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Mr. Tony Oyatedor – Solution to Terrorism.

Mr. Tony Oyatedor

Good afternoon distinguished members of the media, ladies, and gentlemen.
We know how busy life can get and that you have a lot of choices. It’s a lifelong process, no one should feel too old or too big to learn something, especially what will bring peace and love to the world, all that is required for the temporary victory of evil over good is for people of conscience to keep silent.

Why Evil Thrives In Nigeria

Evil can only thrive in Nigeria when good people in the country keep quiet when things go wrong but as long as we lack the humility to reverently fear Almighty God Allah/Jehovah and to humbly receive the message of God gracefully, they will remain entangled in their own thoughts and deeds until the final four which will lead them to the hereafter.

They are already standing with one foot in the front of the gate, their next step may lead them into a bottomless pit. There is so much work to be done in Nigeria yet people complain about unemployment, no life, power failure, Nepa problems. Employ people at electricity companies to give light to the people of Nigeria. No road, employ people to build roads. No water to drink, employ people to produce drinking water. No clean environment, well employ people to clean the environment. No good schools everywhere you turn, employ people to build schools. No infrastructure, employ people to build and maintain infrastructure. For every and everything we do not have, employ people to produce and build it.
We have the human and natural resources in Nigeria in abundance.

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Oh! For God so love Nigeria that He gave them everything, successful leadership; work hard to build up reservoirs of good people and good wills. Friends., not enemies with their party, other branches of government, the media, the people of Nigeria, the people of their state, and local government origins so that when the cookie crumbles and it always will, they can tap into that goodwill to carry them through the difficulties.
Nigeria, a country rich in natural and Human Resources but suffers from widespread poverty due to bad leadership. Peace, prosperity, development, and security will bring Nigeria back as a giant of Africa.
Abundant domestic oil and gas should fuel a new birth of Nigerian manufacturing.
Domestic energy production must power a stronger Nigerian economy.
Leadership must make peace with problems in Nigeria not because they want to but because they have to, to suggest otherwise will be inaccurate.

Terrorism is an error and sin of ignorance and thoughtlessness.

The problems in Nigeria came with excruciating distress and severe pains to Nigerians, the same problem Boko haram and Niger delta militancy will be promising to move from bitter fighting to choose friendship with the leadership of Nigeria through the help of Israel.
The situation in Nigeria today of this same problem is a legacy of many years of problems.
It’s not something that happened overnight.
We are not going to be able to resolve it overnight with a snap of the finger, we must not take sides. Our work is not to condemn but our work is to accomplish reconciliation and peace, between problems in Nigeria, a serious problem but no one, absolutely no one is working to fix it, they only talk about it but Newstime has the solution and we will roll up our sleeves to work and fix it for good.

For a while now, there have been distress, trouble, and anguish in Nigeria, a nation in bewilderment and perplexity without resources left wanting, embarrassed, in doubt, and not knowing which way to turn.
People swooning away or expiring with fear and apprehension and expectations of the things that are coming to the nation.
The leadership must know that using weapons to end a crisis magnifies rather than mitigate the problems, the crisis in Nigeria between problems is like a river of fire, and Nigerians are swimming in it.

A society and a nation that cares for one another is a secure and peaceful society and nation.
Nigeria needs to make peace with the two problems in the country because the nation is nourished by food from the north of Nigeria and depends on oil and gas from the Niger delta.
The unintended consequence of Boko haram is that whichever way you analyze it, the farmers in the north pay more to produce less.

By the Favour of Almost God Allah/Jehovah, Mashallah we will and we shall rebuild and restore the houses of the people of the north which have fallen and destroyed.
We shall rebuild its very ruins and will set it up again by the grace of almighty God.
Before the advent of Boko haram, distinguished members of the press, northerners of Nigeria showed themselves and strangers in their land and houses unusual and remarkable kindness, they welcomed and received all manner of people regardless of religion, creed, nationality, place of origin, abled and disabled e.t.c with heart hospitality.

In the Holy Quran, the holy prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said and we quote “seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim”
Nigeria needs the peace of reconciliation to hold and enjoy peace with almighty God Allah/Jehovah through the word.

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Now we act: Leadership in Nigeria.
Now know this, leadership in Nigeria. Which do you prefer for your children, should you go to your children with a rod, a weapon of correction, or with love and in the spirit of gentleness.
Leadership must teach the people the value of work.
Leadership must lead the people for the better and not for the worst, instead of further rebuke.
Leadership and the people of Nigeria should rather turn and graciously forgive and comfort and encourage one another to keep from being overwhelmed by excessive pain and despair.
With reliable and constant electricity including solar, wind, and trash.
Nigerians will leave work and prosper in Nigeria, the people of Nigeria want to know what the solutions to the problems are., not challenges, not continue to talk about the same problems decades after decades and call them challenges.

Newstime has the solutions, talking is not leadership. Doing is leadership, leadership must implement a roadmap for a peaceful, stable, secure, and prosperous Nigeria will look like.
We at Newstime have the solutions, leadership must implement a short-term goal to improve life for Nigeria.

The country must wake up after a decades-long slumber.
Oil has brought dismay, consternation not delight to the Niger delta.
There is an urgent need for new thinking about an old problem.
Newstime has a solution; to us at Newstime, this is less about us and more about the future of the country Nigeria., to cure Nigeria.
Leadership needs to understand the people’s pain.
Leadership cares and we quote “an individual can make a difference”
Individuals have consistently tried to make a difference in this great nation called Nigeria but without support from anyone.
Private, public, federal, state, or local government, no one gives a damn.
Everybody is just playing around and hoping God will fall from heaven to help Nigeria but it never comes that way, God always will send human beings like us to solve a problem, continuing to send weapons to crush problems is neither sustainable nor prudent.

The biggest mistake is to focus heavily on the effect of the problems rather than the problem itself.
Leadership must redouble its efforts to get the word out to every Nigerian in every nook and cranny regardless of ethnic commemoration, regardless of religion that peace brings security.
Teamwork is the only way to succeed, the people are concerned about the leadership but more worried about the problems in Nigeria.
They are not interested in finger-pointing and blame games.
The people want solutions that will stop the problems.
Newstime has the solutions, weapon should not be the first choice but should be the last choice.
Enough is enough, my brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen.
Boko haram and Niger delta militancy must make peace with the society, not just the government or the military in Nigeria.

A painful past, a troubled present, and an uncertain future. Leadership does a good job of punishing the people but a bad job at protecting the people.
Desperate times call for desperate prayers, fasting, and work with the Lord.
Leadership should save lives and not lose lives, enough once again about crushing between problems.
These are Nigerian lives, instead, let us end the problems with the world.
Leadership is a commitment to peace, love, and unity that will save the nation from collapse and bring Nigerians back together in security.

Leadership can only measure success by relying on the change for good.
Leadership must establish unity in this great nation called Nigeria, the most blessed nation in the world.
Leadership must be a wealth creator for the Nigerian people, not a poverty creator.
In Nigeria, personal responsibility and leadership accountability has merged on the problem facing the nation.

The Nigerian people are sick and tired of the lack of efforts from leadership to connect the dots to the nation’s problem. For decades no light, no good roads, no water. E.t.c
The people are sick of the excuses, they want solutions not pointing crooked fingers in the blame game.
Nigerians used to care for one another, the synagogues, the churches, and mosques need to do more.
Nigerians must know that a new beginning is possible but we must not build the future of this nation on quicksand by failed leadership of the past.

The real problems in Nigeria, religious crisis, and Niger delta militancy are the direct resolve of past leadership on holy self-indulgence.
In Nigeria old habits of violence and theft that you call corruption now have held the nation back, Nigerians must chart a new destiny by changing their ways.
Newstime has consistently admonished 1, the people of Nigeria about the danger of the judgment of almighty God Allah/Jehovah if the people mostly leadership do not repent.
The life of the people of Nigeria must now be seen as precious in the fight of the leadership.

Never before until Boko haram did Nigeria witness such killings and destruction not even during the civil wars with Biafra.
This savage conduct is among the enormities that other third world countries might perpetuate but we find such wickedness employed by Nigerians against one another, killing each other over nothing. It shows the great degradation and barbarity of the times, the motion of the military knows best approach hurt the poor people the most, and also the most disgraceful and disturbing thing about the armed scandals of the past is that most of the thieves are from the north where their people were killed, their people were displaced., millions living in IDP cars and properties worth trillions destroyed.

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We Nigerians, each and every one of us must roll up our sleeves and help to repair and restore Nigeria which the past leadership has destroyed by neglect and wickedness, we must roll up our sleeves with joy and do the work faithfully. It’s not praying and fasting alone, it’s about work, work, and work.
We must rebuild this nation starting from the north, I don’t care where you are from, what religion you belong to because we are all one Nigeria, we just sang the national anthem. Is that just mere words?
What will our heroes past be thinking now in their graves? When we, this generation that is so blessed with natural resources are killing each other instead. No! We must roll up our sleeves and work and build this nation for all of us, it doesn’t matter if you are Fulani herdsmen, it doesn’t matter if you are Boko haram member, Niger Deltans., we are all one Nigeria who must make peace and build this nation so that we all will enjoy the benefits that Almighty God Allah has bestowed upon this nation, this is the most blessed nation on earth.

I have traveled all over the world and yet to see a nation as blessed as Nigeria but here we are self-destructing ourselves. It must end.
Change is coming to Nigeria and the world and that change is a peace that brings security.
We must give peace a chance.
We must give peace to the people who are sick and tired of war and destruction, Traumatized.
Bad leadership led the Nigerian people with the bread of tears and gave people tears to drink in life.
Nigerian people will rejoice when they know, perceive, recognize, understand, and see that relief has truly come to stay in this Great nation called Nigeria.

The time has come, Nigeria.

The appointed time is here, the new season has arrived.
Almighty God Allah/Jehovah Will have gracious, tender, mercy, and loving-kindness for Nigeria and the people of Nigeria. Can I hear a loud Amen from all of you(Amen)

The moment designated for peace and security is here.
To those who keep the law, Torah commandments, sharia, hearing, receiving, loving, and obeying it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray( Amen)
The justice system pampers the rich and punishes the poor.
Blessed, happy, and fortunate to the envy are those who observe justice, treat others fairly who do right, and are in right standing with Almighty God Allah/Jehovah at all times not sometimes. Saturday’s, Sunday’s, Friday’s, no! But every day.

Leadership understand not nor appreciate the miracles of almighty God Allah/Jehovah in Nigeria through the abundance of oil, gas, milk, honey, water e.t.c
The life of the Nigerian people has too long had its dwelling place with leadership who hates peace.
The people are for peace but when leaders speak they are for war.
We are going to crush them, no! We are going to love them.
Now as we speak we want each and every one of you distinguished members of the press to pray for the peace of Nigeria.
Great nation Nigeria, may they prosper you Nigeria, the blessed nation. May peace be within your home and property within the people.
They who sow in tears shall and must reap in joy and singing in the mighty name of Jesus.( Amen)

Now, this theft and corruption as you call it enrich you but impoverish the many.
The time for waging war is over, this is the time for making peace that will bring security.
Nobody is at peace until everybody is at peace.
In Nigeria self-inflicted stumbling keep the nation away from progress.
Leaders turn their backs to the world and not their faces. Though we taught them persistently, consistently, openly, secretly, publicly, and privately yet they will not listen and receive instruction.
They went in reverse instead of going forward.

The past leadership did not listen

The past leadership did not listen to and obey the word of the Lord which is spoken through the prophet “Mr. Tony Oyatedor”
Almighty God Allah/Jehovah foretell through his prophet Mr. Tony Oyatedor to foresee by divine inspiration.
Every prophet is sent to his nation first then send to all mankind.
Here is our prayer., Nigeria shall yet again overflow with prosperity in the name of God.
The real problem, Boko haram and militancy shall no more make Nigeria and Nigerians panic in the name of God. No more terrorism, no more militancy.
With peace comes security and prosperity and development of the people and infrastructure.
Nigeria and the Nigerian people, may Almighty God Allah/Jehovah double your former prosperity to you in the name of almighty God we pray ( Amen and Amen).

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