Jewish International Organizations 

Jewish organizations were established as an organ to represent several branches of the Jewish world community.

The organization was made as an organization for welfare and protection.


The Jewish believe that the Organizations should not only be an instrument for foreign policy, but also a body as democratic as possible under the specific conditions of a dispersed nation, designed to incorporate the political will of Jewry; to represent it, to elect its leaders, and to plan its policy.


Jewish organizations were set to succeed in realizing three major aims:


  1. to ensure favorable developments in regard to Palestine;
  2. to secure reparations from West Germany and thus a modicum of relief for more than a million survivors; and
  3. to maintain consultations and later consultative status with the newly established Ngos,



The continued existence of Jewish NGOs became necessary. There were many reasons for this. The need for the protection of Jewish minorities became progressively acute in Communist and Arab countries.


The fight against racial and religious prejudice and intolerance and several other issues concerning human rights became one of the central themes within the organization


The proliferation of organizations added impetus to a phenomenon long observed in Jewish organizations: their coalition or federalist nature. Thus, the Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency have been governed for decades by carefully balanced coalitions, under conditions of continually renewed attempts at broadening partnership.


Its membership was heterogeneous in many respects, but they united in what they viewed as a common purpose.


Jewish world organizations have until now contributed little that is new toward maintaining the consciousness of a common faith, culture, and destiny in Jewish communities.


While it is quite clear that the sole purpose of Jewish associations has been the maintenance of the Jewish community, particularly in its dispersal across the often fortuitous boundaries of non-Jewish nations, there have been malicious allegations that it was the intention of Jewry “to rule the world,” even if this involved the destruction, or at least corruption, of the non-Jewish nations.

Major Jewish organizations, institutes, and academic departments.

  1. American Jewish committee
  2. American Jewish Congress
  3. Anti-defamation league
  4. National Foundation for Jewish culture.
  5. World Jewish Congress
  6. World Jewish organizations
  7. B’nai B’rith
  8. Hillel
  9. PAIDEIA. European Institute for Jewish studies in Sweden.

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There are Three interrelated features that characterize these organizations: (1) all their activities are international, as Jews throughout the world constitute a single entity; (2) through its organizations Jewry relates itself to international bodies and their laws; (3) organization is the quality that all Jewish communities must have in common and is what unites them.

Other References

Check out major Jewish Organizations in the Columbian University Library.

Visit the world Jewish Congress Communities to get more insight.

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