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Who is Michael Madsen?

Michael Madsen is a famous American professional actor, director, producer, writer, poet, and photographer. Recognized for playing ”charming, careless, terrifying bastards”, he has starred in numerous movies and television series, occasionally collaborating with director Quentin Tarantino.

Michael Madsen

Michael Madsen Career

Madsen started working at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago. Here he served as an apprentice under John Malkovich and performed in a production of Of Mice and Men. Madsen’s initial notable movie role was a brief part, playing alongside John Spenser, in the start of WarGames. He portrayed Me. Blonde, a cruel criminal, in Quentin Tarantino’s directorial debut movie Reservoir Dogs. Steve Buscemi got the role of Mr. Pink, which Madsen wanted due to it having more scenes with Harvey Keitel.

Madsen declined the role of Vincent Vega, for Pulp Fiction, which later went to John Travolta. He then starred in Mike Newell’s gangster movie Donnie Brasco (1997). Madsen portrayed assassin Budd, the brother of Bill (David Carradine) in Kill Bill. The movie was launched in two parts, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

How old is Michael Madsen?

Michel Madsen, aged 64 as of 2021, was born on September 25, 1957, in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. He shares his birthday with famous people including Will Smith, Donald Glover, T.I., Christopher Reeve, Cade Cunningham, Barbara WaltersCheryl Tiegs, Clea DuVall, Hal SparksHeather Locklear, among others.

Michael Madsen Family

Who are Michael Madsen’s parents?

Michael Madsen was born in Chicago, Illinois to Elaine Loretta Madsen and Calvin Christian Madsen. His father (1927-2015) was a World War II Navy veteran and a firefighter with the Chicago Fire Department, while his mother (born 1932) was a filmmaker and author. Madsen’s parents divorced in the 1960s and his mother left the financial world to pursue a career in the arts. His paternal grandparents were Danish and his mother is of English, Irish, German, Native American, and Scottish descent.

Does Michael Madsen have siblings?

Madsen was born to his parents in a family of three children. He has two siblings namely Cheryl Madsen, an entrepreneur, and Virginia Madsen, an Academy Award nominee.

Michel Madsen Education

Madsen studied at Evanston Township High School, in Evanston, Illinois, where he graduated. His collegiate information and qualifications are not known to the media.

Michael Madsen Interest

Madsen, is a director, producer, poet, writer, and photographer, besides being an actor. He is also a businessman having a line of hot sauces called American Badass.

Madsen was given an award for his work with the Shriners Hospital for Children in 2002. He then announced his participation in the 26th annual Love Ride to assist raise money for local charities in September 2009. The charity consisted of celebrities such as Peter Fonda, Malcolm Forbes, Billy Idol, Larry Hagman, and Bruce Springsteen among others. However, the event scheduled for October 25, 2009, was eventually canceled because of poor ticket sales and a decline in sponsorship. Madsen then hosted the event An Intimate Evening with Micahel Madsen to benefit Children’s Pediatric Cancer in 2016.

Michael Madsen Wife

Madsen has been married three times and is currently married to his third wife. He initially was married to his first wife Georganne LaPierre, after meeting in 1983 and marrying in 1984. However, the couple divorced and went separate ways two years later.

Madsen then married his second wife Jeannine Bisignano in 1991. They have two children together but later divorced in 1995. He then married his third wife DeAnna Madsen in 1996. The couple has three children together also a daughter named Jessica Madsen, and a son Cody from DeAnna’s previous marriage. The couple happily lives with their children together in Malibu.

Michael Madsen Kids

Madsen has seven children in total from all his marriages. He has two children with his second wife Bisignano, namely Christian Madsen (born 1990) and Max Madsen (born 1994).

Together with his third wife, he has three children, namely, Hudson Lee Madsen (born 1995), Calvin Madsen (born 1997), and Luke Ray Madsen (born 2005). He also has another daughter named Jessica, and stepson Cody (born 1987) to DeAnna. His son, Hudson Madsen, was reported of committing suicide from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on January 25, 2022.

Michael Madsen Height

American, actor, director, producer, and poet, Madsen has a well-built, and muscular body. This adds up to his impressive height of 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m) and weight of around 87 kg (192 lbs).


Tarantino discussed an idea for the movie to unite Madsen and Travolta, as The Vega Brothers in 2004. In 2007, Tarantino stated the movie (which he intended to name Double V Vega) was ”kind of unlikely now”, due to the age of the actors and the onscreen deaths of both characters.

Michael later appeared in Uwe Boll’s BloodRayne, a movie he described as ”an abomination… It’s a horrifying and preposterous movie”. He then won Best Actor awards at the Boston Film Festival and New York International Independent Film and Video Festival for his performance in Strength and Honor. Madsen portrayed himself in the mockumentary Being Michael Madsen, and later co-starred in Coma, a Web series on Crackle. He then portrayed Jim Racker, the old friend of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), in the eighth season of 24, and starred in the comedy movie Let the Game Begin.


On January 5, 2012, Madsen joined the Celebrity Big Brother house finishing in 4th place in the final. He then played Las Vegas casino mogul Ted Binion in Josh Evans’ movie Death in the Desert in February 2014. The screenplay was written by John Steppling, based on the book Death in the Desert written by crime writer Cathy Scott. Madsen also starred in the Kill Bill-themed music video for the track ”Black Widow” by Iggy Azalea featuring Rita Ora in August 2014.

Michael starred in the ensemble western movie The Hateful Eight (2015). He was one of the people rumored to have leaked the movie’s script prior to its release, making Tarantino nearly not make the movie and finally rewrite it. Later it was revealed that Madsen was not responsible for leaking the script. He then played the dramatized role of former Texas Ranger Phil Ryan in Real Detective on the Investigation Discovery network. The Dirty Kind was launched, a crime drama from writer/director Vilan Trub featuring Michael Madsen as Executive Producer in 2019. The film was loosely inspired by Anthony Weiner.

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Since the early 1990s, Madsen has been writing. He started writing on matchbooks, napkins, and hotel stationery in between his time working on film sets and traveling around the world.13 Hands Publications compiled all of his poetry and launched The Complete Poetic Works of Michael Madsen, Vol I: 1995-2005, in 2005. The original books launched were Beer, Blood, and Ashes (1995), Eat the Worm (1995), Burning in Paradise (1998), and the now out-of-print A Blessing of the Hounds (2002). As well as 46 Down, A Book of Dreams and Other Ramblings (2004), and hen Pets Kill (2005). Madsen has described the inspiration of his style of poetry, as being Charles Bukowski, and Jack Kerouac.

Madsen was invited and appeared in Norway for the Norwegian translation and launch of Burning In Paradise in 2008. He was also the guest of honor for his poetry at the Crossing Border Festival at The Hague in November 2010. On September 25, 2009, American Badass, another book of poetry, was launched. It was dedicated to the memory of his friend and Kill Bill co-star David Carradine. Madsen’s latest book, Expecting Rain, was launched with an introduction by Jerry Hopkins in October 2013.


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Madsen is an accomplished professional photographer. He launched his first book of photography titled Signs of Life in 2006. The Book contained new selections of his poetry and was published by 13 Hands Publications. The book was additionally dedicated to the memory of his friend Chris Penn.

Michael Madsen Net Worth

American professional actor, producer, director, writer, poet, and photographer, Madsen has been active from 1982 to the present. He has appeared in numerous films and TV series, directed and produced several films, and also written numerous poems. Madsen has earned a great fortune from his films, poems, photograph books, and other ventures throughout his life and has an estimated net Wirth of $10 million as of 2021.

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