Lil Juicey Biography

Lil Juicey Biography, Age, Career, Songs, Networth, Education, Spouse

Lil Juicey Biography

Who is Lil Juicey?

Ahmad Taiwo, known as Lil Juicey is a writer, musician, rapper, r&b singer, and content creator. He is from Oyo state and has been in Lagos state for a while developing his craft and creativity. Born into a Muslim family, Lil Juicey didn’t hesitate to jump at any opportunity given to him to advance his craft in the world of circular art.


Lil Juicey Career

Lil Juicey started off freestyling to himself and as time goes on, to his circle of friends. He later embarked on the journey of making himself heard. He started performing to a larger audience and started recording professional songs. According to him, he started off recording his sounds using his phone recorder. As time goes on he becomes even more determined to go professional.

As of 2021, he already had a couple of songs that are well-accepted. One of them being Jenadena. A song that has an original and a deluxe version. Lil Juice Released his first official single in March 2023 which is titled Elu Pee. Lil Juicey is still an unsigned art and he is open to new deals and contracts.


[Music] Lil Juicey – Elu Pee

How Old is Lil Juicey

He was born on July 11. He is in his early 20s

Lil Juicey Family and Early Life

Lil Juicey is born into a family of four. His other siblings are Oyinkansola ,Olabisi, and Labake.

Lil Juicey once exposed the fact that he started his life from scratch and pushed himself to this stage right from the beginning. It was apparently a tedious journey, a lot of hard days, suffering to help his mom in her corn business, and visiting her during the holiday season. He has seen a fair share of the hard-knock life when he helped hawk corn to make money for his mom. According to him “but now we getting better today Alhamdulillah”.


Lil Juice Role Models

Lil Juicey Biography

Lil Juicey is inspired by a couple of artists and when you listen to his sound, you might be swayed to say that he is close in creative sound to Buju. But when you ask the talented singer, he would say he is inspired by the likes of Davido, Wizkid, Kobe Bryant, and Future.

Once interviewed, Lil Juicey revealed that aside from music, he enjoys playing basketball.

Lil Juicey Girlfriend

Lil Juice exposed that he is rather focused on his career and making money as the pursuit of true love has left him with heartbreak in the past, so he is currently single.

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Lil Juicey Social Media Handles

Instagram, liljuicey99
Twitter, liljuicey99
TikTok, liljuicey99
YouTube, Liljuicey


Lil Juicey Record Label

Lil Juicey is currently self-managed and is not signed to any record label.

Lil Juicey Religion

Lil Juicey is a devoted Muslim.

Lil Juicey Networth

He is estimated to be worth between $20k – $100k



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