10 African Countries With The Strongest Military Power

Strength in the military is one of the top aspects to be proud of for any nation. In Africa, this continent isn’t left out as it is home to a number of countries boasting of having the best military strength. The military is the most fundamental requirement in any area. The power of the military can be assessed in relation to the ability of a nation to fully safeguard its territories and borders against civil disturbances. Other things to consider are the equipment that is used in the country, with items like firearms and war crafters, tankers navy force facilities, the number of front line troops, etc.

In Africa, civil unrest has been extremely widespread e.g. attacks by Al-Shabab, ISIS, and Boko Haram, among other groups. A number of nations with their own military power have fully discussed the threat from ISIS, Al-Shabab, Boko Haram, and others. This is a complete list of African nations that are known as having the best military forces under their respective commands. The list was determined based on the resources available and the endowments of the respective nations and their capability to develop innovative military strategies.

1. Egypt

Within Africa, Egypt still remains at the forefront of having the most powerful military because of its number of military units. The country boasts more than 500,000 people in the military. There is no other country in Africa with this amount of troops in the forces in history. Egypt has more than 10,000 armored combat vehicles, over 65,000 logistical vehicles as well as 1,000 aircraft. In addition, the country has huge oil reserves, which continuously provide the country with funds for keeping its military strength.

The Egyptian military’s strengths were recognized when it became involved in and opposed the Libyan Civil War with support for General Haftar. They are also active in war total in the region that comprises Sinai in the fight against Daesh. The army also did its best to take down ISIS as well as Hamas.

2. Algeria

Algeria has a significant maritime border. This requires an army that is strong. The nation has upgraded its capability to the latest in fields like Air, Marine, and land forces. The troops utilize the most up-to-date combat equipment to accomplish their missions. The country is home to more than 125,000 soldiers on the frontline, with more than 2,500 armored combat vehicles. Within Africa, Algeria is among countries that have large reservoirs of oil. This lets her not depend on other nations to get fuel. Algeria makes use of her oil to fuel tanks, fighter aircraft, and many various military ships. The main drawback of the Algeria Military Department is the Lack of Leadership in Algeria which has led it difficult to completely oppose its Islamic Forces which has been an issue since independence.

3. South Africa

South Africa is a historical country and was among the first nations in Africa to become civilized. As of now, it has not been involved in any war for a lengthy period of time. She’s been involved in several peacekeeping missions. The sleeping lion boasts a modern military that is able to conduct peacekeeping missions and inter-governmental cooperation. It also boasts modernized and automated equipment even though it has only fewer than 100,000 frontline soldiers in the military.

4. Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the African nations with the largest population. This makes it possible to employ more than 200,000 people on the frontline. The oil in Nigeria is so abundant over the years that it has helped ease the financial burden required to purchase the necessary equipment for troops in the military. Nigeria boasts more than 1400 vehicles with armor 360 tankers and 6000 logistics vehicles. It also has 300 aircraft, as well as 25 navy vessels that are highly powered. The most significant problem with the army is its inability to defend the citizens of the Northern regions of Nigeria against Boko Haram which causes many instances of mass killings.

5. Ethiopia

Ethiopia has over 100,000 soldiers that comprise her military. Being a landlocked state, Ethiopia does not have any naval forces and has focused on diverting resources to create departments for air and land force.

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The country is popular for its stable large population that maintains a greater amount of soldiers in the military.

6. Angola

Angola is also set to be a part of the list of countries that have the most powerful military in Africa. Her army is led by the Chief of Staff Geraldo Nunda who succeeded back in the year 2010. The country is home to 920 armored combat tanks, 140 vehicles 270 pieces of aircraft, and 56 naval troops. Angolan oil is an advantage and is the main reason for her success.

7. Morocco

Morocco isn’t well-endowed with resources but she does stay on the frontline in order to preserve her military power. The country is dependent on other nations’ supply of military supplies. The Moroccan forces of the army have been in ongoing conflicts against POLISARO which is the movement for liberation fighting for independence for Western regions of the Sahara.

As of now so far, it is reported that the Moroccan military has more than 2000 armored combat tanks, more than 1300 vehicles, and more than 330 aircraft. In addition, the country has 121 officers who are part of its navy troops.

8. Libya

Libya is home to a variety of weapons. This has allowed Libya a country that is known on the map as having a strong military force. Libya is home to more than 2500 armored vehicles 500 tankers and 600 artillery pieces as well as six hundred logistical vehicles. The oil reserves also allow the military of Libya to fuel tankers and other moving items without difficulty. The main strength of the Libyan Military is General Haftar.

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9. Tunisia

The country is situated in the Northern region of Africa. The military has been involved in peacekeeping operations in countries like Rwanda as well as Libya. Tunisia has 900 armored combat tanks, and 350 tankers backed by the manpower of more than 5 million people who constitute enough labor force.

At present, Tunisia boasts of having a stable and stable government which is crucial to a robust military. Tunisia is a small, but effective military. This has enabled Tunisia to fight ISIS along her eastern border.

10. Kenya

Kenya has proved its military capabilities by taking part in peacekeeping missions for other countries, such as Somalia. Similar to Morocco and other countries within Africa, Kenya highly depends on the equipment of outsiders.

The Kenyan air, marine as well as land forces are powerful due to the country being a part of teams from around the world. This has allowed them to exchange strategies and techniques. Also, the country has grown rapidly, which keeps the largest army.

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Furthermore, Kenya established herself as one of the most powerful democracies across the continent, along with South Africa, and also has a strong spirit of leadership from political leaders. The Kenyan army was able to limit Al-Shabab influence in Somalia and let Kenyans live in greater security.


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