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We give thanks and praise and glory to the gracious, merciful Almighty God( Allah/Jehovah)
Bismillahi Rahaman Rahim.
Greetings to you all over the world, the topic for today is “No pain, No gain to prosperity”. Every man b or woman that you see prospering today went through pain yesterday before prospering today. No pain no gain to prosperity.
You must always try ways to make it less-easier to spend money, always remember little savings can make a big difference. You must treat savings like a beer, the same way you pay your rent or mortgage every month and buy food. E.t.c
So also you should pay yourself first every month, no matter how small.

Start small and grow rich, no pain no gain to prosperity, financial prosperity takes years in the making, not fly by night or overnight or prayer and fasting alone, it takes taking the time and trouble to work then suddenly, miraculously in an instant, financial prosperity.
We must all make an extraordinary impact through work not just prayer and fasting alone, work. No pain no gain to prosperity.
To prosper financially and succeed financially from poverty to prosperity, you must have a serious support system, family, and friends willing to help you. Build your financial future today, building your financial future is important.

Start today, the future is here today as long as you have the courage to step out of the box.
If you want to succeed, you must go out of the box, you cannot just do what everybody else is doing.
Step out of the box and become great. in your quest for prosperity sometimes your income does not move in the right direction, you have to endure and wait. Most income tends to increase as we age.

The fundamental question is “Are you investing or simply spending”? If you spend most of all the money that you earn, you will not be able to increase your net worth. Please urge you, to make sure your money goes to work for you rather than vanishing into the air, financial planning is not a one time and done process, it’s a lifelong process that should be updated continuously to increase your net worth you must lower your debts and increase your assets. You are what you think about.

Reject the ordinary and accept the extraordinary.

In the world, Africa in general, Nigeria in particular. This is an opportunity to rethink everything and start all over. Times have changed and the people and leaders must change with the times.
Start your journey towards financial wellness today, savings is critical to being able to withstand unexpected expenses. As an individual, a family, a community, a nation, and a leader. You have to prepare for what if. Make extraordinary things with whatever you have, start something great today. No pain, no gain to prosperity.

Greatness comes from teamwork and patience working together, relationships should not be defined as competition.
Most immigrants, Africans in general Nigeria in particular have no clue why they are in the United States Of America or Europe. The fundamental question is this “Are you in the United States of America or Europe to enjoy yourself or better yourself, your family, and friends both at home and abroad. Your community or your nation “??

Elon Musk was born in South Africa, immigrated to the United States of America, and wants it to be good for himself, his family and friends, the community, the United States of America, and the entire world. Today Elon Musk is a billionaire, Binyamin Netanyahu born in Israel immigrated to the United States of America, worked as a furniture sales manager in the Philadelphia United States of America later returned to Israel after years of pain, and later gain to prosperity he becomes the prime minister of Israel.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo went to Great Britain and studied to be a journalist and returned back to Nigeria and also studied law and became a lawyer and brought free education to the entire Yoruba tribe in Nigeria.
Doctor Nnamdi Azikwe studied as a journalist in the United States of America returned back to Nigeria and became president of Nigeria.
Ahmadu Bello studied Abroad and returned to Nigeria and became the premier of northerner Nigeria. The list goes on
They all went through pain and later gain to prosperity, it was not overnight or fly by night or prayer and fasting alone for each of them, it was work.

Each and every immigrant must look themselves in the mirror and answer the question “Why are you in the United States of America or Great Britain”? Please ponder on that, perchance you will come up with a spectacular answer.
The sacrifices of the few benefit the many, every effort that starts small makes a big impact on people’s lives.
Mankind worldwide must realize that to immigrate requires a willingness to pick up one’s life and move often at great personal and financial risk to a different culture and often a different language, it comes with great courage but the reward recompense are endless.
It’s often said “Nigerians are the most educated immigrants in the United States of America and in Great Britain” this is a bunch of busload of club traps that we ever heard.

If Nigerians are the most educated immigrants in the United States of America and in Great Britain to what benefit is it to Nigeria?
How come Nigeria is the poorest country today despite the nation’s oil, gas, natural resources, and Human Resources, no light, no water, no good roads e.t.c

Speaking of good roads, in the United States of America the roads are like carpets, smooth at all times.
It’s this way not because of prayers and fasting alone but due to work.
Roads and streets are repaved and tiled every three years in the United States of America.
In most cities in the United States of America, the ministry of transport and environmental services is responsible for maintaining the roads in the cities meanwhile in Nigeria the roads are repaved, tiled every 60 years, 60 whole years.

For 60 years now no light, no good roads, no water, no good communication systems, telephones always have had network problems for decades, and no solution yet, Nigerians are the most educated immigrants abroad it will make you laugh.
What a people! What a nation!

You must thrive in this climate of post-pandemic change and uncertainty, earn money through work and create wealth.
Leadership must provide the solution. just like the pandemic, when your neighbors are sick you are vulnerable so also in economics when your neighbors are poor, you are not rich, lives also improve when pain is properly treated and permanently gone. No pain no gain to prosperity

Risk and return are two sides of the same coin, investing your money involve taking a risk.
When you put in your money without understanding risk it’s gambling but when you put in your money with a full understanding of your risk, it’s investing.
Keeping your money to yourself will not make your wealth/money grow, you need to use your money in a smart way, always keep your money safe by investing. Avoid losses and most importantly grow your wealth, stay debt-free.

Whenever you receive your salary, income, or your profit from your business income. Pay yourself first that way you are investing for your future first then pay your bills, and debts and use the remaining amount for your expenditures.
A good education, not just having a certificate will always give you a good job in the future. Invest your money into assets that will give you good returns in the future. Also, spread your risk, do not put all your eggs in the same basket, and invest your money into different assets. You must put your spending in control. Overspending is a big problem that a lot of people encounter when it comes to spending their money wisely.

It’s a very bad habit that prevents people from growing their wealth.

If you keep buying things you don’t need sooner rather than later you will end up looking for things you need, every investment has the potential to give you financial returns in the future. The key is steadfast endurance, the ultra-rich, the billionaires are saving their money instead of spending it on stupendous luxury. Show me your friends and I will show you your future. The company you keep matters.
Some people drain you rather than build you or support you, taking risks, legal risk not illegal risk is very important if you want to be successful, without risk there’s no reward. Recompense, no pain no gain to prosperity
Your mistakes always bring invaluable knowledge that ultimately becomes your strategy for success, change is the result of circumstances beyond your control, and there’s no growth in the comfort zone. No pain no gain to prosperity. No pain no glory.

Your track record does not necessarily predict your future success and prosperity.

A career jump takes courage, planning, and preparation.
And know that you can do it at any age (30,40,50,60,70,80) ultimately it’s never too late to follow your dreams and there is no time like the present to start all over again.
If you are curious to learn more and always in the pursuit of knowledge you are ultimately an intelligent person hence your salary, income, and wealth will increase tenfold.
The cost of doing business must not take people out of business, the road to prosperity is always long and full of setbacks but you must be steadfast and stay strong. Fully concentrate on the goal of prosperity knowing that nothing, absolutely nothing will stop you from prosperity. Prosperity is yours forever and evermore. Amen and Amen, no pain no gain to prosperity
Know this, giving is not an option for prosperity-minded people. You must give to get, you get you give. Period, no “ifs”, and or “buts” about it.

Running a business is all about cash flow, you have to make money on a day-to-day basis, and make sure your money is not all in one place, one bank. E.t.c for the purpose of diversification.
For you to make the move to financial prosperity you need resources with confidence, you need family and friends willing and able to help you if you do what you love, what you are passionate about., the money will follow you and not you looking for the money. You learn., you work, you earn. That is the solution, set up a business with the intent to make money, make profits, and give extraordinary customer service. We urge you please do not run a broke business, a greater reward. Recompense always comes with greater risk.

Spread your eggs by investing in different things and different people.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket, one income, one business, one person, one bank. E.t.c
Please, always diversify, don’t place all money in one bet, do not bet the house and the kitchen sink in one income, one business, one person, one bank e.t.c
Always have plan A, B, C, D. E.t.c
One road does not lead to the marketplace, diversification always.

The most powerful tool you have is time and steadfast endurance, not money,

You will not make money overnight, it takes time and endurance to get rich not by fraud, cultism, wickedness, theft, and ritual killings. E.t.c
Save money and make this year and every year a happy new year indeed for your finances and sleep with your two eyes closed, no shaking, you go dey kampe.

New year, new start, new you.

Fear not it’s all good, with God all things, not some things are possible. Financial prosperity is yours through in Jesus Christ’s name we pray. Amen and amen
When you get, give. The given season is not complete without gratitude.
Always say thank you to the person who gave you and also tell others to thank the person who gave you.
Giving and receiving are not complete without gratitude.
Remember in the scripture, in the three Holy Books (Torah, Bible, Quran) Jesus Christ ( Anabi Isah in Arabic) said and we quote

“We helped 10 people only one person came back to say Thank you”.

If you think giving thanks is not important please ponder on that and think again.
We urge you please improve your overall financial health into the future, cut down on your expenses, stop buying things you don’t need, stop buying things you want, and instead buy things you need.

  1. Save money.
  2. Focus on your retirement. Yes, retirement because you will retire someday. You cannot work all your life, please kindly focus on your retirement savings.
    Most people are not taught about retirement and retirement savings until catch up with them.
  3. Do not let money control your life, money should enrich your life not control your life, there is tremendous power you get when you wake up and realize you have money in the bank, the feeling you cannot describe but you describe the mental and physical pain, agony, an anguish feeling you have when you wake up knowing you have zero in the bank but you can change that today by saving the equivalent of 20 in any currency in your country every month and you will get up to 1000 in 12 months as you can manifestly crystal clearly see 1000bis better than zero, you can do it. Start small and grow rich.
  4. Increase, and boost your emergency savings account.
  5. Change your spending habits.

Always remember band-aid fix is not lasting, the reward recompense you get will be lasting forever and forevermore. Amen and Amen
Please come with us for a quickie in the best selling book “leadership” by Mr. Tony Oyetador On page 159 and we quote

“Due to strong and compassionate leadership one man lee kwan Yuen took a tiny country Singapore population 3 million people that is entirely lacking in resources and turned it into one of the most prosperous places in earth per capital income far exceeds that of England. There is very little crime, practical no unemployment and it has first rate educational system. All this occurred in a country that came out of World War II in ruins and destitute.”

The critical reason for the economic success in Singapore is the people, not prayer and fasting alone and saying “na only God go do am o” No.
The people who are disciplined take education seriously and not buy certificates e.t.c
Take education seriously, especially mathematics, science, and engineering.

Get this, also have cultural habits of extremely high savings and high investment and most important, always working for the next generation, get it? We hope!

Have the prospect of not only becoming an economic superpower but also becoming a political and military superpower as well but only through the power of compassionate leadership.
In every community in Nigeria, people do not have to move from one region to the other. What the people, the community, and the government need to do is increase the living conditions and living standards of every community in the country. The question is “is that too much to ask the leadership to do”? The power of partnership is stability, the military and civilians, the northerners and the southerners must form an everlasting partnership in order to bring stability to the country, the way to the future is not only through the past but the present.

Leadership must be on the cause of tomorrow’s problem today with solutions, not always complaining.
A leader needs the support and resources necessary to get the job done.
“The growing inequality in the country is not necessarily a sign of economics failure but leadership failure”
This was written in 1995 in the best-selling book “Leadership” by Mr. Tony Oyatedor. Way ahead of the times.
To almighty God alone be the glory

It’s not how you start but how you end it.

President Barack Obama of the United States of America ran for political office for the first time in the city of Chicago and lost but did not give up and later ran for president and won.
President Muhammadu Buhari of the federal republic of Nigeria ran for president 3 times and lost but won the fourth time, it’s not how you start but always how you end up succeeding. No pain no gain to prosperity, always pain before gain.
Pregnant women go through birth pangs, and serious pain, and then give birth successfully. Fantastic gain. Always remember no pain no gain to prosperity.

No knowledge is wasted, we urge you to read and study the three Holy Books (Torah, Bible, Quran) the fish scales will drop from your eyes and you will not be stuck with one-sided religion, you will progressively come to know that all religion is one and almighty God( Allah/Jehovah) is for all mankind not for any particular religion.
In closing, thank you for taking the time and trouble to listen to Newstime Worldwide, May Almighty God(Allah/Jehovah) continue to bless you always. Amen and Amen.

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