Robyn Griggs Biography, Career, Family, Spouse, and Net Worth

Robyn Griggs Career

Griggs started her career as a child actor, playing the role of Molly in Annie and hosting the Nickelodeon kids show Rated K. She became most recognized for her young adult roles in the daytime soap operas One Life to Live (1991-92) as Stephanie Hobart. For this role, she was nominated at the 14th Youth in Film Awards for Best Young Actress in a Daytime Series and also appeared in Another World (1993-95) as Maggie Cory.

Robyn Griggs

Following being fired from Another World in 1995, she claimed on the show Hard Copy. This was due to her relationship with John Wayne Bobbit, who she claimed was just a friend, while producers claimed they were taking the role in a new direction. Griggs took time away from acting in 1995, after growing tired of acting on television during the day and then theater at night. She came back to acting in 2003, mainly in independent horror movies, such as Zombiegeddon. Giggs also appeared in several grade-B, made-for-video horror/thriller films including Abattoir (2001), and Ghost Tour (2003) for Deepkut Productions. She then appeared in Minds of Terror (2003), Project 187 (2003), The Urn (2003), Demon Hunters (2003), Aberration Boulevard (2001), Severe Injuries (2003), and Dead Clowns (2003). As well as The Absence of Light (2004), Dead Planet, and several others.

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Robyn Griggs died at the age of 49 on August 13, 2022, from stage IV cervical cancer, which she had revealed she had in 2020. She was born on April 30, 1973, in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, U.S. Griggs shares her birthday with famous people including Carl Friedrich Gauss, Joachim von Ribbentrop, John Peters Humphrey, António Guterres, Jane Campion, Paul Gross, Gal Gadot, Travis Scott, Ana de Armas, Kirsten Dunst, Lloyd Banks, and Stephen Harper, among others.

Robyn Griggs Family

Robyn Griggs was born to her parents in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. She had not shared any information about her family and parents with the media by her time of demise.

Griggs had not mentioned any siblings or shared any information about her family and siblings with the media.

Griggs had also kept her personal life away from the limelight and had not shared her academic background and qualifications with the media.

Robyn Griggs Interests
Griggs enjoyed touring across the country as she played in horror films and was also a producer and promoter for various low-budget independent horror movies. She also recorded her first CD, ”Love’s Young Nightmare”.

Robyn Griggs Spouse
Griggs was married to professional golfer, Mark Wiley from 2013 to her death. The couple has been married for more than 9 years in their long-time relationship. They lived together in Akron, Ohio.

Robyn Griggs Children

Robyn Griggs

Griggs had not shared her personal and family life with the media and it is unclear how many children she had with her spouse.

Robyn Griggs Height

Griggs had a sexy, stunning, and physically fit body adding up to an average height of 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m), and a weight of 54 kg (119 lbs).

Robyn Griggs Net Worth

American professional stage, television, and film actress, Griggs has been active from the age of 3 to her death in 2022. She has appeared on stage, on television, and in films throughout her career taking a break from 1995 to 2001. Griggs had garnered an estimated net worth of approximately $1 million as of her demise in 2022.


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