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Mensa Otabil is a Ghanaian Theologian, Pastor, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur who founded the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) located in Ghana with its headquarters in Accra. Mensa Otabil was born August 31, 1959 at Secondi Takoradi in Ghana.

Mensah Otabil Early Life

Mensa Otabil was a student at the Anglican Primary School in close proximity to Gyandu Park at Sekondi-Takoradi. Mensa Otabil enrolled at his Swedru secondary school in the year 1972, after completing his regular entrance test.

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Mensa Otabil, in his younger years, was part of the Kanda group following his move to Accra after the passing of his parents. Mensa Otabil was the first to start the International Central Gospel Church ministry at the Kanda Cluster of Schools and later transferred to Sal Valley School.

Mensah Otabil is the creator of the International Central Gospel Church and Collapsed Capital Bank, the founder and the Chancellor of Central University College, and the CEO of Otabil Associates, an executive and growth consulting firm for leaders.

In What Countries Can You Find Mensa Otabil’s Church?

Mensa Otabil is the current head of her church’s International Central Gospel Churches which has garnered congregations in Ghana, the United States, Canada, and various other regions around the globe. Mensa Otabil is also the Senior Pastor at Christ Temple, a ministry under the umbrella of the International Central Gospel Church in Ghana.

Where is Mensa Otabil From?

Mensah Otabil is an Ayigbe (Ewe) man;

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Who is Mensah Otabil’s Mother?

His mother is an Ahanta, her name is Baale Kwane from Ahanta Agona Nkwanta, Agona Fie. His mother grew to a ripe old age of 97 before she died.


How Old is Mensa Otabil ?

Mensa Otabil was born on 31 August 1959. This indicates that Mensa Otabil is 61 years old as of the year 2020.

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Mensa Otabil Sermons

Mensa Otabil being a very passionate preacher, and the founder of many churches has since the start of his ministry released many powerful sermons. Some of these sermons are recorded and uploaded on YouTube for people to watch and be inspired. Below is a list of some of the sermons released by Dr. Mensa Otabil.

  • Finishing well in 2019
  • God is fighting for us
  • They shall run and not be weary
  • God is making a way for me
  • Building our Faith in Christ
  • Faith to Refuse
  • IN HIM our Authority in Christ

Mensa Otabil Family

Mensa Otabil is married to Joy Otabil and they are blessed with three strong boys and a girl. Nyira is the only daughter of Dr. Mensa Otabil among four boys, Sompa, Yoofi, and Baaba Aseda.

Mensa Otabil Quotes

Dr. Mensa being a motivational speaker and a pastor has since the start of his career come out with life-changing quotes that are on the lips of many of his followers. Below are some of the quotes released by Dr. Mensa Otabil.

  • In spite of all the value gained in trying to do everything by ourselves, we invariably end up losing focus on the most crucial areas pf our lives where we are real specialists.
  • You cannot be lukewarm about a venture and expect to be successful.
  • The race doesn’t go to the swiftest but to those who don’t give up.
  • Life won’t always go the way you planned but you must still pursue your vision.
  • Anything that promises a quick-fix solution without serious effort does not offer lasting promise. Don’t go for it.

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Who is Mensa Otabil’s Wife?

Mensa Otabil is currently married to Joy Otabil. They both tied the marriage knot in 1986 and are blessed with four children, Nyira, Sompa, Yoofi, and Baaba Aseda.

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Mensa Otabil Net Worth

Mensa Otabil has an estimated net worth of $6 – $7 million

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