How to Get Good Sleep and its Benefits

How to Get Good Sleep and its Benefits

Another tip for sleeping This time, it’s about how you get up: buy a “daylight lamp”. These lamps are specifically designed to produce a wavelength that is purposely identical to the sun. Even better, they become brighter at the beginning of the day before the alarm goes off. The effect is to gently awaken you from sleeping deep by making the surroundings appear to be getting brighter slowly. This means that when the alarm goes off it will put you asleep REM sleep and not SWS (Slow wave sleep). It’s a good thing because you’ll be less tired.

You’ll also get up to the light of the day which makes a significant psychological shift and makes it easier to get up and go!

To Coffee or Not to Coffee

If we’re trying to get everything done right and improve our energy levels as high as we can in the days in the coming days, our next issue would be whether to consume coffee.

The answer? It’s kind of.

If you drink caffeine it helps your brain feel more alert by blocking the effect of Adenosine. Adenosine is a byproduct of the energy-producing process that occurs within the brain. When cells use glucose and ATP to aid us to carry out the daily tasks and create adenosine as the result. This by-product slows down the cell’s activity and makes us feel tired and tired. This is the reason why we feel exhausted and fatigued throughout the day until we finally sleep and our brain can rid itself of the substance.

But it’s not all gone by the time you wake up, and that’s one of the reasons why you’ll usually experience sleep-inertia, and feel exhausted the moment you wake up.

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Caffeine mimics adenosine. This implies that the brain “mistakes it for a byproduct. Caffeine can therefore connect to the receptors for adenosine, which blocks adenosine’s function.

Thus, you awake.

This is a good thing, you think?

It’s true, but it’s certainly not the only aspect to think about.

In one way, blocking adenosine and awakening the brain artificially triggers an astonishing quantity of activity in the brain. The body is surprised by this and reacts with a surge of stress hormones, believing that we are doing something extremely significant, or that we could be in danger!

We also produce adrenaline (norepinephrine) as well as cortisol, and more. Caffeine in this regard is like stress in a cup’, and stress isn’t good for our levels of energy.

Another issue with caffeine is the brain is able to adapt to it. If you’ve had an absence of adenosine production in your brain for long enough, it will respond by trying to increase the amount of it. It will also increase the number of adenosine receptors. This means that you’ll need more caffeine to stop the. Also, if you don’t drink caffeine, you may get more tired, this is the reason caffeine can be addictive. It can also result in headaches as a result of caffeine withdrawal.

Then, should you drink coffee or not?

A great compromise is to consume a small amount of caffeine, and then make sure you are drinking it at the right time throughout the day. It is best to drink it in the morning particularly if you have the weekend off.

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If you’re not drinking coffee, try making tea for a moderate intake of caffeine. What’s more, why not mix your caffeine intake with a dose of l-theanine through supplementation? This can make you be more alert from the caffeine, but the l-theanine is able to take away the negative effects, so to speak, and will help reduce the stress response from caffeine. L-theanine is a type of xanthine that is similar to caffeine and is naturally found in green tea, but instead of being a stimulant, it is calming and relaxing effect. When combined the two substances are extremely synergistic and are a fantastic way to start your day!

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