Important Women in The Bible

Important Women in The Bible

The women who influenced the Bible have influenced not just the people of Israel but also the history of the world. Some were saints, while others weren’t. There were queens too, but the majority of them were commoners.

1. Eve

according to Genesis’ second chapter Genesis, Eve was created by God(Yahweh) by removing her from Adam’s rib. Adam to become Adam’s partner. All was well in Eden. Everything was perfect in the Garden of Eden, but when Eve was influenced by the falsehoods of Satan She influenced Adam to take a bite of the tree of the wisdom of evil and good and thus defying God’s commands. Eve’s lesson was pricey. God can be trusted, but Satan can’t. If we put our own desires over the will of God negative consequences are bound to follow.

2. Sarah is the mother of the Jewish nation.

Sarah (originally called Sarai) is one of the women from the Bible who could not have children. It was a huge disappointment for her since God had said to Abraham as well as Sarah the promise that they’d bear the blessing of a son.

Sarah was awe-inspiringly honored by God. As Abraham’s wife, her children became Israel’s nation. Israel gave birth to Jesus Christ, Savior of the world. Her impatience caused her to persuade Abraham to have a child with Hagar Sarah, Sarah’s Egyptian slave, triggering an ongoing conflict.
Then, at the age of age 90, Sarah was able to give birth to Isaac via a miracle of God. From Sarah, we can learn that God’s promises are always to pass and that his timing is always perfect.

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3, Rebekah.

Sarah (originally known as Sarai) Was one of many women mentioned in the Bible who could not have children. It was a huge disappointment for her as God had said to Abraham Sarah and Abraham Sarah to be blessed with one son.

4 Racheal.

Rachel was married to Jacob however, it was only when her dad Laban had tricked Jacob to marry Rachel’s sister Leah first. Jacob liked Rachel because she was more attractive. Rachel’s sons were the heads of the tribe of twelve in Israel.
Joseph had the greatest influence, he saved Israel during a time of famine. Benjamin’s tribe also produced the apostle Paul one of the most famous missionaries in the history of antiquity. The love story between Rachel and Jacob is a model for couples who are married of the eternal blessings God has bestowed on them.

5, Leah.

Leah was married to Jacob by a shady method. Jacob had worked for seven years to get Leah’s older sister Rachel. On the night of the wedding, Leah’s father Laban was substituted for Leah instead. Then Jacob was a seven-year waiter to support Rachel.
Leah lived a traumatic life, trying to win Jacob’s heart However, God graciously blessed Leah in a unique way. Her son Judah was the leader of the tribe that resulted in Jesus Christ, Savior of the world. Leah represents a sign of those who seek to win God’s affection, which is unconditional and unaffordable to be taken.

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6, Jochebed.

Jochebed, the mother of Moses was a major influence on the history of the world by submitting what she valued most to God. After the Egyptians began to kill the male children of Hebrew slaves Jochebed set Moses’s infant Moses in a basket that was waterproof and placed it on the Nile River.
The daughter of Pharaoh found him and adopted him as her son. God had planned it so that Jochebed could serve as Baby’s wet nursing mother. Even though Moses was born an Egyptian, God chose him to lead his people towards freedom. Jochebed’s faith Jochebed helped Moses and allowed him to become Israel’s most powerful prophet and lawmaker.

7, Miriam.

Miriam, Moses’ sister was a key player in the exodus of Jews from Egypt however, her pride led her into trouble. When her brother’s baby was floating through into the Nile River in a basket to escape the wrath of Egypt’s Egyptians, Miriam intervened with the daughter of Pharaoh and offered Jochebed to be his wet nursing assistant.
After a few years, after the Jews made it across the sea of red, Miriam was there, leading the celebrations. Her role as a prophet caused her to be angry regarding Moses’ Cushite wife. God cursed her for leprosy, but she was healed after Moses’ prayer.

8, Rahab.

Rahab was a prostitute in the city of Jericho. As it became clear that the Hebrews began to defeat Canaan, Rahab harbored their Spies in her home to ensure her family’s security. Rahab believed in the true God. When the wall of Jericho was destroyed in the battle of Jericho, the Israelite army stood by their promises by defending Rahab’s home.
Rahab was the ancestress of King David and, through David’s family was Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Rahab played a crucial part in God’s plan for salvation for humanity.

9. Deborah, A Powerful Female Judge.

Deborah played an important role in the history of Israel. She served as the sole female judge during the lawless period prior to the nation’s gaining its first monarch. In this male-dominated world, she sought the aid of a formidable warrior called Barak to take on the dictatorial general Sisera.
Deborah’s knowledge and faith in God impressed the nation. Her leadership was the reason why Israel had peace for 40 years.

10, Delilah.

Delilah made use of her beauty and sexual appeal to influence the tough man Samson and suck upon his lust for a fling. Samson was a judge in Israel and an armed warrior who killed numerous Philistines and drove them to seek revenge. They employed Delilah to uncover the secret of Samson’s power, his hair long.
Samson came back to God however his demise was tragic. In the story, Samson and Delilah illustrate how the inability to control oneself can cause a person’s ruin.

11, Ruth.

Ruth was a moral young widow who was so morally upright, that the love tale she wrote is among the most popular stories in all of the Bible. When Ruth’s Jewish mom-in-law Naomi came back to Israel from Moab after a drought, Ruth took a vow to adhere to Naomi and pay homage to her God.
Boaz used his rights as a kinsman-redeemer. He then got married to Ruth and then rescued both women from the slums of poverty. As per Matthew, Ruth was an ancestor of King David and whose descendant was Jesus Christ.

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12, Hannah.

Hannah was a shining example of prayer fervor. She was a constant prayer breaker for many years. she kept praying for the birth of a child till God granted her wish. She was blessed with one son and gave him the name Samuel.
Furthermore, she kept her word by granting Samuel the reward of God. Samuel was eventually the last judge of Israel as well as a prophet and advisor to the king’s Saul as well as David. We can learn from Hannah that if your primary desire is to show glory to God and give glory to God, he will honor your request.

13, Bathsheba.

Bathsheba had a relationship with King David and, with the help of God she turned it around to be a blessing. David had a romantic relationship with Bathsheba while their husband Uriah was away at battle. When David was informed that Bathsheba was expecting and arranged that her husband is killed in combat.
Nathan The prophet stood up to David with a stern warning, requiring David to confess his sin.
The baby was born, but Bathsheba later gave birth to Solomon who was the wisest man to ever live. Bathsheba proved that God is able to restore the sinners who return to God.

14, Jezebel.

Jezebel gained an image of the wickedness of her character that today, her name is still used as a reference to a deceitful woman. As the wife of King Ahab, she slandered the prophets of God and especially Elijah. She was a liar and her Baal idolatry and murderous plots caused divine wrath to fall on her.
When God gave a man the name of Jehu to slay idolatry, Jezebel’s eunuchs drove her off a balcony and she was trampled by the horse Jehu. Her corpse was eaten by dogs in the same way as Elijah had predicted.

15, Esther

Esther saved the Jewish people from ruin by securing the lineage of the Savior who would come, Jesus Christ. She was chosen by the beauty contest to be the queen of The Persian King Xerxes. But a wicked Court official Haman was plotting to make all Jews executed.
Esther’s uncle Mordecai encouraged her to go before the king to tell him the truth. The situation quickly changed when Haman was executed on the gallows that were intended to be used by Mordecai. The royal decree was rescinded and Mordecai was able to win Haman’s job. Esther took a stand in faith to prove that God is able to save his people, even when odds seem to be insurmountable.

16, Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ

Mary was a beautiful instance from the Bible of total submission to God’s will. God. The angels told her she would be the mother of Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Despite the possibility of humiliation, she was accepted as a mother to Jesus. Joseph and Joseph got married and became parents to Jesus, the Son Of God
In her life, Mary bore much sorrow and sorrow, which included watching her son’s execution on Calvary. However, she also witnessed him taken back to life.
Mary is considered to be an influencer of love for Jesus and a faithful servant who honored God through her words of “yes.”

17, Elizabeth.

Mary was a moving illustration of the Bible of complete acceptance of God’s will. God. The angels told her that she would be the mother of Jesus through God’s Holy Spirit. Despite her fear of being shamed she accepted giving birth to Jesus. She and Joseph were married and served as parents to Jesus, the Son of God
In her life, Mary bore much sorrow and sorrow, which included watching her son’s death on the cross. However, she also witnessed Jesus raised from the dead. Mary is regarded as an influencer on Jesus and a loyal servant who honored God through her decision to say “yes.”

18, Martha.

Martha is who was the mother of Lazarus and Mary she often offered her residence for Jesus along with his disciples to provide the much-needed meals and rest. Her most famous memory is the time she became angry due to her daughter focusing on Jesus instead of helping him with the food.
But, Martha showed a rare understanding of Jesus’s mission. When Jesus died, Lazarus, proclaimed to Jesus, “Yes, Lord. I believe you are Christ God, the God-Son.” God who was going to enter our world.”

19, Mary of Bethany.

Mary from Bethany along with her twin sister Martha frequently were hosts for Jesus as well as his disciples in the home of the brother Lazarus. Mary was contemplative, as opposed to Martha, who was more active. In one instance, Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and listened as Martha was struggling to prepare the dinner. Being attentive to Jesus is always smart.
Mary was one of the women who aided Jesus in his work, by offering their talents as well as their money. Her legacy is a reminder that the Christian church needs the support and participation of its members to fulfill Jesus’ mission. Christ.

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20, Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene stayed loyal to Jesus even after their death of Jesus. Jesus had slain seven demons away from her and earned her a lifetime of devotion. Through time several unsubstantiated tales have been fabricated concerning Mary Magdalene. Only the Biblical account of her the Bible is authentic.
Mary kept her close to Jesus while he was crucifixion took place. everyone except the apostle John left. Mary went to the tomb of Jesus to apply oil to his body. Jesus liked Mary Magdalene to the point that she became the very first one Jesus showed up to after he rose from the dead.

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