Mr. Tony Oyatedor

Mr. Tony Oyatedor on Religious and Global Affairs.

Mr. Tony Oyatedor

Interview on NTA 2, Feb. 14, 2022

He is specialized in African affairs in general, Nigeria in particular, and is a preacher of peace.

Mr. Tony Oyatedor is a professional international speaker, seminar leader, and, cooperates trainer. He is known throughout Africa, Europe as an inspirational, motivational speaker.

He preaches and teaches with the three holy books (Torah, Bible and, the Quran) in the synagogue, church and, mosque.

He is based in Washington DC, United States of America.

Host: Alright it’s great that you are joining us now you have met our guest incidentally, I am sure that many of you can almost connect with professor T, that is what I call him, fondly I call him Professor T because he is very versatile and he is one of the most consummate conversationist we have had in this industry so it’s my pleasure to welcome on your behalf our guest for today. Professor T.

Mr. Tony Oyatedor: Thank you, we give thanks and praise and glory to the all-wise, all-powerful, ever-present, gracious merciful God. Bismillahi Rahman Rahim, thank you for your kind words and thank you for the magnificent introduction that you have done for us. We are gratified to be back home after 41 years.

We started working here in NTA 41 years ago and today is a day for love and a day for lovers all over the world. Jesus Christ, Anabi Isah in Arabic, Jesu Christi in Yoruba. Jesu Christo in Spanish said in all the three holy books (the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran) in the scripture. Two very important commandments. Torah, Sharia.

  1. Reverently fear almighty God Allah/Jehovah
  2. Love your neighbor as you love yourself (Yoruba, Ijaw, Hausa, Igbo, Nupe, Calabar. White, black, Spanish, colored) it doesn’t matter every human being is created by almighty God is your neighbor. Love your neighbor’s neighbor as you love yourself.

Mr. Tony Oyatedor on The Importance of Love;

On this day of valentine all over the world, we urge every Nigerian, to love this great country called Nigeria for God so love Nigeria that he gave Nigeria everything, the most blessed nation on earth, the United States of America, the best nation on earth but Nigeria, The Federal Republic of Nigeria is the most blessed nation on earth.

On The Importance of Peace.

We have been preaching now for decades telling Nigerians that prevention is better than cure.

What we have been preaching now for decades is exactly what the Catholic Pope said a few months ago during the Christmas event that he was preaching in Rome what are those three keywords?

  1. Please,
  2. Thank you
  3. and I am sorry.

If every Nigerian from the leadership down to the followers, every one of us can say please, thank you and I am sorry., All the killings and banditry and robbery and hatred will disappear just like that but mankind cannot seem to find themselves, to humble themselves.

God said in the scripture that if my people who are called by my name can humble themselves before the call-in prayer, I will answer them.

Again the media are the fourth estate of the realm so we have a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders.

Who Is Responsible For Peace?

God almighty Allah/Jehovah will not come down to do anything for us so now as a media gurus you and I, owe the people of this great nation and the people all over the world to educate them on the proper and moral way of living lives, we must not go to the house of worship just to sing and clap hands and pray and fast alone. We must roll up our sleeves and work, the creator worked for six days and rested on the seventh day but we Nigerians want to just pray and fast. We must change that aspect of our lives. Every one of us.


Nigerians Need Re-Education

I am gratified to see you today still holding forth, right here where I left, where I started 41 years ago, everything I am today, this house made me who I am and I am proud to be back home and to join you in this great work that you are doing giving the people education and this is what the entire Nigerian masses need right now., re-education, rebranding., rebranding ourselves, especially the leaders, come out from your offices. Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty. Do not just enjoy the office alone, you are there for the people, you are the servant of the people not the master of the people. You call yourself a Christian, you call yourself a Muslim or you call yourself a Jew.

How One Can Be A Good Leader.

Well, Anabi Isah in the Quran., Jesus Christ in the Bible said to lead, you must serve, to lead the people you are the servant of the people in every office that you are holding. 41 years ago I was here but now, I am no longer here so every office you hold is a temporary office, what legacy are you going to leave for the people?

We had sir Ahmadu Bello, we had sir Nnamdi Azikwe and then we had Obafemi Awolowo, these three men left a huge legacy so it’s now left for you and me to leave a greater legacy by helping the people you are put in the office to make this great nation greater.

My book leadership written in 1995 has all the details and recipes of being a leader. Now I give you a simple example every leader that you see today who calls themselves a leader, must lead by example. If you are a leader in every ramification even in your home as a father, as a husband, as a mother, as a wife you are leading that is why they say all politics is local so if you are a leader what television are you watching in Nigerian? Are you watching a foreign station or you are watching NTA the largest television station in entire Africa to know the problems of your people so that you can solve the problems? Every leader is a solution to a problem, every problem is crying for a solution and so for decades now we are saying no good roads in Nigeria, no light, no infrastructure. Where are the leaders, roll up your sleeves and work for the benefit of these people called Nigerians the citizens who put you in the office.

Can A Woman Be A Great Leader?

In the scripture women have been known to lead their nation to greatness so we must not side-line women, we have 70% of Nigerians who are women, who told you that they cannot be president?? Where is it written in the constitution that the presidency is meant for only men? Nowhere is it written that way, I have read the Nigerian constitution back and forth. Every human being that says they are a citizen of this great nation most especially women because women have four eyes they can see better than men, women can see and have empathy, women have compassion better than men so any woman if you are reading this and you want to lead this great nation, come forth step forward and make a change we are looking for good people that will lead this nation back to where it used to be why it was called the giant of Africa. The key for all these countries is a leader with vision, a leader who thinks things about tomorrow, the legacy for tomorrow not thinking about today, the stomach, and the past. Leaders who think about tomorrow’s vision for tomorrow, visionaries that are what make those countries what they are today, here all we think about is our stomachs. We don’t want to work, we will rather go to prayer houses and fast and pray.

Is Religion and Prayer Important To A Nation’s Growth?

Now all these religions that we are studying today God has bestowed it upon us to preach peace all over the world with the three holy books, in every nation. (Saudi Arabia, Israel, the United States of America) key nations who believe in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The key to their success is not prayer and fasting, the key to their success is work, work, and hard work that is why they are successful, so all the prayer houses in Nigeria., I am a preacher, I’m not criticizing anybody and I don’t point fingers. We are here to solve Nigeria’s problem but I am urging you if you are a preacher out there tell your congregants., Labor work is not a curse it’s a blessing and favor comes after hard working. Teach your congregants that and see the manifest crystal clear change that will come to this great nation and almighty God Allah/Jehovah will smile and say yes., this is the country that I love the most.


In all three Holy Books, Almighty God Allah/Jehovah said and we quote “my people perish due to lack of knowledge, people with understanding shall stumble, fall and come to ruin which is exactly what is happening in Nigeria. How does a Muslim says they hate a Christian and how would a Christian say they hate a Muslim when all religion is one, the Quran is the Arabic word for the reminder. A reminder of what, a reminder of the two previous books before the Quran, a reminder of the Torah and the Bible.

In the Quran Jesus Christ is more spoken about than any other, in the Quran it says Jesus Christ will come back again to judge and rule mankind so if that is manifest, Crystal clear why will we be hating one another and that problem is lack of knowledge 99.9% of Christians that we have gotten in touch with do not read the Bible but they go to church every Sunday 99.9% of Muslim have not read the Quran but they go to the mosque every Friday so we have to retrace our steps. Read your holy books then you will understand that we are all serving one God Allah/Jehovah Olorun in Yoruba, Oyin in my language Ijaw, Chukwu in Igbo different languages so God is constant.

Let me tell you a fascinating story, if you go to Israel today you will arrive in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and you say God from now till eternity nobody will come and look at you but the moment you say Jehovah they will stop whatever they are doing and ask “who said that name??” Jehovah in Hebrew, God in English, Allah in Arabic so what is the force about? Leadership, you must lead by example, good example again I will go back to the scripture. In the scripture, it says on the day of resurrection it’s not those who are calling Jesus who will come with him to eternity. No! But rather it’s those who have done good deeds and so you and I sitting here today 41 years later do you think for one moment if I had any bad deeds way back would you want me here?? And so it’s your good deeds as a leader that follow you everywhere not your house, not your property, not your car, not your money, not your wife, your husband, or your children. It’s your good or your bad deeds so every leader that wants to lead in this great nation rolls up her sleeves and does good for the people of this great nation…

Is Poverty an Excuse For Lack of Education?

Now I will not want to use poverty as an excuse, lack of education yes, but not poverty. Every rich man that you see today was poor yesterday. Elon musk the richest man in the world today was poor yesterday so poverty is not an excuse, lack of education is the excuse and so we must educate our people on the right and moral way to do things, just like you have your telephones today, you are always upgrading your telephone system and your apps. In the same way, we must upgrade our system of education and it brings me to a point I want to make again all over the world in Nigeria all we do is complain for decades but you don’t see anybody bringing solutions. We are in the solution business and one of the solutions that we are talking about is the poverty scenario.

If you are a policymaker and you want people to open bank accounts in the banks in Nigeria, you are using them to come with utility bills.

Do you know if they are working? Do you know if they even have power or any utility in their houses, who makes this law?

In the United States of America when you want to open a bank account all you need is a valid identification, I have to give kudos to all our armed forces in Nigeria all our men and women including the customs, police, immigration, etc. but again in the policy of immigration when you say people should apply for a passport international passport you are asking them to bring NIN, Bvn, that paper, this paper. So because they can’t get it now you will see people doing fraudulent things to get all the stuff so if you are a policymaker and you are reading this today why not review those policies and make sure things are easy for your people, your citizens because things are easy for the people in America that’s why everybody’s running away and going abroad. Here you are making things difficult for your own citizens, that must end. Review all this policy, we are taking nothing away when we leave only our good deeds. Review your policies for the good people of Nigeria let there be peace in this great nation called Nigeria this comes from a great song of mine from sunny Okosun who says” whatever you do allow peace to reign” we want peace in Nigeria. Every conflict we are having all over the world now people are clamoring for peace to we want peace in this great nation called Nigeria so we can all sleep with our two eyes closed instead of both eyes.

On The Issue Of Nigeria Moving Forward or Backward.

It’s like Everything I have been saying about Nigeria for decades now, places I used to live in Nigeria where the road was good then are now horrible, telephone line system is dead. You are making a phone call and saying there’s a network problem. I have been hearing about the network problem now for decades on and on and yet no solution, it almost brings me to tears. I love Nigeria and wish you can open my heart and see it, I love God and this great country called Nigeria but it breaks my heart that my people do not know how to maintain anything, not even their bodies, Nigerians don’t know how to give any maintenance. How would you build a house like this and watch it crumble and blame everybody else blame the government blame this but not taking responsibility for yourself, we are calling on all Nigerians. Everything bad in this country is the fault of myself and you, nobody else will fix this country except you and i. You can complain all you want, we are calling them now CNC; complainers and chief. Complain all you want for another hundred years It won’t move until you roll up your sleeves and work like Fola and I. We have been working and we will continue to work, again back to the scripture Jesus Christ (Anabi Isah) never said he was doing miracles, he said I am doing the work that my father sent me, my father Jesus Christ said He is still working. Read your scripture you will be amazed.

The Importance of Work and Investing in Young Talents.

Nigeria we must work and bring this country to where it’s supposed to be so that generations yet unborn will be proud to say ok we all made mistakes but fix it so don’t blame anybody don’t blame your governor, don’t blame your local council chairman, it’s your fault, my fault until we roll up our sleeves and work and fix everywhere. I have gone around Nigeria, been to Sokoto, Kaduna, Bauchi, Yenagoa, Niger delta everywhere I have traveled I talk to the youth and they are amazed and ask how come you are not here?

Now therein is the problem, you have up to 200 million youths begging for people to invest in them, invest in them. Facebook that all of you are interested in today, all Mark Zuckerberg got was an idea, and people invested in them.

Here Facebook is all over the world he didn’t come out with billions, billionaires, millionaires, and business people invested in him.

These youths we are talking about right now are looking for people like you and me to invest in them but here we are busy buying Mercedes Benz and private jets, packing lots of cars in our backyards that we will never drive in another hundred years. Meanwhile, God in his infinite mercy has given these youths unmerited favor by giving them the vision to bring Nigeria forth but they cannot use their teeth.

They need the help of you and me to make this vision a reality, on our part are doing ours in the little way that we can but we need the entire general public.

Do something with these youths, invest in these youths so there will be peace in this great nation unless you tell this same big person your problem they will not be able to fix it so they have to know so they can fix it just like the pandemic that we have all over the world today, if your next-door neighbor is affected by Covid19 you are affected so any big man or big people that say they’re wealthy but their neighbor is poor, they are poor also. So you can be just big by mouth only and by name only you must be big by investing in the people around you. Who are the people you have invested in to bring them up to prosperity that is the fundamental question every leader in this nation should answer who are the people you have invested in to become millionaires? Have people bring ideas to you for you to invest in them and you steal the idea? This complaint and this problem have? been for decades.

How To Stop Recycling Politicians.

With this idea, how do we stop this. Buying rice and sharing for people, giving them a carton of sardine, geisha, and all that for them to vote. Well guess what 4 years from we will still have this problem but we can stop it right now, look every leader in the eyes right in the face if this is what you are going to give me to eat for this moment take it and keep it with you then that leader will know that you are a serious follower but if you just want to satisfy your stomach for this moment the circle will continue but we must stop it, we need good leaders, all of us who are religious, although in Ramadan I am a Christian I fast with the Muslims, during the time that Christians will be fasting for 40 days I fast.

Share Knowledge 

What we are telling people all over the world is that when you learn something to pass it around, everything you have learned from us me and Fola today shares it with your friends and family, not just sharing foolish stuff on social media, share this good stuff with everybody so having said that, a religious crisis that we have all over the world, not just in Nigeria is lack of knowledge and so everybody one must read and study our holy Bible, holy Torah and Holy Quran then we will find out that we are all worshipping one God, every Nigerian that you call yourself a Nigerian and you are carrying Nigerian passport, not a Katsina passport, not a Yenagoa passport, not an Abeokuta passport but a Nigerian passport so you must love your fellow Nigerians regardless of where they are from.

In the United States of America, they don’t say I am from New York City, they say I am from America, I am a united citizen so if we are learning the democracy of the United States of America why don’t you learn the good parts of America call yourself proud Nigerian even if you are a dual citizen, you are a Nigerian first so call yourself a proud Nigerian and lets us build a great nation with peace and love then there will be security.

Build this nation once again with peace and love then there will be prosperity and security. What do you call God in your language? 99.9% of them told us Allah we said no, in your language in Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri, the name of God is Obangiji.

Allah is the Arabic word for God and you see these people their faces light up saying this man knows what he is talking about so we are speaking based on sacred facts with certainty, we don’t make up any story we are sent by God to bring this fact and this knowledge to people and I am grateful to Almighty God Allah for the last caller and all the callers that have been calling, 90% of the calls have been women, we need more women because women have passion and compassion because they carried us in their stomach for nine months, they know what it is to feel pain during the pangs of birth, men don’t have that and so should try some of the women so going back to your point.

Why Knowledgeable People Are Not Coming Out To Rule In Political Offices

The passion of people like you and I to lead, it’s very simple for those watching but it’s common to see people like us say we want so and so person.

Again most people see me preaching all over the world and they say wait a minute, I thought you are a Christian why are you always in Babariga and all that and then people will watch me on television and they say my prophet is on television and ask the Muslims but what do you mean when they say his name is Tony and not Tijani? How come he is your prophet? Then they answer he is my prophet because he is speaking sacred facts with certainty and truth and so like the caller just called and gave those eloquent messages about me and yourself and what we are doing.

Nigeria and the world need more people like us to come out and they say why? You are risking your life, why are you going to Nigeria? Why don’t you stay in Washington and enjoy? Well, somebody gat to do it, and if God has bestowed it upon us to do why won’t we do it? We are not afraid, we are only reverently fearing God and when you love your neighbors as you love yourself you can’t be afraid of your neighbors. They say don’t go to the north they will kill you, well we have gone to the north back and forth nothing happened to us, they say don’t go to Niger delta we have gone to Niger delta inside creeks to make peace and nothing happened to us because they can see directly inside our eyes that we came for good for this great nation called Nigeria.

Every leader, I am begging you with every fiber of my being please embrace peace, let’s stop the conflict all over this great nation called Nigeria. Let’s call our children together and tell them we have made mistakes but we are prepared to solve and repair the mistakes to lead this great nation with love and peace to bring prosperity and security


In Europe, in the United States of America, they are begging for GOD to give them sun so they can use it for solar energy whereas Nigeria is blessed with sun 24/7 and yet we are not using solar energy.

I wrote about this in my book decades ago in 1995 we must invest in solar energy; God has given us this for free so what are we talking about so it’s because we are not using the things that God has given to us that is why this country is the way it is.


We must work together, pull together every one of us.

We are all blessed differently, my cameraman, your cameraman, your producer, you, and myself. God has bestowed it upon us with different gifts, we must harness those gifts together and work together. A great leader who gives credit to everybody not just to himself. Crediting your program, for all of you watching us out there please I want you to applaud Fola Martins. He has been a very very hospitable host, may God bless and continue to protect him, his wife, his children, and his entire family. (Amen) I give you kudos, God bless you, and thank you.


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