Do all Religion Believe in The Idea of Hell and Heaven?

Let’s first understand the meaning of heaven and hell.

The heavens of heaven?

The term “heaven” (Hebrew: Shamyim, Greek: Ouranos) could mean the place where God is His dwelling.

Heaven can also refer to the infinite stars, planets, and galaxies that make up the universe.

Heaven is an ethereal and supernatural space in which God, Angels, souls saints, or venerated ancestral relatives are believed to come from or be seated or live.

What is Hell?

Hell, in many religious beliefs, is the dwelling place typically under the earth, of the dead who are not redeemed or spirits of the damned.

Do all religions believe in the idea of hell and heaven?

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The Christian view

Heaven is defined as the duration of time with God. Heaven will be the highest goal for all Christians to allow their souls to be united with God and be united with Christ.

In the midst of all the different Christian beliefs about heaven and hell is the basic belief that our lives go beyond death.

Based on a widely accepted belief in the Christian worldview heaven and hell are basically deserved punishments for the daily lives we live. The good people go to heaven as a reward they deserve for their good conduct while those who are not good are sent to hell as just punishment for their immoral life.

The notions of hell and heaven are also closely linked to the idea of salvation in religion and rest on a theological understanding of human nature.

The Islamic Perspective.

Muslims are adamant about the concept of Paradise (Jannah ) which is the place where people go if they’ve lived a decent life. Muslims are also a believer that there is Hell (Jahannam ) which is the place where people go if they’ve lived a bad life or committed Shirk.

There is a Muslim idea of the soul very similar to the Christian concept, however, there is a lot of controversy within Islam about the relationship between the soul’s body, mind as well as God’s “spirit” or “breath” and the way it survives death and rises again.

The belief is that the body of the dead is in a state of complete helplessness and can’t respond to anything, therefore it must be handled with caution. The soul, following death, is in a state that is known as Barzakh. In this state, the punishment of death is imposed on those who have committed sin, and those who are righteous are given a reward in a certain way.

The ones who are guilty of wrongdoing as well as believers will certainly be sent into Hell as well as Jahannam. We must also be aware of hell, and how individuals will go through hell. If you don’t adhere to Allah Almighty and the religion Islam will certainly be sent to Jahannam however, those who are a believer in Islam as well as Allah Almighty, but do evil acts will also be penalized for their actions. Allah Almighty has said in the Holy Quran: “Our Lord! Sure, whoever You have admitted to the Fire, surely You have shamed him and they will not discover any aiders.” (Quran 3:92)

The Jewish perspective.

As with other religions, Judaism offers a range of beliefs about heaven and hell. It also includes certain parallels to the notions of hell and heaven that are derived from Christian doctrines.

Only those who are truly righteous can ascend right into heaven, the Garden of Eden, say the Sages. A typical person is taken to an area of punishment or purification. It is generally known as Gehinnom ( A Jewish hell)

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The Hinduism Perspective.

In Hinduism, the belief is that there isn’t an eternal hell or eternal heaven.

Hell or Heaven are considered to be “vacation homes”, one might claim.

Every good deed and bad action people do in their lives is recorded and counted. If a person dies in accordance with their score of Good deeds – Bad actions, if there are more good things than bad ones then you will go to Swarga and Naraka If it’s the opposite direction.

But you aren’t able to stay in Swarga or Naraka for long.

After you have stayed in your home during vacation for the duration of your stay it is time to return back to Earth again. If you can raise yourself to a place where you’re one with God You will be able to attain Moksha-Liberation and escape the cycle of birth and death.

It is only upon Liberation that a soul can experience Divine peace and Divine Companionship.

The Buddhism view

In Buddhism, it is not possible to establish a notion of reward or punishment and there is no god or being that decides who will go into hell and heaven. It is just the illusory result of your thoughts of words, deeds, and words that are known as karma.


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