How to Make Your Work Interesting and More Enjoyable

How to Make Your Work Interesting and More Enjoyable

You’re working and you’re probably feeling supercharged It’s important to keep up those great levels of energy throughout the day.

The most effective way to do this is to make sure you don’t waste your time on things you don’t really need. In order to do this, it is important to limit interruptions and distractions to a minimum. The first step is to disable email notifications, and also to remind those not to contact you. Set up points throughout the day where you handle the correspondence. You can also set up autoresponders to remind colleagues and partners to remain patient throughout the day. This advice is often offered by Tim Ferriss, who authored The Four Hour Workweek.

It is also possible to get interrupted by your personal stream of thoughts. It is crucial to eliminate any distractions while working on major projects. The best place to start is to consider closing open loops. These are messages that need to be answered and other smaller issues.

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Tasks you must complete. They’re not big issues, however, if you remove them from your thoughts they won’t hinder your ability to focus on the bigger tasks that truly are important.

Do these tasks during the day while you get up and proceed to bigger tasks so that you are able to concentrate free of distractions. Don’t forget that putting off an important phone call won’t help it disappear but it can reduce your productivity and cause stress for a longer time.

Remember that your energy is limited and that you aren’t able to keep at it all day long without having breaks. There will be times when you get tired therefore ensure you’ve taken this into consideration by planning times that you are able to take a break and let your energy recharge. Don’t make yourself push through mental obstacles: be mindful of the natural rhythms of your body and strive to switch between periods of intense output as well as periods that are more relaxed.

Remember that we’re the most imaginative when we’re at ease. Therefore, this is an ideal time to work on problems and think of new ideas before you take advantage of those ‘high energy’ times to implement those innovative ideas.

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If you follow these suggestions, you’ll soon have more energy and determination to put into your work. There’s more you can accomplish however if you truly would like to increase performance, you must look at changing your life and how you work. Go through the complete book if you’re looking to know more about how you can increase the way you feel.

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