Buddhist organizations 

Buddhist international organizations are a dynamic phenomenon of contemporary Buddhism. The proliferation of these organizations is a significant manifestation of global and transnational forms of Buddhism.


Buddhism is not only a religion but also a way of life, as well as a scientific approach to understanding the nature of the mind via meditative inquiry. As a religion, it proposes a way to reconnect human beings and society to the nature of reality through the role model of the Buddha and the Way (Dharma) that he taught. As a way of life, it states that there are ethical norms and values for living with wisdom in harmony with oneself and others.


In summary, the objectives of Buddhism are: (1) to create enduring happiness, cessation of suffering, and abiding balance in all areas of self and society, and (2) to create a harmonious society based on equanimity, loving-kindness, compassion, and reciprocal joy for oneself and others.

Benefits of Buddhist organizations 

Opportunity to meet with experienced teachers through the classes and learn valuable/moral lessons.

Social room to meet other members.

  1. It create a Weekly classes in Theravada, Basic Meditation, and Zen Buddhism.
  2. It gives privileges to the society to help one other.
  3. Various Buddhist organizations
  4. Dharma realm Buddhist Association
  5. Buddhist monasteries in the United States of America
  6. American Buddhist movement
  7. Cambridge Buddhist Association
  8. Insight meditation society
  9. Juniper foundation
  10. Buddhist peace fellowship
  11. Tricycle foundation
  12. Path press
  13. Mountain and rivers order


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Common characteristics of international Buddhist organizations include charismatic leadership, a large lay Buddhist population, the establishment of local branch centers, and a focus on a particular form of Buddhist practice such as a meditation method or a form of social engagement.

Other References

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A PDF on a list of Buddhist Organizations.


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