I have a solution to Nigeria’s problems if Government gives me an audience -Peace Ambassador …even as Nigerians want solution not complains

A renowned international Peace Ambassador who is also the President of News time Worldwide, Tony Oyatedor has claimed to have solutions to Nigeria’s problems if the government would agree to give him an audience.

Oyatedor made this known in Kaduna on Tuesday while he was announcing his intention to find solutions to insecurity in Nigeria only if, the government will agree to give him an audience. He said the time has come for Nigeria to come out of security problems but that the willingness Lies in the hands of the government.
The Peace Ambassador emphatically expressed that he is ready to do what he knows best to tackle the problem if the government will agree to what he has for them.
According to him, Nigeria can not afford to face another civil war again just as some youths who do not know what war is all about nor have seen war before are drumming for it.
The only thing the country needs now he said, is how to bring those who know the way or the solutions to come forward to address the issue but the government must be willing to do and accommodate such ideal.
“Nigerians want to know what the solutions to the problems are, not challenges and blaming game.
“All it requires for the temporary victory of evil over good is for people of conscience to keep silent. Evil can only thrive in Nigeria when good people in the country keep quiet when things go wrong.
“Successful leadership work hard to build up reservoirs of goodwill (friends, not enemies) with their party, other branches of government, the media, the people of Nigeria, the people of their state, and local government origins- so that when the cookie crumbles (and it always will) they can tap into that goodwill to carry them through the difficulties.
“Leadership must make peace with the twin problems, Book haram, and Niger-Delta Militancy not because they want to, but because they have to. To suggest otherwise would be inaccurate.
“Terrorism is error and sins of ignorance and thoughtlessness. With the twin problems came excruciating distress and severe pain to Nigerians.
“The twin problems in Nigeria is a serious problem and no one is working to fix it, they only talk about it but Newstime has the solution, and will roll up our sleeves to work and fix it for good.

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“For a while now, there has been distress (trouble and anguish) in Nigeria, a nation in bewilderment and perplexity (without resources, left wanting, embarrassed, in doubt, not knowing which way to turn). People swooning away or expiring with fear and dread and apprehension and expectations of the things that are coming to the nation.

“Before the advent of Boko Haram, Northerners showed themselves and strangers in their land and houses unusual and remarkable kindness. They welcomed and received all manner of people (regardless of religion, creed, nationality, place of origin, abled and disabled, etc.) with heart hospitality. “In the Holy Quran, Holy prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said “seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim.”
“The notion of the military –knows-best approach hurts the poor people the most. The most disgraceful and disturbing thing about the Arms Scandal is that most of the thieves are from the North where their people were killed, their people were displaced, millions living in IDP’s camps and property worth trillions destroyed.“Nigerian people will rejoice when they know, perceive, recognize, understand, and see that relief has truly come to stay. The set time has come the appointed time is here, the due season has arrived. Almighty God, Allah, Jehovah will have Gracious, tender, mercy, and loving-kindness for Nigeria and the people of Nigeria. Amen.
“How can a nation (Nigeria) with so much riches be so poor? Never has a country that should have been so rich been so poor. There is no mystery here, leadership is to blame. Due to wickedness, which is to say that Nigeria is a man-made disaster”, he averred.Speaking on the Judiciary in Nigeria he said, the system pampers the rich, and punishes the poor but that the Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) are those who observe justice (treating others fairly), and who do right and are in right standing with Almighty God. Allah, Jehovah at all times, (not sometimes, Saturdays, Sundays, or Friday) but every day.

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