Creatio Ex Nuhilo

Creatio Ex Nuhilo (Latin meaning “creation out of nothing”) is the premise that matter does not exist forever but was created by a divine creative act.

It’s a theistic answer to the issue of the way the universe came to be.

Ex nihilo Nihil Fit means that nothing is born from nothing. In the ancient mythology of creation, the universe is created by eternal non-formless matter, including the primordial and dark chaotic ocean. In Sumerian myth, the cosmic ocean is represented by Goddess Nammu “who gave birth to heaven and earth” and existed for a long time.

In the Babylonian epic Enuma Elish, the creation myth of the pre-existent chaos is composed of freshwater Apsu and saltwater Tiamat, and, out of Tiamat God Marduk was born. Heaven and Earth and in Egyptian mythology of creation, a pre-existing chaotic watery state, represented by God Nun and ascribed to darkness, created the first hill (or in certain versions, a primeval lotus flower or in some versions an astronomical cow) as well as in Greek mythology, the source of all the world, based of the place from which it originates, can be Okeanos (a stream that runs around the Earth) or Night or water.

In addition, there are the details from the Book of Genesis, which begins with God segregating and restraining waters, and not constructing the waters out of nothing.

Creatio ex Nihilo, in contrast to the ex nihilo fit, is the notion that matter isn’t eternal and was created by God in the first cosmic time.

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In contemporary times, there are Christian theologians who have argued that, even though the Bible does not specifically mention the creation ex Nihili concept, a number of passages hint at or suggest its existence of it.

In Jewish philosophy

Religious philosophers and Theologians argue that this statement is made explicit in Jewish writings from the first century BCE or earlier, based on the date from 2 Maccabees.

2 Maccabees 7:28

I implore you my child to look up at the heavens and earth, and look at all that’s there and be aware that God did not create them from the things that already existed.

Some have argued that this idea of a belief is not rooted in the Maccabees.

In Islam

The majority of experts on Islam have in common the same beliefs as Christianity as well as Judaism the belief that God is the First Cause and the ultimate Creator. He did not invent the universe from pre-existing material.

But, there are some scholars following an exact reading of the Quran like Ibn Taymiyyah whose sources became the foundation of Wahhabism and other contemporary doctrines, who believe that God created the universe out of primordial matter and base their beliefs on Quranic verses.

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The main argument in favor of creatio ex nihilo, also known as the cosmic argument, is presented in short.

  1. Every single thing in existence must have an origin.
  2. The universe is here.
  3. Thus, the universe has to be a result of a cause.

The Kalam cosmological argument also calls for the creation Ex Nuhilo.

  1. Everything that comes into existence has a reason.
  2. The universe was created when the first time.
  3. Thus, the universe has some reason.
  4. If the universe is governed by some cause, then there is a non-caused individual creator who is there and who, without the universe is inexhaustible, unchanging impermanent, eternal spaceless, and inexhaustibly powerful.
  5. So, an uncaused individual creator is present and who, without the universe is unchanging, infinite eternal, intangible inexhaustibly powerful.

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