Who is Allah

Who is Allah in the Bible and the Quran?


Who is Allah

Allah is the most common Arabic word used to describe God and is widely used by both Arabic-speaking Christians as well as Jews and also by Muslims.

Allah refers to an Arabic word that means “God”

In Western culture of Western civilization, It is widely believed that the term Allah is only used by Muslims to refer to God however it isn’t true. The term “Allah” is commonly used by Arabic users from all Abrahamic religions (including Christianity and Judaism) which means “God.” However, according to Islam, Allah is God’s correct name, whereas Christians and Jews are familiar with Him by the name of Yahweh.

Muslim and Christian beliefs about morality and ethics are the same. Both would argue that modesty in dressing is essential; that one shouldn’t take advantage of others, engage in adultery, and so on. But Muslims worry that they will never be good enough or perform enough to please Allah. Christians believe that the Lord has mercy on all that believe in the resurrection of Jesus and put their faith in Jesus to save them.

While the Church has stated the fact that Muslims, as well as Christians, believe in the same God, however, it has never provided a clear explanation of its reasoning.

Prior to the advent of Islam, the majority of Arabs considered themselves polytheist pagans being adamant about an indifferent powerless fate that was not able to be altered, controlled, or influenced by humans. Muslims believe in Muhammad as the final and most potent prophet and attributed his work to restoring to Arabs the monotheistic beliefs of their forefathers. Islam as well as Judaism both have their spiritual roots back in Abraham However, the God-concept that is prevalent in Islam is distinct from that of Judaism or Christianity in a number of important ways. Yahweh along with Allah are both viewed as all-powerful, omnipresent, and merciful.

Muslims should not view Christians with hate but love and compassion.

In accordance with the Islamic statement of witness which is also called shahada “There is no god but Allah”. Muslims believe that Allah created the universe in just six days, and gave prophets like Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, and, lastly Muhammad who instructed people to worship him only in a way that was free of idolatry and polytheism.

Certain prophets received the scriptures of Allah and Allah, including The Torah of Moses and the Psalms of David, and the Gospel of Jesus.

The Qur’an speaks of Allah to be the Lord of all Worlds.

The Bible mentions Allah as Yahweh/Jehovah.

Allah is thought to refer to “the god” (al-ilah) in Arabic and is likely to be associated with, but not derived of the Aramaic Alaha. All Muslims and a majority of Christians accept that they worship the same God, even though their interpretations differ.

The Arabic-speaking Christians are known as God Allah as well as Gideon bibles, which quote John 3:16 in various languages, affirm that Allah sent his son to the world.

To Christians as well as Jews In addressing Jews and Christians, both Jews and Christians, Qur’an states “Our god and your god are one” (29:46). Names like Allah as well as al-Rahman are clearly used by the pre-Islamic Jews as well as Christians to represent God.

It is true that Jewish, Christian, and Islamic conceptions of divinity were rooted in polytheistic contexts. Similar to the traditional Jews and Christians However, Muslims believe that the religion of the first human beings, Adam and Eve, was monotheistic. After it was distorted into the polytheistic religion, Allah created prophets, who all taught that there was only one god.

Islam adopted from Judaism the belief that Abraham specifically had (re)discovered monotheism and opposed idolatry. Therefore, Muhammad was determined to restore the monotheism that was the original of Abraham and his family, which is the same from which Jews and Christians had been alleged to have deviated.

According to the Qur’an, the God/Allah of the Qur’an is the same God who has spoken to humanity through his many representatives (rusul) who were sent to diverse communities, such as prophets from the Jewish and Christian prophets.

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