Civil Islamic Practices

“Islamic law” refers to the various legal systems that were and continue to be created with the intention of conforming to Islamic law. Islamic faith.

Sharia is the primary idea of religion in Islam which is the Law of Islam.

The Islamic law of Islam is considered to be the fulfillment of God’s commands to Muslims as well, and in its application, it is a system of obligations that are imposed on all Muslims because of their faith in God.

The main goals of Islamic legislation (shari’a) are to ensure the security of property, life, and mind, as well as religion and offspring.

Sharia acts as a guideline for living that all Muslims should follow including fasting, prayers, and giving money to the needy.

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The main sources of Shari’a are the Qur’an along with the Sunnah(the statements and actions that the Prophet Muhammad)

Islamic law allows for different opinions and diversity within certain boundaries.

The main distinction between Islamic laws and the other systems of law is that their legislator, who is the creator of Islamic law is God.

The Qur’an is the main source of Islamic law; The Sharia.

It outlines the rules that govern it is the way by which the Muslim world is controlled (or should be governed by) and provides the foundation for the relationship between mankind and God.

Importance of Islamic Law

  1. To guide Muslims to follow the right way.
  2. To provide moral and ethical conduct to the Muslims. Islam.
  3. Sharia is significant because it’s a guideline of God as, without the direction of God all-powerful, no one can achieve their goal.

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In Conclusion

Living in Islam is to live your life according to the Shariah and not observing the Shariah or even a portion of it, intentionally, is disobeying Islam in itself. Muslims must follow Shariah and adhere to its teachings in all aspects of their life.

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