The New Nigerian Music Star Tee Jry Sets The Tone

Nigeria is a pool of talents. Standing out is a major hurdle to surpass for new and upcoming artists. In a recent podcast, the one and only Don Jazzy admitted that you need other additional potentials to stand out and be convincing to the majority out there who barely have the time to invest in listening to just anyone. Notwithstanding, he admitted that talent remains the bedrock for success.

When a new guy emerges, we want to see what makes him unique and why we should ignore currently trending artists to listen to some new guy. Surprisingly a lot of these new guys got that wow factor, this is where the next important skill comes into play. The ability for longevity. Contents are now having very short life spans, it will take a good level of creativity to create contents that will stand the test of time in this age of constant rush. These are the requirements that must be met in this day and time.

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Surely, trust Nigerians to be ready to take creativity to new heights, they are always ready for the competition. A lot of new guys are doing wonders in the industry and one of those guys is called Tee Jry.

Tee Jry, (Pronounced ‘Tee-jay’) is a talented artist and musician from Bayelsa state in Nigeria. Not your average artist. This guy cares about the content he puts out there, one would think he has a special team dedicated to vetting his lyrics.

A Quick Biography

Tee Jay’s real names are Jeremiah Tonbara, he is from a family of six siblings. Jerryson, Tari, Ini, Best, and Victor. They all grew up in Bayelsa state until recently when they relocated to Lagos state. Tee Jry decided to start releasing music professionally in 2022 except his debut single was only ready for release in 2023 due to some constraints. Tee Jry is an unsigned hype and is open for reasonable deals.

New Single  – Plug In

According to him, there is a whole catalog of songs ready for release, hence it was difficult as it was easy to pick out a song to be tagged as the official debut single.

The title of the single that won the spot is Plug-In. A song that describes his zeal and determination, his conviction and passion. The lyrics of the song while precise tell a big tale. You need to listen to it to understand.

Get the song from all streaming platforms here.



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