Religion Bigotry

Religious Bigotry

What is Religion bigotry?

It is the intolerance of another’s religious beliefs or practices or lack thereof.


Religious intolerance is an act of denying the right of people of another religious faith to practice and express their beliefs freely. Religious intolerance is like discrimination based on religion.

What is religious tolerance??

Religious tolerance is the willingness to accept other religions’ faith and belief of other religions.

It is the belief that all religion is equally valid within their own culture of origin. Religious tolerance was a human right issue extending religious freedom to people of all faith and traditions without any discrimination.


Religions are meant to promote peace and harmony in our society.

Causes of Religious Intolerance 

  1. Political: Political perspective is one of the major causes of intolerance where people get attracted to politics and started believing that their particular religion is the best and supreme which creates a lot of ambiguity.
  2. Economical: Money is something which is itself a religion it does not require any support. In simple words, the person who has money can do anything in society. Intolerance arises when the difference between poor and riches increases instead of maintaining the difference.
  3. Scriptures: scriptures are like religious texts or any religious written material which relates to emerging the feeling of violence in the people because some people feel motivated to be a part of god’s war against evil.
  4. Beliefs: certain beliefs refer to intolerance in people regarding religion like in some religions it is believed that if any person dies in any religious work will go straight to heaven so, this encourages people to participate in a religious war.
  5. Economic interest: religious intolerance refers to economic terms; also wide disparities enter the living standard of people.
  6. Community interest: Religious violence occurs if the interest of one community is threatened by another community and that leads the violence and war between the communities.

How to prevent religious discrimination.

  1. ​Religious intolerance must be removed as it is not for the favor of society. It leads to the destruction of society as people are fighting based on religion.
  2. Promptly Investigate Claims of Harassment and/or Discrimination.
  3. Avoid Claims of Retaliation


In conclusion 

Religious intolerance must be removed as it is not in the favour of society. It leads to the destruction of society as people are fighting based on religion.

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