Do What Nigerians Wants to End Insecurity, Oyatedor Tells Buhari, State Govs

The President of the News time and Preacher of peace, Mr. Tony Oyatedor has challenged President Muhammad Buhari at the Federal and the State Governors to listen to the yearning and aspirations of Nigerians to end insecurity in the Country. He stated this during a press conference organized by Newstime, an advocate of peace and development Worldwide.

According to him, the issue of insecurity rampaging everywhere in the country now is due to the lack of listening ear to the yearning and aspirations of Nigerians. Another thing he said, is the lack of good governance in the country despite endowments bestowed in the country through its Natural Resources.

“How can a country like Nigeria which is full of blessings both human and mineral resources have underdevelopment in all areas of endeavor?

“Some leaders believed in over enriching themselves to the detriment of others. Leaders in the affairs of governance steal money to the extent they do not know where to hide it and decided to take it outside the country while some Buried their own in the ground. “The people of Nigeria want to know what is the solutions to the problems (not challenges) are, not continue to talk about the same problems, decades after decades and call them ‘‘challenges.’’ Newstime has the solutions. solutions to the problems (not challenges).

“Talking is not leadership, doing is leadership. Leadership must implement a road map for what a peaceful, stable, secure, and prosperous Nigeria would look like.

“There is so much work to be done in Nigeria, yet people complain about unemployment. No light- employ people at electricity companies to give light, no roads- employ people to build roads, no water to drink- employ people to produce drinking water, no clean environment- employ people to clean the environment, no good schools, employ people to build schools, no infrastructure- employ people to build and maintain infrastructure, etc.

“For every and anything we do not have, employ people to build or produce it. We have human and natural resources in abundance. “Oh for God so love Nigeria that He gave them everything.”

“Nigeria, a country rich in natural and human resources but suffers from widespread poverty, due to bad leadership. Peace, prosperity, development, and security will bring Nigeria back as the giant of Africa.

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“In Nigeria, personal responsibility and leadership accountability has merged on the problems facing the nation. The Nigerian people are sick and tired of the lack of efforts from leadership to connect the dots to the nation’s problems for decades (light, road, water, etc).

“By a prophet, Almighty God brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was Israel preserved. As it was then, so it is now. By a prophet (Tony Oyatedor) Almighty God brought warning (admonition) to Nigeria, saying “prevention is better than cure, if you prevent it today, you do not need to cure it tomorrow,” And by a prophet (Tony Oyatedor) will Nigeria he preserved and restored with restoration”, he said.

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