Failure leads to success - tony oyatedor

Failure Leads to Success 

Failure leads to success - tony oyatedor


We give thanks and praise and glory to the all-wise, all-powerful, gracious merciful God.
Bismillahi Rahman Rahim, greetings to you all over the world.
The topic for today is “failure leads to success”
We at news time worldwide in all our speaking, teaching and preaching all over the world. We do not do the force Cs.

  1. Complain
  2. Criticize
  3. Condemn and most important, we do not
  4. Convert.

We have the courage and the will to bring peace to the entire world by speaking, teaching, and preaching the word through the three Holy Books (Torah, Bible, and Quran) with the knowledge of the word through the three holy books we will and must be at peace and live in harmony with one another with peace there is security and prosperity.
Failure leads to success, know every rich man or rich woman that you know or heard of today was poor yesterday.
Each rich person today and successful person today was a failure yesterday, they all failed yesterday before becoming successful today, to fail is to succeed.

How To Prosper Financially

To prosper financially and succeed financially from poverty to prosperity you must have a serious support system, family, and friends. The company you keep matters for success in any and every endeavour, including longevity in your marriage., take a look at those you surround yourself with., are they marriage builders or marriage destroyers? The company you keep matters always, building your financial future is very important hence please start today not tomorrow.

Always Start All Over Again

Always remember at first you don’t succeed in any endeavour, it’s not the end so dust yourself up and start all over again. Nothing, absolutely nothing is written in stone. You can and must start, always start all over again. To fail is to succeed, failure leads to success. Make an extraordinary impact through work, work, and work and not just prayer and fasting alone. Please we urge you to work and work and you will succeed and prosper, the rich people in every society must invest in the poor people, the rich must help the poor to prosperity. Leadership must lead the people from poverty to prosperity. Leadership must invest in the youths of society.


The Importance of Ideas

Some years back in Rome(Italy) after a visit with the catholic pope, President Barrack Hussein Obama of the United States of America was asked what makes America great? In his answer “Ideas”. He said ideas are what make America great and not just America’s military might alone. Ideas come from all citizens of the world who reside in the United States of America.
It does not matter what part of the world you were born but as long as you reside in the United States of America, your ideas are what make America great, your talents are what make America great. “Facebook” is an idea from a youth, rich people invested in the idea. The founder of Facebook is a billionaire today.
An idea., “Electric cars”. A youth born in South Africa but now resides in the United States of America, people invested in him despite his lack of paper qualifications, no college degrees, no university certificate.
Today “Tesla electric cars” are all over the world and the founder is a billionaire today. The list goes on and on.
The fundamental question is how many youths in your society with bright and creative ideas have you invested in?
Are you just buying luxury cars, private jets, and building mansions in your poverty stricken society without any investment in ideas that will make the society a better place in the world and the person with the idea to profit from the idea? Please take a moment and ponder on that then perchance you will change course and invest in a bright idea in your society and make the world a better place. Remember failure leads to success, nothing is written in stone., perchance you have failed for a long time, dust yourself up and try again and again and again. Know this, no one does something great alone, it takes a lot of people to make one person succeed. Mark Zuckerberg did not succeed alone, Elon musk did not succeed alone, Jeff Bezos did not succeed alone, Michael Jordan did not succeed alone, Oprah Winfrey did not succeed alone, Hakeem Olajuwon did not succeed alone just to mention a few, the list is endless. No one does something great alone, however, you should be the reason why someone is happy.
How do you support or help the people around you? Remember it’s better to give than to receive, the giving is not about money alone, gift of yourself and encourage others. Build not destroy, we must all help and love our neighbors (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, white, black, brown, colored). We are all descendants of Adam and Eve in English, Adama and Hawa in Arabic, the human race in need, no distinction.

Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

Failure leads to success, having all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea, please do not put all your eggs in one basket and also in your quest for success and prosperity do not rely on one income, one job, one talent. You must diversify.

Income is money you Earn and wealth is your net worth, remember one road does not lead to the market hence you must not rely on one income in your quest to be rich and successful.
Remember always to fail is to succeed, all the successful people you know today failed yesterday.
Failure is not the end but the beginning for something great, failure leads to success, and to fail is to succeed. It takes work and work, don’t be stuck in class 1B work hard and get accelerated promotion to class 3A by skipping class 2, you can do it through work, not prayer and fasting alone, also practice, consistency, and self-discipline.

Know this, recovery is possible for everyone to change for the better for good, do not find the old, build the new as much as you hope that your plan will go off without a problem, things may not go the way you want it to hence in every one of your plans, a change of plan should and must be part of the plan, there must be plan A, B, C, D etcetera. A little investment in people is deserving a peace of mind that brings security, if you don’t invest early in the life of the people you will pay later, banks, investment companies all over the world must seek to do good not just make money only, we must all be drawn to investing in people, not just properties alone, let’s go through the best-selling book “Leadership” by Mr. Tony Oyatedor. On page 272 and we quote “Farms and food, not feast and fight, farms not arms the future based on agriculture”.

Why Peace Is Important

For decades now, also in all over our speaking, preaching, and teaching at Newstime Worldwide including at Newstime Worldwide Leadership Centre, we say and we quote, “military must not be the first but should be the very very last choice”.
It’s much easier to make war and get accolades but making peace is a more fulfilling path. Using force alone to end conflicts anywhere in the world creates more problems than it solves and makes a bad problem worse by encouraging more of the same dynamics that brought people to where they are today, the solution is not about weapons and destruction, the solution is Peace, that brings security and prosperity and builds infrastructure and the society and the people, failure leads to success, the fundamental question is, are the people family and friends in your boat rowing with you or drilling holes in your boat, please ponder on that perchance you will have the spiritual eyes to see manifestly crystal.
Most family and friends have not yet understood that they have to help each other succeed, learn through failure, surround yourself with a support system of people, family, and friends who love you not hate and envy you, family and friends who will help you and invest in you to make you succeed.
Also, remember the success of your morning begins the night before. Successful mornings do not happen by chance, by happening, by choice and planning. Know this, to improve your life in health, wealth, lifting weight, bodybuilding, finance, prosperity. Etc. takes a minimum of two years but most people want to change their lives in a day, a week, a month, or a year but unfortunately, any real lasting change takes time.
Know this now, every family needs to pull together for the solution to their problems, collective efforts, strength in numbers offers the strength to succeed financially. Etc.
No one, absolutely no one can accomplish anything alone, at least not anything great.
The idea will always come from one person but it takes a lot of people to bring the idea to success.
Everyone at some point has others to lean on, learn from and push them forward, everyone needs guidance and everyone can benefit from help from others.

Start Today and Not Tomorrow

Start your journey towards financial wellness today not tomorrow but always remember, at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself up, and try again and again.
Starting all over again, savings are critical to being able to withstand unexpected expenses, save more, and spend less.
Always remember little savings can make a big difference, whatever you save today will save you tomorrow in your hour of need, please save and grow rich, also when you get financial prosperity. Give! Give back, do not keep it for yourself, for your wives, your husband, and your children alone, spread the wealth around.
Wealth is like manure, when you keep it in one place it smells but when you spread it around it grows, financial prosperity takes years in the making not fly by night or overnight or prayers and fasting alone, it takes taking the time and trouble to work then suddenly, miraculously in an instant financial overflow but know this now, immediate success, prosperity, financial overflow comes, you better be prepared for haters, envious and jealous people who drink hatred juice, they are going to start rumors that your money is through fraud, theft, blood money, etc.
No one will remember the years and work you put in, meanwhile when you were poor. These were the same people who claim that they were praying for you to become rich. Lips profession. What a world!
Deceivers in your midst, love is in their lips but hatred is in their hearts but fears not almighty God, Allah Jehovah the careful account taker is taking account of everything.
Fear not, prosperity is yours in Jesus Christ’s name we pray. Amen and amen.

Staying Down is Failure

We have all made mistakes, falling is not failure but staying down is failure so dust yourself and try again and again.
It’s all good to start all over again, in this rapidly changing world., what we need is peace, that brings security, that brings prosperity. No nation is saved by the size and power of its military, only peace that brings security and brings prosperity.
Love your neighbor as you love yourself, the human race created by the creator.
We at news time worldwide have the will and courage to bring peace to the entire world through compassionate leadership, we must all help our neighbors, the human race in need.
We urge people all over the world, instead of trying to take someone down, you need to lift yourself.
Your good deeds are your security, not weapons.
Remember, better sleep, start at night.
Remember, better sleep at night lead to more happiness during the day. Helping people to live joyful lives regardless of age.
Saving money takes time, dedication, effort, and self-control.
The fundamental question is what is the payoff?
The answer is a degree of financial security that many of your age group are still struggling to achieve and the should be reason enough to push yourself to save money even if it does mean making some hardship along the way.
What you do with your finances today will forever change your tomorrow for good.
Power, leadership if not used for the good of the people is a terrible thing to waste, your missions could be anything hence you must prepare for everything.

A Good Leader is a Peace Maker

The greatest honor for any leader is that of a peacemaker and not a warlord, as a leader you must not destroy. Build instead.
Leadership must build a peaceful and prosperous nation, the world must know that a new beginning is possible but the world must also know that you cannot build nations in the future if quicksand by failed and bad leadership of the past.
People make mistakes but how they recover from the mistake matters more.
To succeed you need loyal family and friends eager to help you, success is a marathon, not a sprint to help is not hard to do, not just money alone, you just have to be willing to do it.
Leaders must be wealth creators for the people not poverty creators for the people.
Leadership must establish unity in Nigeria
Know this now, you give good, you get good always.
Kindness for kindness.
You cannot plant corn and harvest rice.
In the scripture, in all the three holy books (The Torah, Bible, and The Quran) Rahab’s sinful years of ignorance, harlotry. God ignored because of the good she did for the angels, today not yesterday is the time for the world to make peace with the past and move to the future and prosper.
Know this now, the prophecies delivered in the best-selling book “Leadership” by Mr. Tony Oyatedor decades ago are being fulfilled literally at this very moment.
We must admit that they not only convince but amaze and astonish us beyond expression.
You must develop strategies for getting ahead financially and building everlasting wealth, also never disrespect the person who made sure you were okay when nobody else did.
Always be grateful to the person who helped you to succeed, do not ever be ungrateful.
Those who are poisoning people’s hearts and mind against you shall inherit shame.
Build, do not destroy because God loves those who are grateful. Remember to be successful is not an easy procedure, it takes hard work.
Family is not about blood relationships but about who is willing to hold your hand when you need it the most.
We in Nigeria have truly gone full circle, do you know that in 1980 1000 dollars traveler’s check was 546 naira and today one dollar is 546 naira. What a shame! What a country!
The most difficult task is to make everybody happy but the simplest task is to be happy with everyone.
Know this, no knowledge is wasted. Read and study the three holy books (The Torah, the Bible, and the Quran) then the fish scales will drop from your eyes and you will not be stuck with one-sided religion.
You will progressively come to know that all religion is one and Almighty God (Allah, Jehovah) is for all mankind not for one particular religion.
In closing, thank you for taking the time and trouble to listen to news time worldwide, may Almighty God (Allah, Jehovah) continue to bless you always. Amen and amen.

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