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Who is Mark Driscoll?

Mark Driscoll is an American pastor and author, he is also the founder of Mars Hill Church. In addition, he is also the senior pastor and founder of The Trinity Church, which he is administering at the moment. Mark founded Trinity Church in 2016.

Furthermore, Marks co-founded Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington, in 1996. Mars Hill Church had 14,000 attendees in five states and fifteen sites as of March 2014. Moreover, he also founded The Resurgence (a theological cooperative). Mark also co-created Acts 29 Network, Churches Helping Churches, and The Gospel Coalition. As a writer, he has written for the Seattle Times, OnFaith, and the Fox News website. In addition, he has also authored a number of popular Christian books such as A Call to Resurgence.

Furthermore, Mark has been described as one “hip yet a hard-line evangelical bad boy, a skilled orator, and a charismatic leader”. In addition, Mark is a conservative evangelical who prefers “vintage” aesthetics and a “down-to-earth,” “strong” preaching style. However, controversy has surrounded his lectures on gender roles, his alleged plagiarism, and the purported atmosphere of fear and abuse during his stint at Mars Hill.

In 2014, summer he received public criticism and formal complaints from Mar Hill staff members. Congregants were complaining due to his abusive behavior. As a result of these complaints, Acts 29 Network’s board of directors dismissed him from membership in August 2014 and advised him to step down from ministry. Driscoll resigned from Mars Hill Church on October 14, 2014. However, Mars Hill Church was disbanded three months after his resignation.


Mars Hill Church

Mark’s career began after he relocated to Seattle together with Grace. After arriving in Seattle, they started attending Antioch Bible Church and served with that church’s college ministry as a volunteer. However, after some time he was then employed as an intern. Through his internship, he managed to link up with Mike Gunn, who worked for a Athletes in Action ministry at the University of Washington, and Lief Moi, a radio show presenter. The trio began talking about establishing an “urban, postmodern” church in Seattle. Greg Kappas, the pastor in charge of Antioch Bible Church’s new church planting program, mentored and assisted the three in developing their ideas.

How Old Is Mark Driscoll?

He was born on October 11th, 1970, and currently, he is 50 years old.

Mark Driscoll Family

Who are His Parents?

He was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota and he was raised in Roman Catholic in the Riverton Heights area of SeaTac Washington. However, Mark has managed to keep information about his parents’ names very private but we will update it as soon as possible.

Does He Have Siblings?

He has four siblings, and he is the firstborn in a family of five.

Mark Driscoll Education

He attended Highline High School in Burien Washington.  After that, he joined Washington State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication. Moreover, Mark also holds a Master of Arts degree in exegetical theology from Western Seminary.

Mark Driscoll Wife

He is married to Grace Driscoll, the two met way back in high school and they officially married in 1992.

Mark Driscoll Kids

The two have been blessed with two kids Ashley Driscoll and Zac Driscoll.

Founding Mars Hill

Mark together with his two friends, Mike Gunn and Lief Moi founded Mars Hill Church in the spring of 1995. However, the church was officially launched in the fall of 1996. Its first service was held at Marks’s house. By 1997, the church has grown and it has already relocated and extended to two other services. However, Mark later disclosed that he was “not ready” when he planted Mars Hill at the age of 25. In 1997, he got an invitation to speak at a conference in California.

According to him, his speech influenced many within the budding emerging church movement Also his speech switched the movement’s focus from reaching Generation X to reaching the postmodern world. As a result, Mark and Mars Hill Church were propelled into the national spotlight. Furthermore, he was featured on National Public Radio, and Mother Jones magazine ran a piece on the church. Mars Hill Church increased its membership from 160 in 1996 to 350 in 1999.

Act 29 Network

Mark and David Nicholas founded the Acts 29 Network in 1998. The Network was a church planting network, responding to people who were contacting Mark for advice on planting churches. The main aim of this parachurch was to plant 1000 new churches globally. It was going to achieve this through recruiting assessing, training, funding, and coaching. Moreover, the network began slowly under Marks’s leadership with 11 churches at its outset and 17 by 2003. Since that point, the church began to grow rapidly and it reached 50 churches by 2006 in a span of 5 years, they were 410 churches in 2011.

According to Salon, Mark built Acts 29 to reflect his own “strict orthodoxy and views” on theology and politics, while allowing for cultural differences.
Prospective Acts 29 church planters must, among other things, be headed by males.

The Resurgence

Mark Founded The Resurgence in 2006, which was a theological cooperative, in order to support Act 29 and Mars Hill Church. The Resurgence, the goal was to train church leaders in conservative reformed theology. The resurgence has three main branches Re: Lit a publishing house; Re: Train a missional training center Re: Sound a music arm.

ABC Nightline special

In March 2009, engaged in an ABC Nightline debate titled “Does Satan Exist?”. Mark and Annies Lobert, who is the founder of the Hooker for Jesus Christian ministry sparkled a hit argument about the existence of the devil against the philosopher Deepak Chopra and Carlton Pearson.

However, the discussion was described as “contentious” by one analyst, with all participants expressing “uncompromising” viewpoints. Driscoll contended that believing in both Satan and God was a fundamental component of Christianity. Driscoll has also been on the show to address a variety of themes, including the Ten Commandments and sex.

Stepping Down From Acts and The Gospel Coalition

Mark resigned as the president of Act 29 and from the Council of The Gospel Coalition on May 29, 2012. After his resignation, Matt Chandler took over him. After the taking over he plans to disentangle Act 29 from Mars Hill Church. Before Mark left Act 29 was being funded by Mars Hill.

Mark was one of the founder members of The Gospel Coalition, an evangelical Christian organization. When he left, he stated that he had no “relational problem with anybody and no theological difference”. But, he indicated that he was rearranging his priorities and couldn’t keep up with all of his commitments

Mark Driscoll Height

His height, weight, and Body measurements are not available at the moment but we will update them as soon as possible.

Mark Driscoll’s Net Worth

He has been successful in his career and he has garnered a net worth of a 2.5million.

Mark Driscoll Twitter

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