Why We Say So$e is Ready For The Music Industry

Ososelase David Onaburekhan preferably known as So$e is a new sensation whose skills are incapable of keeping him in the dark or hidden. Over the years he has used his social media pages to dish out great freestyles and performances leaving observers in awe. His hard work and tenacity are gradually creating leverage for the young actor in the highly competitive music industry in Nigeria and for observers on the internet space, So$e is proving to be ready for the highly competitive Nigerian music industry.

Why is So$e so Unique?

Everyone who comes into the music industry always come with different types of claim to solidify their uniqueness and earn their spots. A lot of these upcoming artists will blindly beat their chest and tell you how great they are and how they do not sound like any other person. The sad thing about the popular genre in Nigeria called “afrobeat” is everybody already is forced to sound the same, it now boils down to the creativity of the artiste and maybe the producer to create something different. What this means is that, if you are truly different, you will not be needing to blow your own trumpet as your uniqueness will quickly stand out to speak on your behalf. It didn’t take so much for people like 2face, Timaya, PSquare, and 9ice to break out due to their unique sounds, and in the next decade, we saw the emergence of Davido and Wizkid. These guys were quickly exonerated from the ideology of everyone sounding the same and the lack of uniqueness. Then came Kizz Daniel, Tekno, and a host of others whom we can quickly decipher as soon as their voice comes up on the speakers anywhere. This is the definition of uniqueness! So, how does So$e meet these criteria? Is it his lyrics? or his vocal prowess?

You will come to find out that his uniqueness is deeply rooted in his reality. According to So$e Biography on Glamcode Media, you will come to find out that his music is mostly inspired by real-life happenings and experiences, and when you are inspired immediately by your personal life and environment, that, first is an unbeatable aspect of originality and relatability.

Can So$e Compete In The Nigerian Music Industry?

We have pointed out that the Nigerian music industry is designed to monopolize the artists into sounding almost the same. You have to be truly unique to stand out and distinguish yourself whenever a mix is playing somewhere and people can point your music out and notice that your song is actually different from the rest. Most of the time your composition and sequencing can give you this but the continuity lies in your spontaneousness. For those who have been opportune to listen to So$e on different levels and different songs, you will be quick to spot how versatile he is. As a matter of fact, you do not really need to hear multiple features, a single song will begin to tell a story of uniqueness, a story of brilliance, and a story of unequaled creativity. So$e is an epitome of lyrical ability installed in a vibrant individual, and this analogy speaks for itself.

There are people who say they are ready for the industry and there are people who are actually ready for the industry because their music says so. Fact entertainment made a smart move on this one and we are hoping that this mantle is kept alive and the team pushes the brand “So$e” to that A-List level.

New Single – No More

So$e is a new artiste preparing for the bigger platforms and stage, it is understandable that many may not know how impressive this young lad is. The good news is you are in luck, as Fact Entertainment, the management he is signed with had just put out a new single titled No More. No More is written and performed by So$e, this was intended to let the public see what is coming and from what we have been able to garner, So$e has a big project on the works, featuring a couple of industry artists. All we can say is stay tuned and keep updated by following the artiste on all his social platforms. To get the new song No More by So$e, kindly follow this fanlink.

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