Mr. Tony Oyatedor

Mr. Tony Oyatedor Speaks on live TV Addressing Peace and Security

Mr. Tony Oyatedor

Tv presenter: Mr. Tony Oyatedor, the popular Tony Oyatedor is many things together, he is a journalist, he is an author, he is a businessman, he is an evangelist and above all, he is an apostle of peace, you are welcome sir.
Mr. Tony: Thank you, well I will take the first shot. All thanks and praise and glory to the All-wise, All-powerful, ever-present gracious merciful God. Bismillahi rahman Rahim

We are speaking today and I am here speaking on behalf of the almighty God/Allah gracious merciful God. In the state of the union that we are talking about, I have a few items to talk about. One of them is the lack of the fear of Almighty God/Allah, secondly, we have a religious crisis, thirdly militancy, freedom fighters, kidnapping, insecurity, Nonchalant attitude of Nigerians treating everything with levity and I am from Niger delta and again to let people know that we the Niger delta we hate one and another that is why we are having all the problems we are having.

Leaders again all over Nigeria, the gsm that we have gotten today people do not pick up phone calls, how would you lead this great nation if you do not pick up phone calls?
Now again also the state of the nation, I am telling people all over Nigeria, my fervent hope and prayer is that you watch this program and learn something from it, write things down because I am in the business of uplifting, the Prophet Abraham in the Holy Bible (Ibrahim in the holy Quran) himself and his child built the Kaaba in Saudi Arabia so we must all join hands together to build and not destroy. Prevention is better than cure, if you can prevent it today you do not have to pay for it tomorrow. So we are urging all Nigerians., be peaceful, love one another, and above all, reverently fear Almighty God/Allah so that there will be peace in this great nation. Again., God Almighty so loves Nigeria that He gave Nigeria oil, gas, milk, and honey and we must use this for the betterment of our people.

I implore leadership, spread the word around because wealth is like manure, when you keep it in one place it stinks but when you spread it around it grows so hopefully in this program with my able colleague here and moderator., we hope to give you messages and solutions to all the problems in Nigeria. Having said that we will listen to you.
I am not in the blame game, we are in the solution business. The military is not outside Nigeria just like today when we have a civilian dispensation when you go around the states in this great nation you will find out that each leader is from that area yet they are not leading the people with love. When you point your finger, the other four are coming back to you. We have a situation today in this great nation whereby leaders are leading for themselves, their wives, and their children not for the people.

We keep asking fundamental questions, what is this all about??
It’s because of the lack of fear of Almighty God/Allah. As we sit here in this studio God Almighty Allah is closer to us than anybody else, that’s why in all my business dealings all over the world I do not believe in MOUs (memorandums of understanding) I believe in the fear of God and I am urging all Nigerians to fear God, reverently fear God.

My driver went to a place a while ago and he saw a magnificent building. He said to me, Haba! Don’t these people know they will die someday? How can one man build this kind of mansion? Again every day we are preaching all over the world, preaching peace., we are telling people; when you leave this great earth on the day of resurrection preached in the Torah, preached in the Holy Bible by Jesus Christ, and also preached in the Holy Quran by Prophet Muhammad( peace be upon him) it says three things will follow you on the day of resurrection when you die, two will come back and those two things will come back., it is the good deeds that will go with you so when you die, these two things that will come back; Your property and your family will come back but your good deeds will stay with you.

So in the development of the policy., one of the things that we want to correct that I have talked about in my book is what I call any government in power, we must change that and without change, there cannot be any development. We also tell people on a daily basis that peace attracts development than the leadership of this great nation. You must be accessible to your people, you are accountable to your people. After 50 years now we have been doing one thing and one thing only, investing in security., that is taking us nowhere, it’s about time we invest in the people of Nigeria, the great people of Nigeria, give them good deeds, give them the benefits that this great nation has already so when we do that, we will get the best of the best.

Love one another, reverently fear God, and then again In all three Holy Books it tells you again, my people perish due to lack of knowledge, the knowledge we are going to give to you today.
Here is the Holy Quran, I am a Christian but I have eaten the words in this book, it’s called the wise reminder, the Holy Quran in Arabic means reminder. What is it a reminder of?? A reminder of the two previous Holy Books; the Bible and the Torah. Also, this is the amplified Bible, I have eaten the words inside. Jesus Christ said in all three Holy Books; man does not live by bread alone but by every word so eat these words and you will love your neighbor as you love yourself, you will reverently fear God. So we are urging people.

And this is the Torah, the Five Books of Moses again also; I have eaten these words so I am urging Nigerians, whether you are a Muslim or a Christian read your Holy Books it’s not a matter of going to church and it’s not a matter of going to the mosque.
Read your Holy Books then you will not burn people’s homes, today as we are sitting here 50 years after, armed robbery is going on the increase, and killing of one another due to religious intolerance is going on the increase and not decreasing. Hatred of one another, people go to people’s offices just to gossip to bring people down, we are urging you to bring people up instead, build this nation with peace and love and we are asking you to read your Holy Books because that’s the only way we will get out of where we are today so we are urging the leadership to not just invest in security, invest in peace, invest in a massive campaign to bring peace all over Nigeria so that we will be sleeping with two eyes closed rather than sleeping with one eye closed.

This should be a peaceful nation so I am begging Nigerians, I’m not asking you to join my church, neither am I asking you to come to my mosque but I am fervently begging you to read your Holy Books, that’s my calling to Nigerians and people all over the world.
I want to add to the human capital development that is being talked about, in the Niger delta where I am from, scores of thousands of youths are jobless doing nothing but we at Newstime in our own mega way with our own little resources, we are empowering people on a daily basis in Niger delta. When you go to a state in Niger Delta, for example, I am not going to mention the state but they know who they are.

In this state there is a bridge built, it’s called a divine bridge, a very narrow bridge. When a car breaks down that’s the end but right here in Abuja the federal capital territory, everyday construction is going on when you are coming from the airport, they are expanding the roads on a regular basis.

Now this very state in Niger Delta, are you going to tell me it’s a foreigner who is the governor of that state? No! It’s an indigene that is a governor of that state. Why don’t you extend that same divine bridge to the benefit of yourself and your people because like I said earlier on, for everything that you are doing, four times will come back to you so if you are a leader it’s incumbent on you to give your people the best of the best.

Now we come to peace again that my young man here talked about and people treating things with levity, I don’t care because it’s not me.
People are calling me on a daily basis to ask “why are you doing this”? Why don’t you stay in Washington and enjoy yourself, why come back here and do what you are doing? Well, it’s Almighty God Allah that gave me the vision so I have no choice but to carry out the mission.

In 1980 and 1982 the mighty sinister led uprising in Kano, Kaduna, and Maiduguri in such over four thousand persons died. Between 1986 and 1988 sectarian violence claimed thousands of lives in Kaduna, Kafanchan, Zaria, Kano, Bauchi, and Yobe.
In 2000, 2001, 2004, and 2008 thousands were killed in Jos, and another thousand in Plateau state.
Thousands are believed to have died between September last year and July this year in a violent ethno- religious crisis and attack between baron Indigenes and Hausa Fulani. Women are being killed, children are being killed recently as we speak and houses are burnt in Plateau.
The fundamental question is for how long will the leaders of this great nation continue to look around and forget about people who are dying.

In the United States of America, people mourn every single soul that dies meanwhile thousand are dying here every day and nobody gives a damn, nobody cares because it’s not their wives, it’s not their children, it’s not their family members but guess what; a glorious light has come to Nigeria, we are here to bring Nigerians from darkness into glorious light.
We will continue to preach peace and oneness of religion letting the entire world know that we are all serving one God/Allah and that there will be peace, I have gone around this nation and all over the world when we give out Qurans for free to Muslims you will be amazed how many of them that have not seen the Quran with their naked eyes., then we give Bible to Christians all over Nigeria, none of them are reading the Bible, we visited legislators, governors, leaders of this great nation, they have Bibles, brand new Bible on their desk they have not opened one page, you have taxi drivers having Bible or the Quran inside their cars but have not read it for goodness sake.

Now if you are going to school like my partner always tell me, Nigeria is a nation, 50 years after we are still in class 1b, we have not been promoted to class 1A because we are not reading so we are urging people all over Nigeria, please read your Holy Books and reverently fear God, love one another, give the best and the best to this great nation. No one is saying you must not profit from your labor, nowhere do you work my cameraman, anybody, wherever you work you must profit from that labor but do not, I repeat do not take the people resources and use it for yourself, your wife and children alone.

Mr. Tony continues:

Yes Barrister Uche a minutes ago talked about governors receiving awards and all that and I want to hop on that, we have been trying on our own at Newstime to bring peace to this nation and we have gone round people but because we have not told them that we are going to give awards to them., nobody is interested, they are interested in giving awards and just playing around. We are not going to do that because we are seeing the seriousness of the uncertainty in this nation, a nation where young men looking for help will go and sit inside a church to plan how to kidnap little children, a nation where people will go into a church and commit suicide, a nation where a female will dress like a Muslim and go into a mosque to cause confusion inside the Mosque so we are not going to just sit around and pretend everything is ok and call on people and give them an award and they smile and go home and then we make money, that’s not what we want to do.

We want to reach every nook and cranny of society to tell the people that things must and things must change for good.

Well absolutely that is what I have been preaching from day one, prophet Jonah in the holy bible preached about repentance and that the people must repent.
What is the word repent?
Repent means change, I have been called to preach peace and how do you get peace? You must get peace by change of attitude.
I am a Christian, I keep telling people this and yet people will say uh, they are born again, really really born again or I am just born again. well, the word born again means you have changed from your evil ways to good ways. that’s what born again means, it’s not by saying you have taken our Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior then you are born again. No! It’s not what you say with your lips that matters, it’s what you do with your actions 24 hours of the day that matters.

When you say you are born again, Are you born again in deeds and actions or just lip profession? So no one has taken the time and trouble to find out about the solutions to the problem of this nation.
We have offered solutions but they are not willing to read together
Barrister Uche said a minute ago, that people must change morally, try to do good when you do good then goodness will come back to you.

And we are calling on the entire Nigerian nation for this mass campaign to be peaceful and live with one another, peace must first be made in the minds of the people before it’s made among nations and to the government., the more you seek security the less you have it but the more you seek peace the more you achieve the security that you so desire.

to the government., the more you seek security the less you have it but the more you seek peace the more you achieve the security that you so desire.

Now people like barrister Uche should be emulated because the founding fathers of this great nation; Sultan of Sokoto, Obafemi Awolowo, and Nnamdi Azikwe. These were men who gave their all to the society in service so we are urging Nigerians again this new generation, to give back to the society.
Roll up the sleeves and work for this great nation, the time for giving awards is over, the time for movies and just watching television and changing channels is over. It’s time to work for the benefit of this great nation, no one will do it for us but us.

God Almighty will not come down and do it, he will send people like us so listen to this great message we are giving to you and write it down, pass it to your neighbor say listen it’s time we Nigerians must love one another and give to one another, when you travel outside this great nation and people denigrate the nation Nigeria and the people of Nigeria it affects you so we are calling on each and every Nigerian as a glorious reminder be good to one another and love one another so that there will be peace in this great nation.

Mr. Tony:

Again I call on all the Muslim Ummah and the entire Christian community, to love your neighbor as you love yourself.
All the pastors and Imams teach your adherents the fear of God and the love of one another. Husbands please listen to your wife because God said and in all three Holy Books when two have been joined they become one and how do they become one? They become one by doing the same thing and listening to each other b loving one another as you love yourself so if you are a man and you truly love yourself then love your wife, do not hit your wife and if you are a young boy going to school do not force yourself on a young lady, be kind to one another and love one another, be morally right so that this nation will go forward so I am not a pessimist, I am an optimist and the only way we can move this nation forward is for people like us to come out here and teach you, people, the right things to do, have the fear of Almighty God Allah and Allah God alone will be glorified not me, nor him, not the barrister, not my organization Newstime. Praise be to Almighty God.

Mr. Tony: like I said Doctor( ) I am not in the blame game business, I am not going to be blaming b people but I am saying to Nigeria start with you and I, each and every one of us must start in our own little way, we are doing our part here and we are hoping that people who are listening to us at home becomes our ear and eyewitnesses by listening and making corrections and doing the right things. for over 50 years now we have been doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. No, you cannot.

The guy who invented light; while he was doing his invention, thousands and hundreds of people died and they ask him “why don’t you give it up if it’s not working?”
He said no, I have learned 999 ways of not getting it right, and the 1000th time he did it, he got it right and now we have lights all over the world so I am asking Nigerians most especially the leaders; Change your attitude and your ways of investment, a little investment to people will bring a lot of change. You cannot do it alone.

Moses was told in all three Holy Books he cannot do it alone, I cannot do it alone and Doctor cannot do it alone, barrister Uche cannot do it alone and I might add listening to barrister Uche I am impressed and I hope he has not read my book, well I hope he has read my book because most of the things he is talking about are what I have cataloged in my book, look out for this book “Leadership” all the solutions to the problems of Nigeria is right here, like Jesus Christ said let those who have ears let them hear, let those who have eyes let them see, I cannot force you but I am urging you get this book, read it and read the Nigerian constitution, read your Holy Books.

This is one book that I want to show the entire world and it’s called in the light of truth, prior to my reading this book I thought it was a book meant for occultism but from page one to the last page you will be amazed, all it talks about is Jesus Christ. Allah alone be praised.

I wonder why Nigerians do not read, please I am urging you. Read because I cannot tell you enough, read every day and especially the leaders.
Someone called me from Niger Delta and all he is looking for is 30000 naira to start a small business, we sent it to him and he was amazed and now he has gone far.
It’s not everybody that wants to be a millionaire, everybody just wants to be given a little help, a little hand of encouragement.
Help one another and you will be amazed at what this great nation will turn.

In the United States of America, all the arsenals that are built are built from a private company, private companies. People invest in them.
Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world today., if his father did not invest in him, he will not turn out to be Bill Gates.
Ted Turner the owner of CNN, the same thing.

So invest in people because there are lots of minds out there that need just a little help, give them a little hand.
All the banks in Nigeria, give out loans to people who want to do business in this great nation, help people because this money we are not taking it anywhere.

I have told you before and I will tell you again when you leave only one thing goes with you, your good deeds or your bad deeds. All your properties and family and friends come back and on the day of resurrection we all will answer and I am proud to say those of us here are doing our utmost to make sure Nigeria gets on good standing feet so thank you very much.

In my book, I talked about those issues. In the United States of America in the 60s it was the church that spearheaded the civil rights movement that’s why you and I as a black men can travel in and out of the U.s today and feel relatively safe. No discrimination e.t.c from the church.
Now in Nigeria, I am looking for strong leadership from the church and the mosque, you have a situation today whereby people get killed in the north due to religious intolerance, and then I would call people bishops, imams and they all have one simple way of answering my question.

When I call and I say pastor so and so, bishop so and so, imam so and so did you see what just happened in Jos we could have prevented that oh, this is the answer. Unfortunate, very unfortunate, uh quite unfortunate, uh most unfortunate! in fact, it’s very unfortunate that none of them are looking toward bringing a solution to end this crisis. Like I told you earlier on; since the early 80s., thousand of people have been dying yet the solution is here to solve this problem. No one is interested because we have not told them we want to give them awards and I tell them every day we are not in the Award giving business, we are in the solution business and the country must stand up, work, and bring the best of the best to everybody, there is no time for enjoyment anymore.

50 years after independence we are busy dancing here and there with nothing on ground to show for why we are doing this. It’s time we roll up our sleeves right from the top of leadership to the bottom. All the followers, everybody it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and work for the good of this country, the United States of America that we all look at today is on earth, it’s not God that came down to build the U.S. it’s people like you and I so we are asking people give us an opportunity, give us chances so that we can build a great nation.

The fourth leg is here now Nigeria, a glorious light has come to you now in the person of myself not on my behalf but on behalf of the people of Niger delta I’m here to teach our people to love one another, that’s the only way we can come up in the committee of nations, that’s the only way we can perform better with the Hausa Igbo and Yoruba, the Niger delta must learn how to love one another because that’s the only way militancy will end, kidnapping will end and there will be tremendous peace in Niger delta. Love one another I am urging you, I am begging you to love one another. It’s time you love one another so that you can use those resources from your area because God Almighty Allah is a perfect God. Use these natural resources to help your people for God’s sake and not just make it for only one man to have it all so please I am still urging and begging you to love one another.

The truth that I have been talking about all over when we talk about the Niger Delta question, I am the last person to blame anybody else. I do not blame the north, I do not blame Hausa, I do not blame Yoruba, I do not blame Igbo but I blame my people. We hate one another in the Niger Delta I cannot say it enough because if we love one another then when you have somebody from the Niger Delta as a minister and a minister from your area you cannot see whatever they are doing for their people, you have governors, leaders the same thing senators.
I have been In a situation whereby a staff of mine called a House of Representative member from Niger delta and they are both from that area and were speaking their language instead this House of Representative was answering back in English.

You cannot find that in ndi Igbo, you cannot find that with Hausa people, you cannot find that with Yoruba, they will speak the language back and help one another but in Niger delta that’s not the case so we must change that attitude, the position that you are having today from Niger delta is not meant for you, your wife and your children alone if you want peace in that area where you are living and you want to sleep with both eyes closed instead of one eye open then it’s incumbent of you to be good to your people just like Joseph loved his brother Benjamin the most in all three Holy Books, I urge all Niger Deltans. Learn how to love your people, love one another, love your neighbor as you love yourself then there will be peace.

Spread this wealth around, you can’t take it anywhere but your good deeds.
Today as we speak there’s no single Yoruba man that does not respect Obafemi Awolowo and talk about him on a daily basis, today in the north there is no single northerner that does not talk good about Sultan of Sokoto also Nnamdi Azikwe.
Well, the fourth one is here, we hope somebody someday will say ah, this was a good one. He brought the knowledge to his people, he taught his people, he taught his people to learn how to love one another so please love one another so there will be peace in Niger Delta.

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