Pastor Zack Quilici Biography, Career, Ministry, Wife, Books, Age, Networth

Quick Data

  • Full Names: Zack Quilici
  • Occupation: Pastor, Author
  • Ministry Name: Collective Church
  • Marital Status: Undisclosed
  • Place of Birth: Reno
  • Networth: $100-$500k

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Zack Quilici Early Life

Growing up in Reno, Nevada he is no stranger to activity. From football, basketball, snowboarding, golf, volleyball, and Crossfit, you name the sport, he’s there. He’s been coaching fitness for almost 8 years and just loves it when people get their first pull-up!

About Zack Quilici

Gospel-driven. Sanctification pursuing. Bible-loving, a smile from ear to ear man. Author Zack Quilici wants to be known as someone that lives his life for Christ and nothing else. Pursuing a Pastoral career, he resides in the beautiful San Diego region of Vista, California. He attends Northcoast Church and is a small part of the Junior High youth program.

About Zack Quilici’s Parents

His Mother’s name is Debbie, Father is called Bubba,

About Zack Quilici Family

Having his entire family in Reno makes it tough to be away, but believes God has placed him right where he needs to be.  Twin Brother Aaron and Sister Ashley cheering him on from 9 hours away make it easier to stay smiling.

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His favorite things to write about are his experiences before God and how God had his hand in them the whole time. With the gift of transparency, you’ll see his true heart and emotions in his writing.

About Zack Quilici Inspirtation

His favorite place to write is at coffee shops, listening to an acoustic alternative to get the heart and mind open. He is loud, genuine, people-loving, and would love to snag a cheeseburger with you after working out and then watching any sport anytime anywhere.

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About Zack Quilici Heartbreak

Pastor Zack never had a heartbreak that went viral or public. What we know of him that went viral is his message of heartbreak, where he encouraged people going through rejection to draw close to God who would never reject them.

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