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Mr. Tony Oyatedor – Ramadan: Sacred Divine Revelation

We give thanks and praise and glory to the gracious, merciful, Almighty God Allah/Jehovah. Bismillahi rahman rahim. Greetings to you all over the world, peace, and blessings be upon you. Assalamalaikum Waramatulah

The topic for today is Ramadan: Sacred Divine Revelation
Please let’s quickly go through the scripture for a magnificent glorious journey to the holy Quran, grand Quran, noble Quran, glorious Quran.
Glorious book of Almighty God, the Quran is the light of the world to make mankind see manifestly, crystal clearly.

What is the meaning of the Quran? 

Quran, an Arabic word in English means “Reminder”. A reminder of the Torah and Bible.

In Surah Al-baqarrah verses 183-185 it says and we quote “oh you who believe, observing the fast is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, Jewish, Christians that you may become the pious. Observe fast for a fixed number of days but if any of you is here or on a journey., the same number should be made up from other days and as for those who can fast with difficulty, for example an old man or old woman they have a choice either to fast or to feed a needy person for everyday missed but whoever does good of his or her own accord, it’s better for him or her and that you fast is better for you if you only know.

The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for mankind not just Muslims alone, and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion between right and wrong so whoever of you cites the Christian on the first night of the month of Ramadan that is, is present at his or her home, he or she must observe fast that month and whoever is ill or on a journey, the same number of days which one did not observe fast must be made up from other days.

Almighty God intends for you ease and He does not want to make things difficult for you.
He wants you to complete the same number of days and you must magnify almighty God. That is, to say Takbir! Allahu Akbar (Almighty God is the greatest in English) for having guided you so that you may be grateful to Him.

In Surah Al-Isah verses 106-108 it says “ And it’s a Quran which we have divided into parts in order that you might recite it to men and women at intervals and have revealed it by stages in 23 years, say oh, Muhammad! Peace unto you to them. Believe it and believe in the Quran or do not believe in it. Verily those who were given knowledge before it”

The Jews and the Christians like Abdullah bin Salam and Salman Al-Farsi when it’s recited to them, fall down on their faces in humble prostration and they say “Glorify this our lord, truly the promise of our Lord must be fulfilled” and they fall down on their faces weeping and it increases their humility.
In the Quran, it says “And verily this, the Quran is a revelation from the lord of mankind and all that exists, which the trustworthy Angel Gabriel(Jibril in Arabic) has brought down upon your heart oh Muhammad! Peace be upon you. That you may one of the warners in the plain Arabic language and verily it the Quran and its revelation to prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him is announced in the scriptures that’s is the Torah and the Bible of former people”

Quran is a book that makes things clear.
Quran, is a guide and a mercy for the believers.
Al-Quran makes clear truth from falsehood, good from evil.
Quran, the divine revelation.
Quran is full of reminding.
Quran, the reminder
Quran is full of blessings.
Quran for mankind, not just Muslims.
Quran, a guide and a healing.
Quran separates truth from falsehood.
Quran guide to the right part.
Quran separates right from wrong.
Quran is the glorious book that teaches you the truth and faith with certainty.
Quran, a confirming book.

The Quran confirms the two previous books before it, the Torah and the Bible.
The Quran, guidance, the sunnah, knowledge, sunnah in Arabic, legal ways in English.
Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan, during the month of Ramadan believers worldwide should read and study the Holy Quran because of the spiritual opportunity it avails including that which makes the holy Quran their best companion during the sacred month of Ramadan.

The Three Holy Books

  1. The Torah is Hebrew means the law in English, it was first written in Hebrew, translated to greek then to English, and now in various languages so that we can all comprehend it.
  2. The Bible was written in Hebrew, translated to Greek and then to English, and now in various languages so that we can all understand it.
  3. The Quran, first written in Arabic then translated to English and is now available in various languages for all who can take the time and trouble to read it, study it and understand it.

Muslim, an Arabic word translated into English means those who submit themselves with obedience to the will of Almighty God.

Islam, an Arabic word translated into English means those who worship only Almighty God alone and do righteous good deeds with the only intention of seeking the pleasure of almight God.

Jehovah, a Hebrew word in English means Almighty God.
Allah, an Arabic word in English means almighty God.
Allahu Akbar! The Arabic word in English means almighty God is the greatest.
Quran, an Arabic word in English means reminder. A reminder of what? A reminder of the two previous Holy Books (The Torah and the Bible). Quran, is a glorious reminder, a manifest book that makes clear truth from falsehood, good from evil, a guide and a mercy for mankind, not just Muslims. Full of wisdom, reminder, and confirmation of the previous holy books full of blessings, the clear book that makes things clear. Divine revelation, great light for mankind not just Muslims to see clearly, easy to understand and remember.
A reminder for mankind, not just Muslims.

Please come with us for the magnificent journey to the best selling book “Leadership” by Mr. Tony Oyatedor, in pages 143-149 we quote “due to political expediency short term reliefs were always taken to deal with long term pains”

The Problem Faced By Nigerian Leaders 

The problem, not challenges faced by Nigerian leaders today are far greater than those of the oil boom era, due to the economic downturn in the country, the leaders today are faced with a higher crime rate selling and using illegal drugs, inadequate public schools, and extremely poor quality life, suffice it to say that the ultimate success of economic prosperity and good quality of life depends squarely on the individual and the private sector but to ensure this prosperity., the government must provide safe and clean cities, affordable and attractive public transportation, a foreign investment-friendly environment, a high class thriving social society, services at airports, rail stations, and bus terminals that are friendly to travelers, the government needs to get a partnership agreement between huge cooperations and universities in the area of technology, the public, and private sector must on the same goal to achieve adequate housing in the nation, the government cannot do it alone neither can the private sector hence it must be a two-way street.

Strong leadership must encourage fundamental changes to improve the long-term economic prospects of the country, increased investment in infrastructure should be encouraged not only in Abuja or Kaduna but in all metropolitan areas of the country.

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An agenda for developing all urban and suburban areas in the country is needed immediately by every leader of what ethnic group you belong to.
Most of the problem does not challenge facing Nigeria is self-inflicted and partly due to irresponsible leadership, good federal leadership must deal effectively with national problems like the astronomical rate of poverty, high crime rate, and hunger that bring anger.

Leaders must appreciate the importance of developing more cities in the federation and also developing more local government areas so as to increase the economic prosperity of the nation.
The country cannot afford to fail in a bid to develop the hint alliance of the nation and this can only be achieved largely by individuals and the private sector but with ultimate assistance from the federal government.

Economic prosperity is a long-term process and must be envisioned for the future with clear objectives and planned properly, it’s time the north and south discarded the long heritage of mistrust and misunderstanding between each other.

It’s time to consolidate ideas and the entire people and develop into

  1. A leadership class of true oneness.
    One of the two ways to also get economic growth is for the north and south to invest simultaneously in each other.
    The blending of economies and the people of both north and south will ultimately establish a revolution of historic proportion that will only move the country forward and doing the opposite bring retrogression to the nation.
    The marriage of two fortunes make a bigger and better profit, the strong forces of integration between all ethnic group should persist and bring about a true legacy of one Nigeria.
    Leaders must ensure political transformation that must be associated by gigantic shift towards a full grown economics liberalization policies.
  2. Foreign investors must be welcomed with open arms, strong incentives must be given to investors who must assist the government with technological know-how.
    The economic prosperity that brings the old gap between the south and the north and most especially between the rich and the poor must be bridged together.
  3. Government and foreign investors must invest in the rural dwellers and those who are economically and politically dispossessed both in the north and in the south.
    Government and foreign investors must look after the well-being of the poor.
    Government and the private industry need Nigeria’s best and brightest in leadership positions in the nation’s quest for economic prosperity and political stability with all the human and mineral resources that Nigeria is blessed with.
  4. Nigeria, the most blessed nation on earth, United States of America, a Continent, the best nation on earth. Yet due to mismanagement and lack of compassion, the people of Nigeria are faced with massive unemployment, petulant malnutrition, scarce education, and alarming deterioration of public services. That is electricity, water, telecommunications e.t.c.
    All these factors in large part have produced widespread disillusionment for the leadership of the nation.

Leaders have to lead by example, good example, and incorporate in the people that without economic and political reforms, nothing can be done to improve the quality of life of the poor people.
If politicians lead with gusto and compassion and set good standards of leadership eventually the military crews and military government that had dominated the ruling class for decades were staggered toward destruction.

The civilian leaders that the country has had the inclination to be aging populist politicians since the 1960s and 1970s and cautions of Nigeria’s experience, they continue to maintain the prevailing economic policies.
Government must control and command everything, the ultimate result has been greater economic disaster, the nation need young prudent leaders with fresh ideas, massive corruption, theft by government officials have contributed to the disillusionment of millions of Nigerians about their leaders.

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Many of the past leaders are now very wealthy beyond wireless imagination and they do not give back to the community, Nigerians control billions of dollars in the liquid capital of the Nigeria diaspora, the power of the Nigerian overseas will continue to increase and they will be the key players in the future of Nigeria but first, they must shed their selfish interests.

Nigerians oversea must be energetic, risk-taking., and networking individuals towards the engineering of economic prosperity for the nation.
Nigerian people should have the basic tools for citizenship, sobriety, literacy, and employability.
The country cannot continue to sustain northern dominance to the detriment of southerners.
In Nigeria, there are twice as many southerners graduates from university than there are jobs available but for northerners than there are university graduates.
Decades ago it look as if gaining admission to a university was all any Nigerian girl will need to get a good job after graduation.
Today, the storyline is different.
Your ethnic background plays a key role, most of the southern graduates who roam the street daily without success in getting employment are really bright and qualified and it seems like such a colossal waste of Human Resources, these unemployed southern graduates ask themselves why did they attend the university for four years.

A southerner should not be hostile towards the northerner because a southerner who can agree and be friendly towards a northerner does not make that southerner a defender of the status quo.
At this stage of Nigeria’s independence, a true leader cannot accept the conventional solutions of the old establishment, a true Nigerian leader must categorically oppose a political system in Nigeria where tribal issues are still overwhelmingly in debate in the entire political system.

There is a tendency in the south to question the validity of the successes of other southerners, this tendency remains strong in the southern community to the present.
Most successful southerners are continuously confronted with it, the air of envy is very much around a successful southerner, the neighbor resent him/her even relatives cast as passions to each other.
Leaders must teach their fellow Nigerians to abhor resentments or hatred a lay emphasis on rebuilding the nation through sacrifice and love for one another both southern and northern Nigerians must realize that human nature both the good and bad knows no tribe or ethnic barrier.

The north and south, both are capable of mysterious great kindness or cruelty within the northern community which is often painted as unified against southerners, there’s a great deal of tribalism based on ethnic-religious background.
The notion that northerners caused all the political troubles are false, southerners must accept some responsibility for the political turmoil in the nation.
A true Nigerian leader cannot and must not be fundamentally classified as a northerner, a southerner, a Muslim, or a Christian leader.
A true Nigerian leader must transcend religion or ethnic inclination.
A true leader must call Nigerians to look beyond themselves, they should get involved economically to aid others in the community.

A leader must inspire the people to rethink their values and look forward to the future with great vigor.
The nation and its leaders must come up to grip with the reality that the old answers no longer work instead they often add to the economic-political wars of the demoralized nation.
The nation need new solution to adapt to the changing times, leaders in the past divert their attention from nation building and the enormous task of developing in the rural areas instead they increased opportunities and advertise advancement for the economic liberation, there’s increased psychological toll on the poor people of Nigeria knowing that they cannot participate in the political-economic and social life of the nation.

The people feel that the political structure of the country is far removed from them and rarely out of their control if these trends continue unabated future generations will have no sociological or geopolitical sense of belonging in the country.
The saga of Nigeria’s ongoing internal argument over the personal faith in public life of the presidency is not insurmountable, there’s a slim but strong war that must separate matters of religion and government in Nigeria.

The government’s role in religion in the public life of the presidency must be one of neutrality.
The religion question is debatable fiercely and frequently across the nation.
Most southerners claim or suggest that the northerners always prefer the head of state or presidency to be a Muslim while in the south it does not matter what religion the head of state or presidency belongs hence the enormous clamor in the south for separation of state and religion.
The north is viewed by southerners as a symbol of religious intolerance.
Some people on the fence will only claim that it’s only the conservative northerners who are intolerant f religious diversity.

Libras in the north and south want a legacy of religious freedom in public and private but ultimate neutrality in the head of state and presidency.
Religion belongs at home, church, and mosque, not in the presidency, some die-hard Islamic and Christian fundamentalist in the country fear a moral collapse, if the presidency is not compelled to some king of religious adherence.
Nigeria is currently in the midst of religious agitation.
The nation currently has an official Muslim Christian establishment but the centers of other religious faith outnumber Muslim and Christian adherence even in the Islamic and Christian communities.
There are various denominations for example in the Christian faith.
There are Anglicans baptist Methodist Catholics celestials al-aduras e.t.c

The separation of religion and state must ensure liberty.
The government and the presidency must exercise, no preference among religions but support all of them, the head of state or presidency must not be seen to favor one religion over another refining Nigerian thought on religious freedom from the state’s apparatus is a must.
“The nation must accept any official religion, the federal government must be prohibited from establishing an official religion”

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Wow! Phenomenon! The best-selling book “leadership” by Mr. Tony Oyatedor., written in 1995 but the science and look as if it was written today., a timeless classic! Masterpiece! Very prophetic and to Almighty God alone be all the glory.
In closing, thank you for taking the time and trouble to listen to Newstime worldwide, may Almighty God Allah/Jehovah continue to bless you always Amen and Amen


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