Jonathan Goodwin Biography, Age, Career, Marital Status, Salary and Net Worth

Who is Jonathan Goodwin?

Jonathan Goodwin is a Welsh escapologist and daredevil. He is mostly known for his magical stunts that he has done in various show and movies. Goodwin was born and brought up in Pembroke shire, wales and was born in the year 1980. Jonathan has been actively been a daredevil since the year 2005 to date.

Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan Goodwin Career

He first appeared on a TV show program dirty tricks. On a show called how not to become shark bait he allowed himself to be attacked by a real Caribbean reef shark. Goodwin has also appeared in other to shows including death wish live, the famous show the seven stupidest things to escape from. He has also appeared on discovery channel’s one way when he was doing his awesome stunts. Later in the year 2009 he returned to the discovery channel to take part on a 10 part series in the show one way out. The show starred engineer terry Stroud.
He worked with his father to perform a stunt on the channel four program called balls of steel.
In the TV series titled The incredible Mr. Goodwin which was his own series was announced that he would appear. The announcement was don on 11 September 2012. This TV series required very many stunts which were used in free climbing skyscrapers to extreme planking. The series was released in the year 2013. The series was brought on different televisions including the UKTVS channel Dave and BBC America. It was brought on July 2013.

Magical Stunts

Goodwin appeared on the show the Jonathan Ross show where he performed a very risky stunt. He laid on a nail while he had a breeze block on his bare chest with a sledge hammer. The stunt though being risky became a success. On the 13th series of Britain got talents show he performed a very great stunt which made him to proceed to the finals. The stunt was him to be buried alive. This was the first stunt ever to be done on stage on the shows history.

This was on April 2019. The following year 2020, he went to the show Americas got talent where he managed to finish in the semi finals. Goodwin got into a very serious and deadly accident when he was performing a stunt on the show Americas got talent was on October 2021 the following year.


The stunt was to have him escape from a straitjacket while hanging upside-down 30 ft. high and between two suspended burning cars. During the stunt the cars were released a bit early that made him to be trapped before he fell. Because of that fatal accident he broke his bones and injured his spinal cord. This made him to use a wheelchair for him to move. More so he also suffered a third-degree burns.

How Old is Jonathan Goodwin?

Jonathan Goodwin

Goodwin is 42 years old as of May 2022 having been born in Pembroke shire, South West Wales, UK on 20th February 1980. He shares his birthdate with celebrities such as Trevor Noah, Majandra Delfino, Justin Verlander, Jay Hernandez and French Stewart.

Jonathan Goodwin Family

Who are Jonathan Goodwin’s Parents?

Goodwin secretive nature has shown up in his personal life. He has managed to keep his family background very private. In case there is news regarding his parents and siblings, we shall update it here as soon as possible.

Jonathan Goodwin Siblings.

He has no sibling.

Jonathan Goodwin Wife

He was previously married but filed for a divorce. He is currently engaged to an actress Amanda Abington who have been long friends for a decade. They met first after she splatted with martin freeman. They first met in Veena where Goodwin proposed marriage just after 30 minutes after their 1st meeting.

Jonathan Goodwin Children

He has no child.

Jonathan Goodwin Education

He attended his high school education at Tasker Milward Voluntary Controlled School in Haverford west.

Jonathan Goodwin Height and Measurements.

Adding up to his well-built body is a height of 185.5 cm and a weight of 84kg.

Jonathan Goodwin Net Worth.

He has earned greatly through his Escape artist and daredevil career. He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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