Men, Women Equal in Quran - Mr. Tony Oyatedor

What Muslims, Jewish, and Christians Have in Common – Mr. Tony Oyatedor

Men, Women Equal in Quran - Mr. Tony Oyatedor

99.9% of Jewish read and study the Torah (Hebrew word), The Law, Commandments in English, Sharia in Arabic. 99.9% Christians do not read and study the Holy Bible, 99.9% of Muslims do not read and study the Holy Quran but 100% of Muslims recite the Holy Quran. If mankind read and studied the three Holy Books, mankind will come to the sacred facts and see, manifestly, crystal clearly that YESHUA, Hebrew word, JESUS, English word, ANOBI, Arabic word is Jewish.

That is why in the book of Mathew 27 v 11 in the Holy Bible, it said and we quote “Now Jesus stood before Pilate the governor and the governor asked Him, are you the King of the Jews? In affirmation, Jesus said to him, it is as you say.


The first people to be called Christians in the Holy Bible are the disciples of Jesus, hence the word Christians. In essence, you cannot be Jewish and hate Christians or Muslims. You cannot be a Christian and hate Jewish and Muslims, you cannot be a Muslim and hate Jewish and Christians. In the Holy Quran, it says if you are a Muslim and you do not believe in JESUS CHRIST then you are not a complete Muslim.


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