How To Get What You Want

How To Get What You Want

How To Get What You Want

I rushed to the car, turned on the ignition, and whooshed I went!

I slept late and woke up ten minutes after the alarm went off. Like a domino effect, I had to leave the house five minutes later than usual and five minutes of lost time means I had to beat the red light, overtake, and go over the speed limit (I didn’t do all, but you know what I mean, lol).

I loudly chanted, “Lord, please make the train come late, please make the train come late!”

I want to sleep on my one-hour commute so even if I could just drive to work, the idea of not being able to get some more zzzzzz’s bothered me.

While trying to be on the speed limit, I called an office mate who carpools with other workers in the other offices in the area. She gladly told me I could ride with them. I told her, it would take a miracle at that time to be able to catch the train!

I turned to the street and guess what?! The train was just coming in!!!

I quickly find a parking spot, switched off the engine, and locked the car. I run like there was no tomorrow and got on the train before the doors closed! Hurray! I was in the nick of time!

At the office, I told another office mate who rides the train with me if he saw me panting on my way inside the train. He said, “No, but you always like adventure, huh?”

This was actually the second time it happened. Last time, the doors were closed already! Not just that, the train moved a little that I had to bang on the doors!

How To Get What You Want

Oh well, the trains will come and go. It will always come as scheduled and on time too! But if I want to have it right there and then, I have to catch it otherwise it will not wait for me!

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Do you know the good news about that morning? God must have heard my chant! You know why it was because He made the timing of the traffic lights so perfect! It was all green lights and not one red light on my way!

I guess this experience is very similar to getting what we really want in life. Sometimes, we’d be spaghetti-brained persons who wander around not knowing what we want. But as soon as we are crystal clear with our intention, all the mechanisms to get there will just appear!

Just like the simplest of miracles, God will make all the circumstances perfect for us!


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