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Mary, Jesus Christ in the Quran – Mr. Tony Oyatedor

Mr. Tony OyatedorAll thanks and praise and glory to the All-wise, all-powerful, ever-present gracious merciful God.
Bismillahi Rahman Rahim, greetings to you my fellow brothers and sisters, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and the human race.

We say thank you for the feedback we got from listeners of Newstime Worldwide on Audra radio globally.
Thanks to the millennials and mature, the ones you call old school listeners for their comments and intriguing questions e.t.c

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We also want to urge Newstime Worldwide listeners, you are the fortunate ones with modern technology in your hands, the smartphones in your hands do all the work for you hence let your fingers do the work by reading and studying the three Holy Books with your phones, the millennials are experts with smartphones, the mature old school listeners can also have their children and or grandchildren show them how to use their smartphones to read the Torah, Bible, and Quran in various languages of the world., when you do that your eyes will open wide instead and of eyes wide shut by chance you will learn something new that will make you go with certainty.

Mary, Jesus Chris in the Quran

The topic for today is Mary, Jesus Christ in the Quran. Please take a gracious, glorious, magnificent journey with us to the Holy Quran, for your information there is a whole book, a chapter dedicated to Mary mother of Jesus Christ in the Holy Quran, Surah Mariam chapter of Mary, Mariam in Arabic and Mary in English.
From the Quran in the chapter of Mary, this is a mention of the mercy of your Lord God to his slave Zechariah when he, Zechariah called out his Lord God, A call in secret.

He “Zechariah,” said my Lord indeed my bones have grown feeble and grey hair has spread on my head and I have never been unblessed in my invocation to you, oh my lord God and verily I fear my relatives after me and my wife is barren so give me from yourself an heir who shall inherit me and inherit also the prosperity of Jacob Israel. Get it??
Inheritance of the religious knowledge and prophethood not of wealth and make him my Lord one with whom you are well pleased.
God said “Oh Zachariah verily we give you the glad tidings, the good news of a son whose name will be John (Yahaya in Arabic) we have given that name to none before him.
He Zachariah said, “My Lord God how can I have a son when my wife is barren and I have reached the extreme old age?”
Then God said “So it will be, your Lord God says it’s easy for me. Certainly, I have created you before when you had been nothing”
Zachariah said “My Lord God appoint for me a sign”
He, God said “Your sign is that you shall not speak to mankind, not Muslims but to mankind for three nights though having no bodily defect”
Then He, Zachariah came out to his people from a praying place or a private room and he told the by a sign language to glorify Almighty God’s praises in the morning and in the afternoon.

It was said to Zachariah’s son “Oh John! Hold fast the scripture “the Torah” and we gave him, John; wisdom while yet a child and made him sympathetic to men and women as a mercy grant from us and pure from sins that is john and he was righteous and dutiful towards his parents and he was neither arrogant nor disobedient to God or to his parents and peace be on him the day he was born and the day he dies and the day he will be raised up to life again.
Mentioned in the book the Quran, the prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) the story of Mary when she withdrew in seclusion from her family to a place facing East, she placed a screen to screen herself from them then we sent to her Our Angel Gabriel(Jibril in Arabic) and Angel Gabriel appeared before her mary in the form of a man in all respects, she mary said “ Verily I seek with the most gracious God from you if you do fear God” then Angel Gabriel said “I am only a messenger from your Lord God to announce the gift of a righteous son”
Mary said “How can I have a son when no man has touched me nor am I unchaste”
Gabriel said “ soon it will be, your Lord God said that it’s easy for me and we wish to appoint him your son as a sign to mankind” not to Jewish, Christian, Muslim but you mankind and a mercy from us God and it’s a matter already decreed by God.

Mary and Angel Gabriel

Mary conceived him and she withdrew with him to a place in Bethlehem valley about 4-6 miles from Jerusalem city of peace and the pain of childbirth drove Mary to the trunk of a deadpan, she said “with that, I had died before this and had been forgotten and out of sight” then Gabriel, Jibril in Arabic cried to her “grief not, your Lord God has provided a water stream under you and shake the trunk of the dead palm towards you, it will let four fresh ripe days upon you so eat and drink and be glad and if you see any human being say verily I avowed a fast to the most gracious God so I shall not speak to any human being this day that she brought him the baby to her people carrying him and they said oh Mary!! (Mariam in Arabic) indeed you have brought a thing, a mighty thing.”
Oh, sister! That’s the like of Aaron, (Haruna in Arabic). Your father was not a man who used to commit adultery not your mother was an unchaste woman then she (Mary) pointed to him, they said how can we talk to one who is a child in the cradle, he “Jesus” Isah in Arabic verily I am a slave of God.

God has given me the scripture and made me a prophet, Anabi Isah in Arabic, prophet Jesus in English and he has made me blessed where so ever I will be and Has enjoined on me prayer(Salat in Arabic) and charity(Zakat in Arabic) as long as I live and dutiful to my mother and made me not arrogant and peace(Salam in Arabic) be upon me the day I was born and the day I die and the day I shall be raised alive. Oh my! Allahu Akbar, God is the greatest.
And he Anabi Isah, Jesus Christ said “And verily Almighty God is my Lord and your Lord so worship him almighty God alone, they are a straight path” in the Quran, you can check it out yourself.

There’s so much to learn from the Quran that will amaze you.
At Newstime Worldwide we dare to make a difference, we are change-makers for good and for history.
Sacred truth is essential always, we must all defend the truth and defeat lies always.
At Newstime Worldwide we are a solution to the problem, leadership must always identify the problem and fix it.
Islamophobia is a misconception without adequate knowledge of the facts.

At Newstime Worldwide our preaching, speaking and teaching is for the courageous not for the faith-hearted, and for those who seek the truth with certainty, we pray may almighty God Allah/Jehovah give you a mind and a heart to comprehend, understand, and eyes to see manifestly, crystal clearly and ear to hear in Jesus Christ’s name we pray. Amen and amen
All over the world, we find that most faith leaders are pious but enlightened religious leaders due to a lack of knowledge of the three holy books.
Always remember to believe without action is useless, it’s not possible for the world to progress without a solution to its problems and the solution is a peace that brings security, the world has problems, not challenges. Newstime worldwide has solutions.

Mankind needs to be constantly reminded about the great danger facing the world hence prevention is better and cheaper than cure.
Government and the private sector should join us Newstime Worldwide and collaborate and embark on a massive awareness campaign and tell the people what to do to stop and also avoid insurgence worldwide.
Newstime Worldwide has the understanding of the times to know what leadership and the people must do.
Newstime Worldwide is not oo f double purpose but stable and trustworthy with a perfect and sincere art to do good for the benefit of mankind with certainty.

The ever-present fundamental question is how could the world get to this level of killings and destruction of lives and properties.
Religious leaders worldwide must not preach goodness to others but consider themselves exempt from obeying the commandments, Torah sharia of almighty God Allah/Jehovah
That’s an attitude that has brought disaster upon everyone who has taken it.
Leadership is everything they have ever been, always was, and ever will be unless they repent and seek almighty God as a vital necessity and reverently fear God and do good deeds.

Always remember no man or woman can ever prevail against the prophet chosen by almighty God, the lord god is with you while you are with him if you seek him inquiring for and of him craving him as your soul first and vital necessity. Secure the kingdom of God first, he will be found by you but if you become indifferent and forsake him then he will forsake you.
God is always with the good.
We urge you to believe in God and you shall be established, believe, and remain steadfast to his prophet and help not hinder his prophet and you shall prosper.

Despite all the islamophobia white Christian vigilantes, not Muslims have long been the foremost practitioners of terrorism in the United States of America but nobody ever asked them whether Christ made them do it.
Knowledge, is hidden in plain sight but open to all who can take the time and trouble to look for it.
Mankind suffers from willful ignorance, the entire story of the United States of America is a story of progress.
We hope we all progressively solve the problem of terrorism and hatred in America and the entire world.
Love your neighbor as you love yourself, Jewish, Christian or Muslim, white, black, brown, colored.
The human race was created by the creator, we all must worship the creator not the creation.
In Nigeria it should not take the EFCC for any administration to do its job and crackdown on theft., what you call corruption and abuse of office, it should take the reverent fear of Almighty God Allah/Jehovah.

God uses mightily one whose whole heart craves knowledge of him and his word in the three holy books.
The three holy books are words of divine instruction combating religious crisis requires love and money, love and peace are more contagious than hate and violence.
Newstime worldwide will continue to spread the message of love and peace around the world because with love and peace there is security, and upholding core value is what make a nation great.
The victims of terrorism worldwide are those killed by avoidable and preventive death, the defenses of weapons are defenses of clay and will crumble.

The tactics of weaponry are like ashes, valueless unless accompanied by the word in the three holy books.
Please we urge you to use your smartphones and read and study the three holy books you will be informed and empowered, let your fingers do the working for you.
Isis, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, Fulani herdsmen E.t.c. Are all satanic forces ungodly, evil, and wicked?
Terrorism must be broken into pieces with a word in the three holy books.
The triumphing of the wicked is short and the joy of the godless and defiled is bored for a moment.
At Newstime Worldwide we will never ever-corrupt the truth.
It’s not the great rich powerful necessarily who are wise nor always the educated derelicts who understand justice, God gives wisdom to whom He wills.

We speak for truth not for revenge, Rabbis, pastors, imams your lips must not speak untruth nor must your tongues utter deceit.
Leadership opens their mouth and multiply words without knowledge drawing the worthless conclusion that the poor have no more advantage than the Rich. Really?
Leadership darkens cancer by words without knowledge, bad leadership, wicked pride and arrogance hotly pursued and persecute the poor endlessly.
As a good and compassionate leader, you must be blameless in conduct and in conversation.
As a leader, your words matter greatly.

The massive education campaign that all religion is one is badly needed worldwide.
May almighty God bless the world with peace that brings security in Jesus Christ’s name we pray. Amen and amen.
By the word of God where the heavens and earth and all their hosts may be and it was, he spoke and it was done, he commanded and it stood fast and firm.
No nation is saved by the size and power of its military only the word in the three Holy Books of Almighty God of truth and faithfulness.
Leadership living in luxury behind their fortified walls cannot by weapons except by good deeds.
Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Jewish, Christian, Muslim, white, black, brown, colored, the human race was created by the creator.
The lack of civility in American daily life in the recent past is shocking, if you only have the spiritual eyes to see perchance you will seek the word in the three holy books.
We at Newstime Worldwide have the will and courage to bring peace to the entire world through compassionate leadership.

Newstime worldwide together with the public and private partnerships will move faster with the message of peace all over the world than be working alone.
The fundamental question to mankind is for how long will you love vanity and futility and seek after lies for everything, evidence must not be lacking to establish the truth hence Newstime worldwide presents the truth with certainty in all the three holy books perchance mankind may reflect.
Sinners, killers, terrorists, suicide bombers, white supremacists, BokoHaram, Fulani herdsmen, isis, ISIL, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab E.t.c cannot live in heaven, they will be out of their element sooner could a fish live upon a tree than the satanic wicked one In paradise.

The only way they will ever be able to endure heaven is to be born again and become new creations with pure hearts able fully to enjoy the presence of almighty God Allah/Jehovah, his angels, and the redeemed.
The people all over the world are troubled and terrified at the thought of terrorism, they are in dread and are afraid but we Newstime Worldwide say fear not nor grieve. Verily almighty God Allah/Jehovah is with the righteous always.
The eyes of terrorists flash with anger, hatred, contempt, and lack of knowledge.
In all the three holy books the creator gave the Torah commandment sharia “ Thy shall not kill” period. But evildoers drink iniquity like drinking water. To him or her who is about to faint and despair, kindness is due from his or her family, friends, and neighbors.

Jewish, Christian, Muslim, white, black, brown, colored, the human race was created by the creator.
Now let’s make this manifest crystal clear, the savings we are always talking about in all our preaching, speaking and teaching engagements at Newstime worldwide is for the poor amongst us not for the rich.
The rich should use part of their wealth, and blessings to help the poor not for the rich to hide their wealth, spend to help the poor in their midst, and sleep with their two eyes closed.
Behold as surely as God will never ever uphold wrongdoers, God will never ever cast away a blameless man or woman.
God will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with joyful shouting in Jesus Christ’s name we pray. Amen and amen
Those who hate you will be clothed with shame and the house of the wicked, satanic ones shall be no more if anyone ever hardened himself or herself against God, the person never prospered or even be safe.
God is always with ones who seek him first and also do righteous good deeds.
A practicing Muslim must not be equated with militant Islamic extremism just like a Christian must not be equated with Christian fundamentalists.
The people of Africa in general and Nigeria, in particular, are stealing from one another.
Indeed the leadership has been foremost in this wicked satanic act and in direct violation of the will and purpose of God.

Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.
Haters their tongues devices wickedness, it’s like a sharp razor walking deceitfully. They love evil more than good.
Leadership in most nations has seized to be wise and to do good.
The people of Africa in general, Nigeria in particular must have a heart and mind to work and work not just prayers and fasting alone and going to prayer houses for miracles.
For each of your family members and friends who live abroad and send you dollars or pounds or Euros, they are all working hence they can afford the charity.
Please we urge you, to work and save and prosper.
Good and compassionate leadership all over the world must move the people from poverty towards prosperity.
Leadership has been standing by aiding and abetting the problems while there is a perfectly effective solution that stands ready to solve them. Newstime Worldwide only but if.

We must all help to repair and restore the world that bad leadership has destroyed by neglect.
We must all roll up our sleeves with joy and do the work faithfully.
In closing, once again thanks for taking the time and trouble to listen to Newstime worldwide.
Please join us next week for another fascinating topic that will leave you scratching your head.
May peace and blessings be upon you, Assalamualeikum waramatula.
God bless you all


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