Divine Attributes.

Divine Attributes

The Divine Attributes investigates the theistic tradition that God is the perfect being by examining the major divine attributes that flow from this belief personhood, transcendence the omnipresence of God, immanence the omnipotence of God, perfection as well as unity, simplicity, and the necessity.

Divine Attributes of Jesus Christ.

1. Jesus Christ holds the divine quality of life.

The supreme quality of life is the capacity to give the possibility of life, even immortality. The kind of existence is only able to be provided by a person who is eternal.

2. Jesus Christ holds the divine characteristic of self-existence.

This implies that Christ was never created and is in his own stead and is the only attribute God could possess.

3. Jesus Christ holds the divine characteristic of unchangeability.

Immutability refers to the fact that something is not changeable. While finite beings may change, and can but a necessary infinite being cannot.

4. Jesus Christ holds the divine quality of truth.

To assert that God is the truth implies that God’s essence is absolute truth and is not a lie. Scripture declares that Jesus holds this title.

5. Jesus Christ holds the supreme attribute of love.

God is believed to be omnibenevolent, that is, loving all the time. In God, there is no hatred if he is described as a total love. Theologians recognize that God’s wrath has its roots in God’s love as well as his holy character. Scripture mentions that Jesus has the divine characteristic of love.

6. Jesus Christ holds the supreme attribute of holiness.

God is a holy God. Absolute holiness refers to an all-encompassing purity in which there is no sin. That is, God is the absolute good. Scripture declares that Jesus has this divine quality of holiness that is required if he wants to save mankind from their sins.

7. Jesus Christ holds the divine characteristic of eternality.

God is thought of as eternal. He is without a beginning and an end. The Messiah is said to possess the same immortality.

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8. Jesus Christ holds the divine attribute of omnipresence.

Omnipresence refers to the divine power of God to be in the world throughout the day. Although Jesus was not omnipresent in his earthly life He is believed to possess the divine attribute of omnipresence even in his eternal state.

9. Jesus Christ holds the divine attribute of omniscience.

Omniscience is the attribute of God to be able to comprehend everything. This is an extremely profound idea since God knows everything that can be discovered by his natural understanding as well as all things that could be based on his free knowledge and all that could be attributed to His middle understanding. Jesus is omniscient.

10. Jesus Christ holds the divine power of omnipotence.

Omnipotence is the attribute of God. God that demonstrates God’s full power. God is the ultimate authority and the ultimate power. Jesus is the same.

Divine characteristics in Islam.

Knowing the Essence of Allah:

First, understanding the nature of Allah the Exalted and the Exalted in Islam is not a matter of reflection on one’s own or philosophical reflection. The understanding of Him the Exalted has to be drawn through the revelation, and from the words, Allah has said about Himself. The knowledge of Allah must come from the primary sources of the Islamic faith, and those sources include those of the Qur’an along with the Sunnah.

1, The Oneness

The first and most important thing of all Islam is to understand that Allah the Great, the Mighty- is the only One who has no equivalent. He is the only one who is responsible for making and innovating. He is the only one who brings to existence and inventing. There is nothing like Him that can compete or even surpass Him and there is no one like Him to fight or compete with.

2, Eternity.

Allah in addition to not having a beginning does not have a limit in His being (Abadi). He is the First and the Last. Because His eternity is set His ending is not possible.

3, Free From Substance

Allah The High is not a substance that has physical dimensions. The Lord is elevated overall dimensions.

4, Free From Bodily Form

Allah the Highest has no body made up of various substances since the body is made up of substances. If His status as an element that is limited by location is disproved, His existence as an individual body is also refuted since each body is restricted by space and composed of elements. However, it is not possible for a substance to be unaffected by division motion, composition, rest as well as form, and quantity and all of these are characteristic of the origin of the phenomenon.

5, Unaffected by the quality of Substance

Allah the Highest is not the substance in a body or state in a particular place, because an accident is the one that occurs within a body. However, everybody is created and its creator is before it. What is the reason why Allah (Allah) be able to exist within a human body if He was in the eternal all by Himself, with no one in His place, and then created the body and its qualities later on? In addition, He is a Knower and Able and the Willing Creator. This will be explained later. It is not possible for these qualities to exist in their substance or quality. In fact, they are not possible except for the self-existent and self-sufficient Creator.

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6, The Creator.

Every single thing that is created throughout the world is His creation, creation, and ingenuity. There is no one who created it other than Him and nobody who is the creator of it but Him. He created the universe and made them into something, and He gave them their abilities and their movement.

The Six Most Important of the Divine Attributes.

1, Life

The primary principle is knowing that God(Allah)The High The Glorified is alive. He is not dead and exalted to Him like stone, wood, or any other material substance and isn’t an idol.

2, Knowledge.

The second principle is that He is the Supreme – is Knowledgeable, having a complete understanding of everything and comprehending all creation. Even the weight of an atom either in Heaven or on Earth is obscured from His Knowledge. He is honest in his words.

In Him are the keys to the Unseen They are not known by anyone other than He. He knows everything that is on the earth as well as in the ocean. No leaf falls, but because of His wisdom.

3, Will

A third base principle concerns that He is the Supreme is able through his Will to effect certain actions. Everything is able to be dependent upon and results from His Will. He is the creator, the restorer, and the one who does whatever He chooses. Each act that is derived from Him, is an opposing deed that could have come from Him. He has the power to make one of them come into existence. He is the only one who determines the result of the act.

4, Power or Ability

The fourth principle is that the creator of the universe has been declared Almighty and He is the Highest. is true in His statement:

“And it is He Who has power over all things,”

5 hearing and seeing.

The final principles are the understanding that He the Supreme is the one who hears and the Seer. It is not possible for Him to hear the whispers of our heart’s innermost thoughts nor the hidden thoughts and reflections are kept from His Eyes. The sound from the black ant scurrying across the rock’s solid surface in the darkest hours is not out of His ears.


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