‘Right leadership key to saving Nigeria’ – Mr. Tony Oyatedor.

This article was first published in The Nation Newspaper on the 9th of May 2022.

Men, Women Equal in Quran - Mr. Tony Oyatedor

President of Newstime Worldwide and veteran journalist Tony Oyatedor has urged the electorate to properly exercise their mandate in the 2023 elections to solve the country’s socio-economic challenges.

Oyatedor noted that the country is reeling from youth unemployment, ethno-religious conflicts, terrorism, and the threats of secession, among others, but noted that these could be tackled by voting for the right person. He warned that failure to vote for leaders with integrity and character could spell doom for the country’s fortunes.

‘We have millions of youths who are unemployed, jobless, broke, hungry, and angry. But the right leadership would roll up their sleeves and help the poor masses and youths of this nation,’ he noted.

Oyatedor urged Nigerians to join in the task of salvaging the country by, among others, holding leaders accountable, rather than sitting back and playing the blame game or merely waiting on divine intervention.

He added: “God did not come down to make America or other great nations the best. It is people like you and I that did it. I am sick and tired of Nigerians blaming everything on the government. It is not them, it is we the people. How many of our people help each other? When are we going to hold the people in power accountable? The president alone cannot do everything so he has appointed people. It is incumbent on these people to carry out the work, not just to enjoy the office.”

Oyatedor explained that his intervention in national issues is due to his love for the country and the need to see it get back to its glory days, rather than a quest for political relevance.

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2 thoughts on “‘Right leadership key to saving Nigeria’ – Mr. Tony Oyatedor”
  1. Lovely article . Truly not the fault of the president, he appointed people but they can’t deliver. It is well. The youths are truly angry

  2. Sir, your messages are powerful one while making reference to the two Holy books shows that you really believed that the Christians and Muslims are one.
    However, your choice of words are incomparable . May the Lord Almighty continue to bless you more and more so as to impact positively on our generation. God bless you sir.

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