Prosperity, The Company You Keep Matters – Tony Oyatedor [TRANSCRIBED]


We give thanks and praise and glory to the gracious, merciful Almighty God(Allah/Jehovah)., Bismillahi Rahman Rahim, and greetings to you all over the world.
The topic for today is Prosperity, The Company You Keep Matters.

At Newstime Worldwide, we dare to make a good difference. We are change-makers for good and for history.
Sacred truth is essential always, we must all defend the truth and defeat lies always.
At Newstime worldwide, we are a solution to the problem. Leadership must always identify the problem and fix it.
At Newstime worldwide, our teaching, speaking, and preaching are for the courageous not for the faint-hearted. And for those who seek the truth with certainty, we pray May Almighty God(Allah/Jehovah) give you a mind and heart to comprehend, understand and eyes to see manifestly crystal clearly and ears to hear. Amen and Amen

Hear this, It’s not possible for the world to progress without a solution to its problems and the solution is a peace that brings security and prosperity. The company you pick matters.
Mankind needs to be constantly reminded about the great danger facing the world hence prevention is always better and cheaper than cure. The ever-present fundamental question is how could the world get to this level of killings and destruction of lives and properties for everything.
Evidence must not be lacking to establish the truth hence Newstime Worldwide always presents the truth with certainty in all the three holy books(Torah ,Bible, and The Quran) By chance, mankind may reflect.

Good and compassionate leadership all over the world must move the people from poverty to prosperity.
The company you keep matters.
Let’s go through the best selling book, Leadership by Mr. Tony Oyetador from pages 83-90., We quote

“Politics in Nigeria is imbued, personality called, illicit in conduct and ethnic oriented. The political structure is also built from the top down instead of from the bottom to the top.
The leadership must give equal rights to all Nigerians for equal participation in the political process regardless of their ethnic background, wealth, social-political background, professional endeavors, and most importantly their religion.
Nigerians must see politics as a game, not a war that must be won at all costs.
Party politics or any politics at all cost should be issue-oriented.
Any politics must also have trust and tolerance.

Most southerners instead of striving and dying for a political agenda would rather be satisfied with immediate monetary gains and future monetary promises. A bag of rice e.t.c
Most southerners are really not politicians, they are business-oriented, the people who study politics, play politics, and understand politics are the northerners.
All political appointments in the country have been based on religion and ethnicity, not competency due to the unequal participation of politics in the country most conflicts in the south are over money while in the north all conflicts are due to religion.
The northerners thrive on politics because they get lucrative contracts as assistants.
The northerners are the most politically conscious people in the country, they are not industrially oriented like the Igbos
They are not manufacturers like the Yorubas.
The northerners view politics as the means to their political and economic existence in Nigeria, Nigeria has gone from a nation being led by people with vision.

Yakubu Gowon, Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe, and Tafawa Balewa are led by caretakers, people who force their way into leadership only to enrich themselves and their cronies, no more vision for the greatness of the nation. Only a vision for individual accumulation of wealth.
A good rule of life is that you learn more from your defeats and failures than from your victories and successes.
However, In Nigeria, Such Education has been very costly which is why Nigeria should learn from other nations’ defeats, failures, and economic wars.

Nigerian leadership must plan, finance, and install modern transportation, power generation, huge electrification projects, and communication systems capable of sustaining the blistering growth of the future.
Nigeria has an enormous need for new electric power generation with all the difficulties Nigeria needs to overcome and all the rewards Nigeria has to gain, this is the time to build more power generation.
All strong power generation plants instead of the proliferation of small household generators(I better pass my neighbor) in every house that can afford to buy one.

Nigeria electric power Authority(Nepa) Budget should be increased and more power plants built if this is achieved it will eradicate the disgraceful scenario whereby when a president or head of state is hosting a ceremony the thought of Nepa’s electricity power failure is always impending although Nigeria has a reputation for political instability hence foreign investors are hesitant in investing in the country more of the huge problem is electricity consumption, the federal government-owned power Nepa has been unable to keep up with demand, the nation must privatize Nepa.

The emergence of small and or big generators in homes everywhere in the country is so ludicrous, it’s astounding.
This is not an Era of specialization, everything now is about cross-fertilization, we must diversify our economy most important agriculture is the way to prosperity, the company you keep matters.
Making our community better and stronger takes commitment, a leader must be strong on ideas and must not be weak on administrative skills,A leader must have a moral vision.

In the political Arena what southerners are really after is not only legal rights but full acceptance into the mainstream of Nigerian society and this acceptance is only granted or re-strained by the so-called majority at its approbation, if southerners must be accepted, they must also be welcomed with open arms.
It’s not easy t change the hearts and minds of millions of northerners but we must start from one point to the other, southerners should stop feeling sorry for themselves.

They may be victims but they should come together and care for each other.
The common topic of this is simply facing the facts working to bring out the best in ourselves and offering something worthy to the northerners and the entire nation, the political movement in the south has become more inclined to filing grievances than to promoting economic opportunities.

In a presidential election, organizations and early political work are more important to a challenger than to an incumbent for whom, the central voting question is whether the nation wants to continue his/her policies and leadership or switch roads. Above all the personal and the public life of a leader must cast light on the achievements of the community improvements dealing extensively with the cultural and political background of a leader is also crucial and the federal government should be interested in finding ways to help people who are financially deprived.
A leader must be defended the downtrodden, a leader must have solidarity with all the victims of injustice, and any Nigerian leader must certainly be aware of the inner contradictions between the past and the future of Nigeria.

The chance for personal fulfillment among southern Nigerians even survival for some can only come with political liberty.
All Nigerians regardless of ethnic background should be expected to fulfill some great destiny in the service of the Nigerian people considering the chaos of their childhood it’s no small accomplishment that most southerners survived to adulthood.
Today most rich southerners are those who could not enjoy eating unless they see someone who is hungry.
There are mostly three stages in the life of a self-made man

  1. The acquisitive stage
  2. The contemplative stage
  3. The distributive stage.

These three stages also belonged to a self-reliant country.

The acquisitive stage for a self-reliant country is the stage where the country discovers its mineral resources and human potential while the contemplative stage is the stage where the leaders contemplate the future of the country and the potential stability of the nation.
The distributive stage is the stage where the wealth of the nation is distributed equally to the states and their people for the ultimate benefit of the entire country. You have to give people training in education, give people opportunities and most of all give people a bright future.
As politicians increasingly shout and growl at each other in private and public jurisdictions. Do they realize that children are listening?? Everyone should be aware that children not only listen to adults, they actively emulate adults.
The Oscar award show in the United States of America recently comes to mind.
Leaders must teach by example, good example values of social order.
Leaders must show this suitable form of civil conversation and political modulation by their conduct and dominion in and out of politics and government.

Nigerian children and the entire populace solicit frantically for better leadership examples but instead, leaders are fighting each other.
It’s very dazzling in politics, in Nigerian politics today sour declaration is driving out reasoned discussion.
Nigerians either in politics or in the military should strive interpreted to teach and practice civility, democracy, and rational conversations.
Politics should not be the territory of hateful language, a polarized debate, and furious feats.
Nigerians must build and rebuild our sense of self-reliance and all our social responsibilities. We must realize that what happened in the country cannot be changed but we must learn from it and see what good we can do and what good we can give to our society.
A leader must be a person who is kind, loving and cares about others, not a person who goes to church or mosque every week and looks down on others because they do not live the life of a Christian or Muslim.

A leader must act by doing good deeds for others.
Nigeria needs innovators, men, and women whose ideas and leadership will improve Nigerian schools, businesses, and governments, Nigeria needs reform and hope for a better future.
Nigeria needs born leaders, leaders who are poised and outgoing with a wide winning smile.
We need leaders who are original thinkers, leaders who will make their living based on the originality of their minds, the leadership of Nigeria must set a commission that will do a one year study, that will look at ways to root out government waste because we have to find creative solutions to our problems, the widening gap between the rich and the poor in Nigeria is excruciating
The richest 10 percent of Nigerian households now own more than 90% of their wealth with the result that Nigeria is the most economically stratified nation in the developing world.

The leadership must know that ambition translates into achievement
The leaders must be determined and leave nothing to chance.
The achiever’s paradox is that you have a better chance if winning is not the only reason that you are in the political game.
There is a big difference in where a person began in life compared with where the person ended up, your efforts justify your achievement and your achievement must justify your rewards, recompense
The achievers think from a position of power that they must do more good in the world.
Leaders should have a course they dedicate their lives to beyond their own private interests.
Nigerian leaders must know that the comfort of their future life depends upon their present conduct.

The decision between poor southerners.
We will take it again their distance between poor southerners and affluence northerners has widened into an ethnic chasm.
In the political arena, the sentiment has proved a breeding ground for ethnic suspicion.
In Nigeria, there is a sense of ethnic identification with leaders.
When the leadership is bad it’s excruciating for southerners and it’s causing paranoia and conspiracy thinking.
Nigeria’s ethnic-based politics and leadership pose central questions. Does a split along ethnic linguistic lines invite anarchy and ultimately the disintegration of one of the world’s largest oil-producing nations of those acknowledging ethnic disputes, diffuse pension, and ultimately draw together a nation that for years has been at odds with itself but one of the most ludicrous aspects of Nigeria is that the people lack a tradition of political tolerance amongst its ethnic groups since Nigeria’s independence, each government is it military or civilians has imprisoned or killed thousands of opponents.

Nigerians must be able to get beyond what divides Nigerians, Nigerians must stop embracing ethnics politics, Nigerians can only have political stability and live in a free society where they have rights, where they can criticize their government without fear of being locked up, killed or look over their shoulder.
People should participate in the political process regardless if they win or lose
People must realize that just because you do not win does not mean you are not in the political game.

Every leader should pledge and work hard to revive the dying agricultural sector of the economy and slash defense spending, increasing spending should be on education, and money for roads and bridge should be multiplied. Production of oil, Nigeria’s major breed earner has not dived but defense spending has continuously swallowed the federal budget.
You can barely trace the percentage of the budget that goes to social services.

The poorest region in the country has yet to receive adequate resources to match the regions that have been strongest educationally.
The country needs better schools, better health care, more investment to boost agricultural production, and most of all political stability.
Politics based on ethnicity is very dangerous.
Equality is what the people need not segregation, decisions should be made and compromises should be reached based on fair play and equality both on domestic and international issues, Nigerians must stop putting their ethnicity first.
You must be a Nigerian first, people in Nigeria are mostly concerned only about their own language or resources and culture. The other ethnic groups they feel do not count.
Leaders of Nigeria and the Nigerian people cannot change the past but they must do everything within their power to change the future. Nigerians want a better life, food, jobs, water, light, housing, good roads, and an adequate communication network.
The best defense is always a good offense

As a leader you cannot be too quick to solve political conflicts through force, there must be peaceful negotiations and resolutions first, Ukraine and Russia conflicts come to mind, too many people in Nigeria are expecting too many things for nothing, the federal government could not and will not solve all problems, private business and individual sacrifice and spending will help solve problems, the old leaders should step aside and allow Nigeria to have new leadership.
Nigeria needs leaders with energy and new ideas
Leaders who can speak out for those who need strong support
What a book!
What a masterpiece!
Leadership by Mr. Tony Oyatedor was written in 1995 but it sounds and looks as if it was written yesterday, very prophetic, timeless classic. To God alone be the glory.

Today the choice is manifest crystal clear, you either have leadership that is willing to roll up their sleeves and work for the good of the people or you continue with leaders that just want to enjoy the luxuries of the office, it’s time for servant leadership all over the world.
Leadership all over the world must know that it’s a privilege to serve the people and not a right.
Let’s us be manifest and crystal clear in every democracy in the world leaders are elected not installed.

Nigeria is not and will not be the exception, the people must decide who their leaders is. Prosperity-minded people know that work does not cure, it pays. Work and you will profit from your labor and prosper, it pays to be prosperous. The company you keep matters, the road to financial prosperity is always rocky and you may stumble and fall but you must get back up.
Remember when one door is closed, many more doors are open to prosper financially and succeed financially from poverty to prosperity. You must have a serious support system, family, and friends, willing and able to support and help you. The company you keep matters always. No shaking
Mankind suffers from willful ignorance, knowledge, the three holy books hidden in plain sight but open to all who are willing to take the time and trouble to look for it
Mankind has the willful rejection of the truth, mankind has no time to read books but has enough time to watch television and be on social media. At the moment we see a world of nations and individuals sliding towards disaster due to lack of knowledge, know this, no knowledge is wasted

Please we urge you, to read and study the three holy books( Torah, Bible, and The Quran) and the fish scales will drop from your eyes and you will not be stuck with one-sided religion, you will progressively come to know that all religion is one and Almighty God(Allah/Jehovah) is for all mankind and not for any particular religion.
In closing, thank you for taking the time and trouble to listen to Newstime worldwide, may Almighty God(Allah/Jehovah) continue to bless you always. Amen and Amen

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