are not providing opportunities for them.
Everywhere you go, you want to do something in this great nation Nigeria. There are bottlenecks everywhere, you can’t even see your leaders, I watched on t.v when I arrived from Washington this past Friday and I watched on t.v a lady running for governor of the state where she comes from, we are not going to mention her name and her state but she will know if she is hearing me now.

She was a commissioner under that same governor who is still in office now, she was trying to meet the governor to tell the governor her plans, she said 4 months she could not see her governor, she could not access her governor and she is a commissioner.

So if the commissioner cannot see you, the commissioner you appointed the what about the poor masses on the street, what about market women, we have come to women again, women must rise up and get yourselves elected in this great nation and be a mother for this nation.
It takes women who have passion and compassion to correct their children and now mothers of Nigeria your children are going astray.

All your children are going astray, it’s now incumbent on you mothers of Nigeria to stand up and bring us back to the right path to make Nigeria once again the giant of Africa not just in lips but let people see.
Being a giant of Africa.
One more thing I want to add, I am from the Niger Delta, when you go around Niger delta today you will weep, this is where the entire wealth of Africa comes from yet there is nothing there and your leaders are going to sleep? You will be held accountable.
You go to Saudi Arabia and all the areas where oil is from. Phenomenal development, nobody is poor. You go to Kuwait, the same thing. How will you take money from the Niger delta, the oil-producing area, and use it to build Lagos and Abuja, and then abandon there?
Well, it was a mistake but now please correct those mistakes and help us in the Niger delta, empower the Niger delta and let there be peace all over Nigeria. I love Nigeria beyond anything.

This message I am preaching today is for the love of God and country if not I will be in Washington
sleeping and laughing at Nigerians like everybody else is doing all over the world.
It pains me, with great pain I come here all the time.
Perchance this time around, you all, leaders and followers will
Listen and do the right thing.
I wrote about all this in my book in1995 “Leadership” and everything I predicted is coming to pass one by one but in Nigeria there’s hope fear not
God is with us always, God is with this great nation.
No one ever will be able to break this great nation because we have all inter-married
I met a friend in the U.s years ago, he is from Ethiopia, and he was begging me please my prophet when you get back to Nigeria make Nigeria not split because we made that mistake in Ethiopia.
My father was Ethiopian, my mother was Erithrian, now I can’t visit either of them for either of them to know I went there because there is so much hatred. Eritrean and Ethiopian, small two people talk more than Nigerians.

Yorubas are saying they want their own republic, how do you know the Ondo man like the Osun start man?
It’s better for us to remain one and the only way this thing will work us for is to live with one another as human beings not as Yoruba not as Christian or Muslims.
Please we are all human beings first
Presenter: numbers are displayed on the screen so you can be a part of the discussion after the break, so earlier before the break you were talking about mothers coming back to the front line to make sure they get back their children on the right track and now we know that Nigeria is preparing for yet another round of national elections so with your vast experience do you think we have social-political milestones that we can use as pointers that we can use as triggers so that, That can spark mass awareness and public goodwill just as we prepare for this election so we can get the right leader to occupy the office. Do you think we have?
Mr. Tony: Yes we do, that is another myth that I want to dispel for Nigerians.
When the election comes and during the election and after the election, you must manifest crystal clear that the candidates you are voting for are not candidates of the party. No!!
You are voting for the candidates, not the party so we Nigerians have the power to elect good leaders, when bad leaders come in, don’t blame them but blame yourself because you did not take it seriously.
We have just read in the newspaper this morning, Sultan of Sokoto gave out his Sallah message and in that message, he said precisely what we have been saying for years.

Now I recall that last time I was here we said what we have been preaching for years is what the Pope just said.
Now sultan of sokoto just said every Nigerian should get their P.v.c and vote in good leaders and vote our bad leaders and that’s what we at newstime worldwide have been preaching for decades.

Vote a candidate for the fact that you know they are good candidates, a compassionate candidate who want to go to that office to roll up their sleeves and work for the good of the people not just to enjoy the office, those are the people you vote for not the party so when you can do that then the youths especially the unemployed youths that you are throwing away as worthless have the power to change the society and give a crushing defeat to bad leadership and I look forward to seeing that in 2023. Yes, the youth in this country wake up and see clearly who is working for your interest not the one that will go to that office just to enjoy then there will be manifest crystal clear change in this country.

Presenter: ok,great. Again he has thrown back the ball into your court as Nigerians. He said it is for you to choose good leaders and throw out the bad leaders, that is up to you now so if you shut that responsibility he said don’t blame anybody but yourself.

Now educationally many Nigerians are lamenting what has been described as a mercantile, they are saying the highest bidder, the spender controls the politics so the citizens are like we really cannot choose.
Mr. Tony: Again that is another myth that we dispel again today not factual.
Presenter: Are you saying the media should be part of that?
Mr. Tony: That’s right, the media should be able to despair that myth, we are speaking now to you Nigerians with facts with certainty. The current president if the federal republic of Nigeria “President Muhammadu Buhari” at the time he ran for election could not afford the 100 million Naira registration form so how did he do it? People gathered around and gave him money, we will not mention their names but you know who they are.
Again former president “Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan” did not have the money before he came to the office so it’s not about money.

When you are good, the people will gather around and bring out money for you to use to go there and perform but don’t get the form, get elected and forget those who help you.
That’s the key so if you are a youth or you are a woman or you are poor it doesn’t matter.
President Barack Hussein Obama of the United States of America did not have the money but he had the passion and when people saw him speaking everybody said “We are going to support this candidate”
Hilary .R. Clinton was supposed to be issued in based on her certificate, knowledge, money, connections, and all but Obama from nowhere came in based on zeal, passion and even Hillary Clinton voted for him so the same thing will happen this time around and when it happens then you all will say oh prophet Tony you said it years ago.

Yes, it will happen right here in Nigeria. It’s not about money so if you don’t have money don’t be scared, people will gather money around and give it to you and then you will lead this great nation.
This is not about money, it’s about work now.
You were saying a few minutes ago that the way Nigeria is going, we hope it doesn’t go that way and so the fundamental question we are asking Nigerians is what the great mega superstar “Sunny Okosun” asked Nigerians years ago “Which way Nigeria”
So the question now we at Newstime Worldwide are asking is Nigeria which way, sink or swim?
If you want the same bad old wicked satanic evildoers to lead this country then it will sink with your own hands but if you want this great nation to swim then you must vote in men and women who reverently fear God.
Men and women who love this great nation “Nigeria” and want it to stay one.
Men and women of Nigeria who are knowledgeable and by knowledge we are not saying certificates because you can buy certificates now anywhere you want.
By knowledge, we are saying men and women who are knowledgeable, who know this great nation in and out, who have traveled all over Nigeria, who understands the culture of Nigeria.
I can go anywhere in this great nation and be welcomed because when I was here as the statehouse correspondent to President Shagari, we travelled all over Nigeria and as at that time I opened my eyes and ears clearly to understand the entire society of Nigeria so I can go to an Igbo man and sit comfortably and discuss.

I can go to Sokoto, Maiduguri, Jos, and Kaduna and blend in very well because I understand the people and the culture so also I can be in Lagos and they will say where are you from and well I am from Nigeria because we know everywhere so if you want to lead this great nation unless you are fighting for election in your local government area then you can know the people in that local government but if you must lead this great nation you must know everybody and know the culture and know this great three religion that we started with “Abrahamic faith” then you will understand.

Another point I want to teach Nigerians that a lot of people are not aware of, people said to me. My prophet how come Fulani herdsmen prefer their cows to human beings we said it’s scriptural and they said haba! What do you mean it’s scriptural? Oga Tony what are you talking about.
Yes it’s scriptural.

Go to your Torah and go to your Bible and go to Quran.

Jacob in the scripture, Yakubu in Arabic when his brother Esau was looking for him to say hello to him, he felt threatened because he didn’t know what he was going to do.
In the scripture, it says Jacob, Israel now said my servant you go first and to go and say hello to my brother In case he wipes you people out then people will be my wives and my children but me Yakubu, Jacob I will be coming behind with my cattle and so if it’s not scriptural why will Jacob say the servant should go, children and wives should go but he wants the cattle so when we say this in the mosque and we preach this.

I remember years ago my driver Abdullahi In maiduguri, he left his sterling and turned around and looked at me and we almost went underneath the trailer, he said how did you know this and I said because I read and seek knowledge and I have traveled all around nigeria but having said that if Fulani herdsmen prefer his cow more than human being that does not give any Fulani herdsmen the authority to kill any human being then again lastly in the Bible, all of us will appreciate this.
Anabi Isah, Jesus Christ said if you have 100 cows and one of them is missing, won’t you abandon the 99 to go after that one?
Yes, the horsemen will abandon the 99 and go after that one missing and so we are here now telling Nigerians.
Nigerians are missing in the street straying now and it’s now left for us to look for Nigerians and straighten them and bring them back up.
Also, Jesus Christ, Anabi Isah said in the scripture “ I’m here for my lost sheeps”
Presenter: Great, so back again to your table on our numbers to call if you want to speak with Mr. Tony today and hear his melodious voice that political voice then you can call us or you can send an sms message and we will read it out.
Ok, I think we have a call.

Caller: Good morning
Presenter: Good morning, just go ahead and direct your question to mr tony.
Caller: Is Mr. Tony competing for any post In the country, that is my question.
Mr Tony: well, thank you very much my dear wonderful brother Chibuzor, a lot of people have been asking me that question on radio and everywhere for decades now and they see that I am not even going towards that line, to give you the clear answer I am not running for any political office. Period
I am called to do this to repair the wrongs in Nigeria but if, condition it’s the will of Almighty God Allah/Jehovah then perchance we will someday but at this moment God has called us to preach peace all over Nigeria and all over the world. Thank you my brother chibuzor, incidentally, one of my staff’s name is Bernard Chibuzor.

Presenter: Ok, so why are you not contesting, why are you not a candidate because it’s weird and the conversation is going to be trending.
Mr Tony: Ok, now I forgot to should the Nigerians the American constitution while showing them the Nigerian constitution. We carry both everywhere.
Fascinating question from a caller and I am telling you when you see all the candidates roaming the street today jumping from one party to the other back and forth. So the citizens of this great nation can see clearly, the leaders think they are deceiving the people but people can see clearly and so when they see a man of Mr Tony Oyatedor caliber, they say why are you not it this and we say we are not here to run for political office.
All of us cannot be politicians, some of us will be in the teaching business and so today we are teaching

Lastly, before we go, teaching. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. When he started preaching Islam, the people wanted him gone. They threatened him and he ran from Mecca to Medina, when he got to Medina it was Christians and Jewish people that saved his life and later on they escorted him back to Mecca and he led the entire Saudi Arabia.

A caller: Actually I love the message, I love the way the future president is talking and my prayer for him is that God will grant him the opportunity and the grace to become a leader because I can see the grace of leadership in him and i know he will be a good leader and I will be praying for him.
Mr Tony: Thank you so much, God bless you my dear.
You see we are also lucky that in our rendezvous with destiny we have met various leaders, and various presidents all over the world and we are link to all of them so we know what leadership entails and we know what leadership should do so thank you very much for that.
Presenter: Alright, a message from Tunde Bankole from Egbe in Lekki says “Thank you so much for bringing this type of guest, this type of man to your show and how can we get the constitution book he showed us on T.v now”.
Mr. Tony: Fascinating question from Tunde Bankole my wonderful brother, may Allah bless you, God bless you for that beautiful question.

If I tell you this you will be amazed but it’s the fact, that every word that comes from our mouths is sacred facts and truth with certainty and you can cross-check.

I actually called a member of my staff from Washington to get me this constitution of Nigeria and while I was in Washington they brought it for me so it can be bought anywhere in the Nigeria, it’s on sale and what I might be doing from now henceforth since I normally give the Quran and the Bible for free to people and I think the next mission I want to do is buy bulk of the constitution and give it to fellow Nigerians.
Presenter: we must drop our hat for you for that so Bankole thank you for triggering that. He is saying he is going to be giving out the constitution to Nigerians so be on the lookout for the information so that when he starts to roll out that gift pack you can take your own as well too.
Now before we let you go because the producer is already alerting me to the fact that the veteran journalist has been here for a while.
Now let’s round it up, you said you are an optimist?

Mr. Tony: Yes
Presenter: But many Nigerians are very pessimistic about the future of the country and that’s because if the perennial ethnicity that seems to be fact dividing the country, how do we heal that?
Mr Tony: It’s very easy to heal that, ethnicity should not be a problem.
A lot of us have inter-married and gotten children, we said it years ago and we will continue to say it again.
My very good friend Admiral Muritala Muhammed is married to an Igbo lady but they call her Hajiya so we thought she was from the north.

It was later on when this very lady, the father passed away we now found out that she is from the east and then my very good friend President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida is married to a lady from Delta state, Asaba and they have children together so where will you put these children if Nigeria is to split and so on and so forth.
So many Igbo have married from the north and so many Yoruba have married from Niger Delta, where will you keep the children?
I will give you another fact again, An Igbo man right here in Lagos where we are staying in Isolo is married to a Yoruba woman and the area he is staying the wife’s father is the local chief but it’s this Igbo man that has been staying there since 1962 and all Yorubas that want to buy land goes through this Igbo man.
Nigerians please wake up because we are one Nigerians and we are not going anywhere.

You might wish it all you want but we are not going anywhere and the real key to making us one is peace, love, kindness, helping and uplifting one another, and giving each other opportunities.
We all cannot be politicians, we all cannot be journalists, we all cannot be doctors, and we all cannot be lawyers, some of us just want to trade so give them opportunities.
Presenter: Thank you once again Doctor Oyatedor for this brilliant exposition, thank you for coming on the show.
Mr Tony: Thank you so much as always.
Presenter: Ok, we always say to you that the conversation is never over and my producer is already alerting me to the fact that we really don’t have any more time because Doctor Oyatedor has passionately spoken to all Nigerians that the ball is in our court and we can play it right or play it rough and if we play it rough, well the ship may sink and we pray that this nation Nigeria will not sink but actually swim and float and then, of course, prosper so go to all our social media handles and see the opinions he has expressed and the. Link up your own comments and queries to that opinion and I am sure he will respond accordingly.

Thank you for watching and bye for now


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