Jennifer Rubin Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Children, and Net Worth.

Who is Jennifer Rubin?

Jennifer Rubin is an American political commentator. She writes opinion columns for The Washington Post. Rubin formerly labored at Commentary, PJ Media, Human Events, and The Weekly Standard. Her work was posted in media outlets like Politico, New York Post, New York Daily News, National Review, and The Jerusalem Post.

She is a conservative political commentator. Jennifer became a staunch advocate of the Biden administration in 2021. Away from politics, Rubin is a child neurologist. She has extra training and interests in acquired demyelinating diseases and genetic white matter diseases. She is the co-director of Lurie’s Leukodystrophy Care Center. This is a multidisciplinary program for offering first-rate care to patients with leukodystrophies and their families. Rubin called on the National Organization for Marriage to give up its campaign against same-gender marriage in a November 21, 2013, column.

Jennifer was announced the winner of the 2nd annual Liberal Hack Tournament, in April 2021. It was hosted by the “Ruthless” variety program. Rubin was the first girl to win that title.

How Old is Jennifer Rubin?

Jennifer was born in New Jersey in 1961/1962. She is 59-60 years old.

Jennifer Rubin Family

Who are Jennifer Rubin’s Parents?

Rubin is Jewish and was born and brought up in the New Jersey suburbs of Philadephia. Together with her family, they moved to California in 1968. His family’s information is not disclosed to the media.

Jennifer Rubin Education

Rubin attended the University of California, Berkeley. She attained her Bachelor of Arts and her Juris Doctor. Jennifer completed as the top scholar in her class in law school.

Jennifer Rubin Spouse

Rubin is married to Jonathan. The couple leads a happy life. They moved from Los Angeles to Oakton, Virginia, in 2005.

Jennifer Rubin Children

The couple is blessed with sons. However, their information is not disclosed.

Jennifer Rubin’s Height

Adding to her well-curved body, Rubin stands at a height of 1.75 meters.

Jennifer Rubin Career

Before shifting into column writing, Jennifer was a labor and employment attorney in Los Angeles. She worked for Hollywood studios for 20 years. Rubin describes herself as a “recovering attorney”. Steve Hulett, Hollywood animator and trade union leader, defined Rubin to Media Matters as constantly humorous with sharp observations.
After relocating to Virginia, Rubin offered a column to The Weekly Standard about Mitt Romney. She did freelance work for 2 years and later joined Commentary.

Jennifer’s move to The Washington Post in November 2010 was national news headlines. It was mentioned on all sides of the political spectrum by the media. The discussion ranged from The American Conservative and The Weekly Standard to Salon and Slate. Rubin was blanketed on the list of “50 Most Influential American Jews” in 2011 by The Jewish Daily Forward. David Weigel, the slate blogger, called Jeniffer one of the most prolific online political authors. John Podhoretz the Commentary editor writes of Jennifer as a phenomenon.

Considering the past decades of her career, she was neither an author nor a journalist but an attorney in labor issues. Rubin was criticized by Patrick Pexton in an open letter from his new desk at the Washington City Paper. He stated that he received complaint emails about Jennifer more than any other post-employee.

Jennifer Rubin in Politics.

Jennifer was a long-term conservative. She later stated that her term as a conservative was terminated by pro-Trump conservatives and prefer to be a 19th-century liberal. Rubin defined herself as a Pat Moynihan Democrat, a Scoop Jackson Democrat, and an Andrew Cuomo Democrat. Rubin has been a supporter of the Likud government in Israel. She criticized Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization leadership. She tweeted an anti-Hamas blog post in November 2011. Rubin wrote a blog post and suggested that the 2011 Norway attacks were carried out by Islamic jihadists.

James Fallows the columnist of The Atlantic criticized the piece as rushed. He additionally mentioned the subsequent discovery that the attack was done by Anders Behring Breivik. This was a nonmuslim Norwegian native. Jeffrey Goldberg stated that the criticism was not warranted. Rubin agreed in her following column that the early suspicions of a jihadist assault were confirmed to be mistaken. Her perspectives on foreign policy were defined as neoconservative by Daniel W. Drezner, an International Relations scholar.

Jennifer criticism

Rubin criticized President Donald Trump. She later announced in September 2020 that she was no longer a conservative. Jennifer criticizes the Republicans and Donald Trump in person in the course of Trump’s term in office. Rubin denounced Trump’s decision to withdraw from the 2015 Paris Agreement as “a dog whistle to the far right” designed to delight his “weather change denial, right-wing base that revels in scientific illiteracy.” She criticized Trump’s 2017 choice not to implement parts of the Iran nuclear deal as the “emotional temper tantrum of an unhinged president.”

Rubin supported the US formally acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and shifting its embassy there. She criticized Trump for not making the decision. Mike Huckabee questioned Jennifer writing “Jen Rubin is WAPO’s excuse for conservative.” He added that her “contempt for all things Trump exposes her and WAPO as faux information”.

Jennifer Rubin’s Net Worth

Rubin is assumed to have accumulated an estimated net worth of $18 Million throughout her career.

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