Supplements for Enhanced Brain Health and Lifestyle

Supplements for Enhanced Brain Health and Lifestyle

Given that we’ve already had these lively debates on caffeine, what are other supplements that you could take to boost your energy levels, and help you concentrate more effectively at work? Are there any other supplements you could think about taking in the morning?

Modafinil is one option. This is a nootropic or smart drug that is favored by many of the world’s best-known 1%ers. What’s remarkable about this substance is that it is able to stop people from feeling like they’re not sleeping by affecting the orexin neurotransmitter. It was initially designed to aid people in overcoming sleep disorders but is now employed by individuals such as Dave Asprey in order to be able to work for longer hours to not be exhausted. If you’re seeking ways to be less exhausted and more focused and productive at work, this is sure to help!

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Modafinil, however, is only available through prescription in the majority of states. Although this drug may not be associated with any adverse consequences, it will require some more study as well as research prior to when we are able to be confident that it is safe for long-term usage.

However, there are plenty of natural methods of giving your brain an energy boost and being more alert and focused for work.

Supplements for Boosting Brain Energy

Creatine is an ingredient that is used by athletes and bodybuilders to boost their energy at the gym and at the track. It helps the body recycle ATP (ADP and amp). ATP is adenosine phosphate – three molecules that are bonded to each other. They release energy when they are broken to create ADP as well as AMP (adenosine diphosphate as well as monophosphate adenosine). In other words, a three creates a two and one. The body is able to use creatine, which can be made naturally by the liver. Supplementing it will give us the energy we need to complete a few exercises in the gym or sprint a bit faster or run a bit farther.

It also helps improve brain function. It has been proven to bring additional enhancements in memory and overall IQ increase.

Garlic is, in turn, a vasodilator. It is a means of widening the blood vessels which allow more oxygen and blood to flow to the brain and provide even more energy. Vinpocetine, a vasodilator, is specifically targeted at the brain. It also acts in the anti-inflammatory category (brain inflammation is thought of as being the cause of mood problems). Omega 3 fatty acids aid in the transmission of signals between neurons by enhancing the permeability of cell membranes (in other words, the cells’ walls allow more neurotransmitters and nutrients to go through).

Coconut oil is a popular brain-enhancing supplement because it is a source of MCT oil, which is medium chain triglycerides. This kind of fatty acid causes the liver to make ketones in a short time, providing a new source of energy that is consumed by your brain (which the brain actually favors for certain tasks).

There are also nootropics and other substances that increase cell energy, which includes brain cells’ energy. The most effective consist of CoEnzyme Q10, Lutein, PQQ, and L-Carnitine. However, you could expect a small result from any of them and it’s worth mentioning that adding a little exercise will improve the efficiency of increasing cell energy quickly.

If you mix the ingredients in your breakfast, you’ll be in boosting your energy levels as well as your concentration throughout the day!

Nutrients and Diet

Also, it is essentially providing your brain with the highest quality nutrients that will help maintain normal and healthy functioning over and above what is normal. Vitamin B6 for instance is involved in the production of serotonin, dopamine, as well as a variety of other important neurotransmitters. Naturally, amino acids in proteins also play a role to create a variety of neurotransmitters (tryptophan is, for example, a precursor to serotonin as well as melatonin) and zinc (which is a common deficient) affects the excitability of the brain, helps with testosterone production and assists in the process of neuroplasticity (see in the following chapter). Vitamin D assists in regulating hormones and enhances sleep, as well as many other minerals and vitamins that perform many other essential functions.

There are a lot of dollars on supplements and other nutrients to improve brain function. They will produce some results. However, more efficient and effective is to achieve the same result through your diet. Eat a variety of organ meats, and you’ll be able to get CoQ10 as well as PQQ. Intake a lot of fish, and you will get omega 3.

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The second important aspect of your diet is making sure you’re eating enough. Also, you shouldn’t begin eating too early – and try to eat often during the course of your day.

Ideally, you’ll have something that is a ‘complex carb breakfast. Complex carbs are a carbohydrate that takes longer to digest into the blood circulation. It means you’re eating something like oatmeal rather than something like toast or chocolate cereal. Because it absorbs slowly, you’ll be able to get a steady supply of sugar through the course of your day. Fats are also slow to release which is why avocado is another excellent choice to eat for breakfast. Begin your day by eating these kinds of food and you’ll find that you’re capable of action for a long time without slipping into fatigue.

Another suggestion? Take a snack all day long! Do not go for long periods of time without food as this can make your body use more sugar and your brain begin to feel sluggish. You might also feel stressed as a result. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated and you’ll keep from running on empty.

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So we’ve woken naturally, enjoyed our hot drink, and now must eat breakfast. It should be:


Slowly released to last for quite a while

We’ve sprayed down some cognitive-enhancing compounds Then we’re ready for the race!

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