We Hate One Another in NigerDelta – Mr. Tony Oyatedor.

Punch Newspaper, Tuesday, December 29, 2009 ” WE HATE ONE ANOTHER IN NIGERDELTA” says Oyatedor. ” So, I urge the people of the region to embrace peace without which there cannot be development. For any pipeline that is vandalized in your backyard, you are destroying your home. The Federal Government should call on all the companies in the region to invest in the people of Nigerdelta. Fifty percent of the workforce of companies in the region should go to the people of the area. We have a situation whereby all the banks, oil companies, telecommunications, and others​ are being manned by people who are not from that region. They say the people do not want to work, yet they have not given them the opportunity to work. How many Ijaw, Urhobo, or Itsekiri people are in management positions in Banks and oil companies in the region? But, I do not blame the Federal Government; the people should be blamed because they do not love one another. The country can only change when everyone takes up the challenges to address issues, not by complaining. ” Mr. Tony Oyatedor said.

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