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Jihad, both in the ethical and religious realm is primarily a reference to the struggle of humankind to uphold the right way of life and stop what is wrong.

In the Meccan period, during which Muslims believed that Prophet Muhammad received revelations from the Qur`an in Mecca and Mecca, the focus was placed on the internal aspect of jihad. It was referred to as Sabr, which refers to practices that are known as “patient forbearance” by Muslims in the face of life’s challenges and towards those who would wish them harm.

The Qur`an also mentions the jihad that is carried out by means in the Qur`an against non-pagan Meccans throughout the Meccan period.

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It is a reference to discursive and verbal combat against those who oppose the teachings of Islam.

In all of the Islamic time, conflicts against non-Muslims, despite being driven by secular and political issues, were referred to as jihads, which gave legitimacy to religion.

Islamist extremists have employed the jihadi concept in order to justify violent assaults on Muslims who they accuse of Apostasy.

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Islamists seek to change the rules of the government and society to be in line with Islamic law, also known as Sharia.

Jihadists view violent conflict as crucial to eliminate the obstacles to restoring God’s rule over Earth and to defend their Muslim community, or the umma against apostates and infidels. If the umma’s security is threatened by the aggressor, they argue that jihad is not only an obligation of the entire community, but an individual responsibility that should be performed by each Muslim as is the case with prayers and fasting ritually during Ramadan.

Five Main Goals of Jihad.

  1. Changing the political and social structure of the State.
  2. Establishing sovereignty in an area that is perceived to be in the hands of or ruled by non-Muslims.
  3. Protecting the Umma from outside – non-Muslim threats. This includes jihadists focusing on fighting”the “near enemy”.
  4. Correction of others’ Muslims moral conduct.
  5. Intimidating and marginalizing other Muslim sects.

Jihadists divide the globe into two parts: the “realm of Islam”, countries under Muslim rule, where Sharia is the law as well as the “realm of war”, countries that aren’t under Muslim rule, but where in certain circumstances, fighting in defense of the faith could be authorized.

Muslim leaders and governments that consider themselves jihadists who have abandoned the rules of Sharia are believed them as being not part of dar al-Islam and are therefore legitimate targets of attacks.


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