Polygamy in Islam.

Polygamy refers to the practice of getting married to multiple spouses. When a man gets married to more than one woman simultaneously it’s referred to as polygamy.

The marriage ceremony is one of the most important elements of Islamic tradition. The Islamic law permits Muslim males to engage in polygamy however, it doesn’t promote it.

The Islamic regulations state that a Muslim man is allowed to marry at most four women. However, Muslim women do not have the right to get married to multiple males.

In the Quran, the Quran states that the Quran says that a man shouldn’t marry several women if he is unable to manage the women.

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Shia Muslims practice polygamy more than Sunni Muslims. Polygamy is a contentious topic among Muslims both women and men because of their different opinions regarding it.

Polygamy and its Conditions in Islam

Islam allows polygamy under three conditions fundamental to the religion:

  • Protection of the purity and sanctity of family life to ensure that it does not become the reason for the disruption of the family’s activities.
  • The number of wives does not exceed four.
  • Equal treatment for all wives.

Laws of Islamic Polygamy.

  1. A Muslim man is able to be polygamous when he has sexual libido that is high, you can get married to more women to keep from being sexually harmed”.
  2. If he owns assets like land or money.
  3. If he is honest and accountable.
  4. If he is well-versed in Islamic rules.
  5. If he has an excellent ability to lead, it can be quite difficult to settle social disputes in polygamous marriages.

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  1. Sometimes, circumstances change in a way that a second marriage becomes crucial, for instance; the long-term illness of a wife or when a woman cannot become a mom, etc. In the case of a second marriage, it does is not just a way to preserve the honor of a family, but also makes it impossible for a man to keep additional marriage relationships with women.
  2. Women who are married to men get shelter and security.
  3. If a man is married to multiple women, women benefit from breaking up their lives as they are not married and even those when they get older and set up in their homes.
  4. In wars, a large amount of men die, which reduces the number of males. Therefore, if more than one woman marries a man and raises his children of his, it may make up the gap. The unpleasantness is due to

If you have multiple wives having more than one wife, the consequences aren’t severe or do not arise.


  1. However, whatever might be polygamy’s position and what may be the percentage of females the ethics of both influence the way society couples marry.
  2. There’s a drawback to polygamy which is that a lot of women get together in the House, but not the one that is the most beautiful or richest because with her wealth she is rated is very high and as such will be very close with her husband, whereas other wives are equivalent to maids.
  3. Another problem is that there is a burden on the father of the entire family. As a result, he is unable to look after all the family members and this causes stress and anxiety.

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