Men, Women Equal in Quran - Mr. Tony Oyatedor

The President Alone Cannot Do It – Mr. Tony Oyatedor

Men, Women Equal in Quran - Mr. Tony Oyatedor
Gracious merciful God, Bismillahi Rahman Rahim.
Greetings from the federal republic of Nigeria to you Rocky Fella and to all your fans all over the world.
Leadership in Nigeria has not learned how to win in the game of giving back.
Let us be manifest crystal clear in every democracy in the world, leaders are elected not installed.
Nigeria is not and will not be the exception, people must decide who their leaders are.
Nigerians And the Nigerian people and all leaders must turn pain and poverty into progress and prosperity.
Most times it takes the great sacrifice of one person like Rockefella, like Tony Oyatedor to change the destiny of many for good.

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What The Poor Masses Really Need

The poor people of Nigeria are not asking for luxurious life from the leadership, they are only asking for a normal life.
The fundamental question is, is that too much to ask the leadership.
Every Economy in the world depends on population growth for goods and services.
In Nigeria, when you kill all those who are to make your economy prosper then who will be there to grow your economy? That is the question for leadership and the people of Nigeria to ponder, perchance they will come up with an answer
History is always shaped by individual actions and characters, remember the saying in the scripture by Jesus Christ, Anabi Isah in Arabic “Many are called, few are chosen”.

Millions upon millions of Nigerians today are unemployed, jobless, broke, hungry, and angry. That brings us to the song of Robert Nesta Marley “Bob Marley” which says “dem belle full but we hungry” An angry man is an angry mob hence we are calling on businesses big and small, you can help the government and solve the security crisis in Nigeria. The federal government alone cannot do it alone so let us all, Rockefella’s, Tony Oyatedor, and all of us listening all over the region join hands and put end to this crisis for good, this will bring an end to poverty and hunger, and find ways for people in Nigeria to live together in peace that brings security and prosperity, that also bring us to the song of the mega superstar Sonny Okosun “Together we shall live forever”

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In closing, in Nigeria today it’s now time for ordinary individuals of all tribes, ethnicities, religions, and political parties to go to extraordinary lengths to work to bring peace that brings security and prosperity.
Our fervent hope and prayer are that May Almighty God Allah/Jehovah continue to bless the federal republic of Nigeria in Jesus Christ’s name we pray. Amen and Amen, thank you Rockefeller for that.

Radio presenter: wow! Doctor, I only am introducing you and you blow me off completely.

Mr. Tony: Thank you.
Presenter: I don’t know how I will be able to handle you because this conversation is going to take up to an hour, we are not going to stop till 3:00hr.
When I was introducing you I said you were privileged to meet great musicians, Robert Nesta Marley, Peter Tosh, and Sammy Okosun your sister’s husband.

How Great Musicians Used Music to Influence Progress

Mr. Tony: Today we are going to be talking about great Musicians whom we have had the privilege of meeting, Now around the world with destiny, we have come across great men and women and presidents and leaders of this world.
We are lucky to have met Robert Nesta Marley, and Bob Marley in Oakland California years ago.
Also very privileged to have met Peter Tosh. Like you rightly said, we know the great mega superstar Sonny Okosun even before I met the younger sister and got married to her, so we are very privileged to have met great men and women over the world.
Radio presenter: Mr. Tony, you will have to tell me what you know about Sonny Okosun, what was the thing that distinguished him because I understand wasn’t particularly someone who was cut out for education, to the extent he cannot boast of getting credentials related to school but he did songs that even musicologists have not been able to describe.
Mr. Tony: Well, all the good ones have what we call in the scripture unmerited favor. Micheal Jackson did not go to school but had unmerited favor, Bob Marley was studying to be a vulcanizer working as a vulcanizer, training as a vulcanizer, and giving unmerited favor to sing revolutionary songs and peaceful songs all over the world, Peter Tosh the same thing, the list goes on everywhere God will always pick people that you will not expect too great in life. No blasphemy intended
Can anything good comes from Bethlehem but those are the people that God always picks out and give them unmerited favor.
Radio presenter: Were you privileged to see him write certain songs? What were the things that inspired him to write songs?

Mr. Tony: Absolutely, he was a man that normally write songs late in the night, and the unmerited favor is given to Sonny Okosun and the likes, the motivation comes from Emancipation, liberation to liberate people all over the world most especially black people all over the world, Africans in general but Nigeria in particular, that is what gives Sonny Okosun to write those classical and wonderful timeless songs that we listen to in the world.
Radio presenter: This might be a personal question but was it at the point of visiting him that you met the sister.
Mr. Tony: Fascinating question but I will tell you what a lot of people are not aware of, this is personal and a secret but since you asked the question it’s good so we will be open out there because right now I am an open book and there is no secret about me.
I actually knew Sonny Okosun before I met the sister and actually when I met the sister, I was talking with her and she had a T-shirt on with Sonny Okosun’s picture on the front and I said oh this is my favorite musician and she said he is my brother and I rolled my eyes and said yes you are right, you brother indeed and she said ok if you don’t believe me come tomorrow, she didn’t want to give me their house address but for this very reason to prove me right with certainty she gave me house address and told me okay when you come you will see my brother doing rehearsals with his band members in my house and lo and behold I did and the rest, as they say, is history.

Radio presenter: Wow! And since he already loved Sonny Okosun and the sister it became double fold.
Mr. Tony: Yes, a marriage made in heaven.
Radio presenter: you couldn’t hold back your emotions.

Mr. Tony: Yes I couldn’t.
Radio presenter: When you said something that was the first thing you said to her and did she reject you, did she try to do what ladies do or did she just say yes to you?

Mr. Tony: Well, every lady that you get married to I will give you a secret today that will shock people all over the world. Every lady falls in love with you first before you fall in love with them because we are men and think in an Arrogant way, we don’t humble ourselves so the woman like you first before you like her and before she says yes.
People think it’s the other way round and although they will not tell you yes at first just not to look cheap but they in their heart like you first before you like them.
Radio presenter: Dr. I have been properly tutored, I didn’t think know this up to this moment.
Mr. Tony: please when you go home ask your wife and she will give you the secret, she will tell you yes precisely.
Radio presenter: Sonny Okosun did such lovely songs that even caught the attention of the highly regarded Dr. Nelson Mandela.

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Mr. Tony: Yes, most of Sonny Okosun’s songs, I will give you another piece of information that your fans will enjoy worldwide.
Sonny Okosun song papa’s land is what liberated South-Africa, Sonny Okuson song “Papa’s land” is what the former president of Liberia “President Samuel Kanyondo, and all his Armed forces personnel were playing before Samuel become head of state and so in Liberia as we are playing our songs on the radio to open the radio stations it’s the record of Papa’s land they play in Liberia to open the radio station and the tv station for a long while so these were songs that gave all these leaders meanings and they could not help but fall in love with Sonny Okosun.
Radio presenter: And the particular one that strikes me that gets into my head like sweet wine is one he dedicated to Nelson Mandela “Weep no more, you must surely rise again”

So you are still onto Radio Akwa Ibom 90.5 and we are paying tribute today, especially to Robert Nesta Bob Marley whose death anniversary comes tomorrow, and since my guest, Mr. Tony Oyatedor has the privilege of meeting Peter Tosh, Sonny Okosun, and Bob Marley we just decided to be doing a few things regarding them today so Mr. Tony Oyatedor you just listened to that song by Sunny Okosun dedicated to the great Nelson Mandela.

Mr. Tony: yes, as I was listening while you were playing then a thought came to my mind and I keep saying what a man! For God so love the world no blasphemy intended, for God so love Nigeria that he gave Nigeria Sonny Okosun, a wonderful songwriter and musician and entertainer.
Presenter: I know that he was very friendly with Peter Tosh, incidentally all three of them are dead, Peter Tush also lived with him for two or so months. Were you aware that Peter Tush was in Okosun’s house for a while
Mr. Tony: Yes, I was. He was very close to Peter Tosh and Bob Marley as a matter of fact, all three of them were close together in fact Bob Marley was planning to do a song with Sonny Okosun before Bob Marley passed. Peter Tosh also if I recall was getting ready to record a song at E.M.I records those days with Sonny Okosun and yes they all came, believe it or not, they all always call and pay homage to Sonny Okosun, and again of all that artist all over the world that Fela Anikulapo Kuti my good friend like the most, you will not believe it was Sunny Okosun and they always talk together and jam together so these were very good musicians and ironically they all left in the month of May.

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Radio presenter: Except Peter Tosh who lost his mother in the month of September.
Mr. Tony: yes, very painful
Radio presenter: I understand that Peter Tosh write the song “Mama Africa” in Sonny Okosun’s house
Mr. Tony: Yes he did, Mama Africa was written in Sonny Okosun’s house in Surulere Lagos.
Presenter: let’s play a song by Peter Tosh “Mama Africa” dedicated to his mother.
Mr. Tony: Thank you.
Presenter: Great piece Of song there by Peter Tosh “Mama Africa” dedicated to the mother of Sonny Okosun and you met Sonny Okosun’s mother yesterday.
Mr. Tony: Of course, she is my mother-in-law.
Presenter: And what kind of mother-in-law was Mama Okosun?
Mr. Tony: Well, mother-in-law yes bit just a mother-in-law but actually she was a mother to me because I lost my mother in 1970 January 14 two days before the civil war ended in Nigeria hence Sonny Okosun’s mother of my wife took me in as a mother so I never looked at her as my mother-in-law but I looked at her as my mother and she never looked at me also as a son-in-law but she looked at me as a son, a wonderful woman.

Presenter: Dr, I heard something through the grapevine I do not know whether you can confirm or disagree with it and it was a time when Peter Tosh came into Nigeria and needed to see Fela and he went to Fela’s place with Sonny Okosun but Fela was always in the habit of combing his hair though he didn’t have hair and he could take several hours to comb his hair so all the time that Peter Tush was there waiting for Fela he never came out of the house until Peter got angry and left and he had this complaint that some people were after him in Jamaica so he needed some black magic to be able to confine himself and was taken to Sonny Okosun very village. Are you aware of that?
Mr. Tony: Well we are not going to dignify such rumors and statements with comments because right now we have gone through a lot of stuff and we have transformed into what we are now, preaching with the three holy books so we are not going to be talking about native doctors and jazz and charms and all that but what I can truly say is this, there is a time and purpose for everything so that was then and this is now.

Peter Tosh was very close to Sonny Okosun which I can confirm but whatever the relationship or rumors we then with my very good friend Fela Anikulapo Kuti, I am not going to take issues with that for now so we will just leave that.

Mr. Tony Oyatedor and Bob Marley

Presenter: Mr. Tony Oyatedor, you met Bob Marley in Massachusetts right?
Mr. Tony: A great privilege to have met Robert Nestor Marley, Bob Marley was actually not in Massachusetts but in Oakland California where he performed live and after the show, we met him backstage.
Radio presenter: Ok, would you know what inspired him like Sunny Okosun and Peter Tosh he didn’t go to school, where did they get inspiration from? Ok, you said unmerited favor
Mr. Tony: Yes! So the song “Zimbabwe” was written to liberate Zimbabwe so it was a liberation song for Zimbabwe before Zimbabwe got its independence.
Presenter: And Bob, just at the age of 36 died in 1981. He had recorded so many achievements.
Mr. Tony: Yes! That’s another thing we want to tell the youth in Nigeria, age is nothing but a number and so no matter how young you are, God almighty has given you an unmerited favor to have a talent that you can use for the entire world to see. Someone like Robert Nesta Marley, Bob Marley. Those of us who were close to him, who know him were always calling him Robert but the whole world called him Bob Marley so Robert Nesta Marley, giving unmerited favor to write huge breakthrough songs.

Songs to liberate people all over the world most especially Africans in general and so that’s what gives him the motivation to write songs, to see his people be free that what we are doing right now in Nigeria, our massive campaign for peace all over Nigeria is going on because of love for the country so when you have that you will be motivated to do more to see your people free and liberated, emancipated.

Presenter: It’s Radio Akwa Ibom 90.5 and I am privileged to be speaking to Mr. Tony Oyatedor who had been a really V.j for quite a number of years before he decided to move to the United States of America, he had not only been a broadcaster radio d.j, he is currently a preacher and an Author. In 2005 he wrote a book called “Leadership” and we are going to come to that after taking a few phone calls because I am sure the listeners will like to talk to you and you will like to take their questions.

Mr. Tony: Absolutely, it will be an honor to do that with them.
Presenter: I will do one song rendition there by Robert Nestor Marley who died at the age of 36 in 1981 and I understand there was this ring that was given to him by the son of Rastafarian Mc Connel
Mr. Tony: Yes, I am aware of that but I don’t know what that ring actually signifies Robert Nesta Marley was a great phenomenal gifted artist and entertainer and we had gone to see him perform live to really appreciate him more than just listening to his songs so we were privileged to see him perform live and it’s something we will never ever forget.
Presenter: Well, I hear the prince Alfred Wilson first son of Rastafarian Mc Connel gave him that ring as a mark of love, and Bob Marley took that out of his finger not even for a second to the extent that the day he died certain items were put in the coffin for him and Marijuana, a Holy Bible and that ring.

Moving you, you are still listening to Radio Akwa Ibom 90.5. The program is an afternoon ride and we are paying tribute to Robert Nesta Marley, not just him, we are paying tribute to three people today. Robert Nesta Marley, Peter Tosh, and Sonny Okosun are because our guests here knew all these three people we are talking about and incidentally, Sonny Okosun’s death anniversary is going to be on the 24th of this month so we will also do a whole lot on Sonny Okosun.
Dr, you can go ahead and tell us about the book “Leadership

Men, Women Equal in Quran – Mr. Tony Oyatedor

The President Alone Cannot Do it

Mr. Tony: Yes, the book leadership you can get all over the world and I don’t like to do advert here and there but you can get it online and you can go to various online services. Amazon and so on and so forth but in this very book leadership, I wish every Nigerian will read this book, and then all the crisis, all that is going on in Nigeria will come to a scripting halt.
Because everything we wrote about in the book was not just complained because we are not in the complaining business, we are in the solution business and there is also a chapter of the book that is dedicated to solutions for the problems of Nigeria so Nigeria don’t have challenges, you have problems and God in his infinite mercy will always produce solutions for every problem and the solution is here.

Our fervent hope and prayer are that each and every listening to this great program hosted by a Rockefella all over the world will get the book “Leadership” and read it and understand that we do not have problems and we do not have challenges but we have solutions and then all the crisis that we are having in Nigeria Today, all the Agitations left, right and center and back and forth will come to an end.

We are all created by Almighty God, created in his image, and created to work for peace and love. Love your neighbor as you love yourself, it did not say love your neighbor because they are Jewish, Christian, or Muslim but it simply said love your neighbor as you love yourself, and then the most important one I want all Nigerians to hear “Thou shall not kill” period.
In the 10 commandments, in the Torah, and in the Sharia so we are hoping and praying that all Nigerians must live in peace and enjoy this great nation created by Almighty God.
Presenter: Wow! Dr. I am afraid we do not seem to have ample time, the calls have been coming through so I will just take one call now and we will be getting ready to call it to quit.
Well, Dr. Tony Oyatedor I think you will have to give us your piece of Advice, any person listening to you now what will you want to tell the person?

Mary, Jesus Christ in the Quran – Mr. Tony Oyatedor

Mr. Tony: My piece of advice to each and everyone listening to me right now is to repeat precisely what the sinless one, prince of peace, Jesus Christ( Anabi Isah in Arabic) said to each and every one of us. Christian, Muslim, Jewish. “peace be still” so Nigeria peace is still all over Nigeria.
Thank you for a wonderful job today Rockefella.

Presenter: Thank you very much indeed Dr. Tony Oyatedor for having given me the privilege of speaking to you on the Radio, I only have been hearing you from a distance.
You can’t imagine how I feel that I have the honor of speaking directly to you today so take good care of yourself sir and please Dr don’t have any reason to look down on any person except you are ready to pick the person up.
Mr. Tony: Amen
Presenter: Okay, bye now and take care.
Mr. Tony: God bless you.


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