Eric Garcetti Biography, Career, Family, Networth, Scandals.

Eric Garcetti Biography, Career, Family, Networth, Scandals.

Quick Data

  • Full Names: Eric Michael Garcetti
  • Age: February 4, 1971


  • Spouse/Ex-: Amy Wakeland (M. 2009)
  • Father: Gil Garcetti
  • Mother: Sukey Garcetti
  • Children: Maya Juanita Garcetti
  • Born Country: United States
  • Height: 6’1″ (185 cm), 6’1″ Males
  • Ancestry: Mexican American, Italian American, Russian American
  • U.S. State: California
  • City: Los Angeles

Eric Garcetti is an American politician and former professor of law at the University of California, Berkeley most well-known as the current mayor of Los Angeles, California. Born to a photographer and politician father Garcetti was intrigued by the idea of being a politician from the time he was a kid. He went to High School in Los Angeles and completed his bachelor’s degree in political science at Columbia University. He then earned his Ph.D. at the London School of Economics. He then returned to the U.S. and worked as an academic at the college level for a short time before becoming active in politics in 2001. In 2001, he became a member of his seat on the Los Angeles City Council from District 13. Then, in 2006, he was appointed the council’s president. His leadership skills helped him remain in the position until the year 2013. The following year, he was elected to the post of Mayor of Los Angeles. He won the re-election in 2017. As mayor, he focused his efforts on areas such as construction, finance, and the environment. He also was working to address the issue of homelessness as well as the issue of immigration. It was also believed that he would contest the presidency of 2020 in the United States, but he has since denied that rumor.

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Personal Life

Eric Garcetti married Amy Wakeland in 2009. They had been friends for several years following their initial meeting during their time at Oxford University, where they were students together. Their daughter was adopted as well as seven foster children.

Eric is also a keen photographer as well as an accomplished jazz pianist.

Childhood & Early Life

Eric Michael Garcetti was born on February 4, 1971, in Los Angeles, California, U.S., to Sukey and Gil Garcetti. The father of Eric, Gil Garcetti, worked as a politician and photographer, who was an attorney for the Los Angeles district attorney. The grandfather of his father, Salvador, moved to America when he was a kid and was later executed in the Mexican Revolution. Eric is of Mexican as well as Russian Jewish origins.

Because of his father’s work, Eric had become interested in politics from a young age. When he was a child and relocated to the Encino neighborhood of San Fernando Valley, where was pursuing his academics. He finished his elementary education at his school, the UCLA Lab School. Later, he joined Harvard Westlake school and finished his high-school graduation.

In high school, my interest in politics took off. He took part in political debates and was also involved in civic involvement as a member of the group known as the Junior State of America.

Eric Garcetti was a bright student who excelled at academics, particularly in areas that fascinated him, like the arts and politics. Following graduation from high school and his admission to Columbia University and graduated with the degree of a bachelor’s degree in urban and political science in 1992. He was named a “John Day Scholar.”

He was very active throughout his time at university and was involved in numerous extracurricular activities including presiding over the St. Anthony Hall fraternity and the literary society. He was both a performer and writer in the show known as the Varsity Show.

After completing his bachelor’s degree He pursued a master’s program in international affairs. He eventually being awarded the degree in 1993. He was later admitted to Oxford College and pursued a Ph.D. in nationalism and ethnicity. He returned to America. U.S. and began working.

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From mid to the latter part of 1990, Eric Garcetti worked at the University of Southern California and the Occidental College, Los Angeles as a professor, focusing on areas like public policy, world affairs, and diplomacy. But, becoming a politician was always his dream. At the beginning of the 2000s in the early 2000s, he was a part of the Democratic Party.

Seat on district 13 on the Los Angeles City Council for District 13 was vacated in 2000, following its incumbent Jackie Goldberg, was elected to the State Assembly. It was in the year 2001 that Eric ran for election and was successful which began their political journey. The elections were held every four years. Eric was elected two times more in 2005 and 2009.

One of the reasons for his popularity was the honesty and sincerity that he displayed in his activities. In 2004 he made sure his city Los Angeles got the biggest clean water bond in the country following his introduction of the bond for stormwater.

Eric Garcetti also paved way for two green building regulations and also promoted water conservation within the city through important modifications to the municipal plumbing code and landscaping ordinance.

The president of the council, Alex Padilla, resigned following his election to the California State Senate. This is why Eric was elected to succeed him in the year 2006. Eric was one of the first elected political leaders who made time to speak to the people in his area and discuss their concerns.

He also enacted his Constituent Bill of Rights, which ensured that residents’ calls were answered within one working day. He also made sure that the concerns of constituents were considered and incorporated into the land-use initiatives and plans made in the city. He tried to improve the participation of the public in administration processes through the organization of Government and Planning 101 seminars throughout the city.

In addition, he was the leader of a group known as The Preserve America Community. He also came under a lot of criticism over his green-lighting of programs to renovate the city’s historical and cultural landmarks. Additionally, he ran programs that encouraged citizens not to graffiti, which was a problem Los Angeles had been suffering for a long time. Because of these programs, the graffiti rate was reduced across LA by 78% in his first term.

His service as an elected council member was widely praised throughout the nation. So, he decided to go one step further and run for the mayor’s seat in Los Angeles, announcing it in the year 2011. Eric, as well as Wendy Greuel, were the top two contenders, however, they were both supported by the Los Angeles Teachers Union supported Eric. So, his term as Mayor of Los Angeles officially began in July of 2013.

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Eric Garcetti is a liberal and progressive. the city he served as a faithful follower of his beliefs. He also emphasized improving the financial situation of the town. He brought in experts to assist new businesses in growing within the city. He stated that he would like Los Angeles to be the city that is the hub for startups and entrepreneurs who are just beginning their careers.

On September 14, 2014, Mr. Trump declared that he hoped to raise wages for the city of Los Angeles workers and residents in the next three years. The city council was in favor of his announcement.

Eric Garcetti was also soft when it came to immigrants. He was against a policy that held illegal immigrants in detention and kept the immigrants in police custody. He stated that it was a major burden on the government and wasn’t serving a specific objective. He was instrumental in establishing the L.A. Justice Fund, which allowed poor illegal immigrants to obtain legal counsel and help to avoid being deported. Children of immigrants were given shelters.

In recognition of his dedication to the public good, he won a second term as mayor in March of 2017.

He was a fervent advocate for Barack Obama during the latter’s campaign for president in 2008. There were also reports that Eric could be a presidential candidate however, he did not deny the speculation and claimed that he was focused on completing his term as mayor.

Controversies and Scandal

Although he’s a well-known city mayor Eric Garcetti has faced some controversy, as well. On January 14, 2014, the mayor was in the front seat of a vehicle that was struck by a pedestrian. The mayor was talking on his cell phone and he didn’t witness the accident taking place. The woman who was injured was stable when she was transported to the hospital. Eric also went to visit the woman in the hospital.

He was in 2014 when he attended during an event for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team’s celebration of the team’s championship, during which he was holding an empty bottle of beer and made use of”fuck” in his speech “fuck” during his speech. He was heavily criticized for the incident, but later clarified the entire issue by saying it was a term used by people “everybody had already heard.”

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In February of 2016, He praised openly the construction firm Turf Terminators. Later, it was revealed that Turf Terminators had given $45,000 to his campaign. Eric clarified the matter and stated that the donations were legal and it was just an accident that he made mention of Turf.



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