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Pastor Tshifhiwa Irene is the head of the Divine Truth World Restoration Services to promote World Peace through Jesus Christ. Pastor Tshifhiwa Irene began under the supervision of the CHRISTIAN WORSHIP CENTER (CWC), Maniini Thohoyandou in Venda. The CWC Maniini developed from the Apostolic Faith Mission Thohoyandou under the leadership of Pastor and Apostle the late Dr. VW Madzinge who is now in charge of all the church activities of CWC. It was during the time in Apostolic Faith Mission that Pastor Tshifhiwa Irene decided to follow God’s will through Jesus Christ and then saw the mercy of the direction she was heading in her life. Pastor Tshifhiwa Irene was born in Venda located in Limpopo Province, South Africa where she grew up. She was a student in primary, secondary, and some tertiary classes. As she grew older and lived her life, she was filled with spiritual experiences that showed the first indicators of her spiritual life within the Church of Jesus Christ.


  • FULL NAMES: Tshifhiwa Irene
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Venda, Limpopo
  • SPOUSE: Unknown
  • NETWORTH: $42M

Converting souls to Jesus Christ was Pastor Tshifhiwa Irene’s primary mission. She traveled to countries like Brazil, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Israel where she was converting Jewish people to accept and follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Pastor Tshifhiwa (54) was the leader in the ministry of Divine Truth Ministries, which was later changed the name to World Restoration Service (WRS) and under which a television channel was launched on Public Boquet Satelite services called DTBC (Divine Truth Broadcasting Channel) which then changed its name to World Restoration Service (WRS) was established. She passed away on October 17, 2017, in her sleep in an in-patient hospital located in Polokwane the province of South Africa, leaving the faithful and those who followed her ministry in shock that the giant who led them to faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is indeed no anymore.

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Who Did Pastor Irene got married to?

Yes, she was married in 1984. However, she didn’t have one child until after she became widowed in 1992. Later, she worked for Standard Bank for a period of 12 years. Then, she joined ministerial work full-time.

She founded her church under the supervision of the Christian Worship Center (CWC) which is headed by the Bishop Dr. Madzinge of Thohoyandou-Limpopo Province.


TV Channel

You will recall how Pastor Irene is the very first South African pastor to have an official Television Channel, not a channel that was broadcast by other channels. Her popularity was due to her ability to fill stadiums each time she visited South Africa and neighboring countries. Many believers would line into stadiums with the hope of getting a blessing, miracle, or transformation and then later, watch her shows on the WRS TV Channel.

At the time of writing the channel was not in existence and has been offline for some time before her death. The costs were too expensive for the ministry’s budget.

The Ministry

Below is a photograph of one of the Khoisans who were saved when she was serving in Botswana They were given an invitation as visitors to Piditch Stadium in Pretoria.

Numerous churches were established because of Pastor Tshifhiwa Irene’s devotion to her followers.

CWC Thembisa is one of the congregations and is under an avid disciple of Pastor Irene The pastor, Zachariah Musandiwa, at whose death in 2013 (during the January fasting prayer) his younger brother and businessman past Lazarus Musandiwa (died 2015) assumed the management. This led to some tension with pastor Irene along with Pastor Lazarous due to the fact that Pastor Irene believed that the church would remain under her direction because she was the one who started the church. The church changed its name later into His Will, and will not now belong to Pastor Tshifhiwa the legacy of Irene.

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CWC Soweto under the leadership of Pastor Dr. Lumadi has ceased to be an integral part of the legacy left by her after it ended its affiliation.

WRS Johannesburg CBD still stands

In essence, one of the few churches that adhere to Pastore Tshifhiwa Irene’s belief includes the CWC Polokwane branch, under the direction of Pastor Dagada and Musina. WRS is under the guidance of Pastor Edson Mphaphuli. He is one of the followers of Pastor Irene.

Pastor Irene’s Properties & Income

At the time of her appointment to her ministry (2001-2011) Pastor Irene’s ministry could raise enough funds enough to cover salaries for 230 wages, which excludes running costs like the fuel costs for one truck (stage rig) 8 cars, tollgates, accommodation, and venue hire every weekend. The WRS television channel could cost around R250 000 per month. She had executive properties at Thohoyandou, Galomanor (Johannesburg), and Midrand that she was renting.

All in all, she could be spending R400 000 per month.

Ministry Cost

Pastor Irene’s property was left to their parents and close relatives and the court was forced to intervene when family members began taking advantage of the property and demanding.

The demise of the WRS Ministry

The decline of the Pastor’s ministry is due to TWO reasons:

The appearance of other TV-based ministries, such as Pastor Mukhuba (Unity Broadcasting Network UBN), Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Enlightened Christian Gathering ECG), and Pastor Makananisa (Charis Missionary Church). These pastors have had a huge impact on her fan base, with certain crusades not well attended and resulting in the loss of revenue. The rise of TV prophets brought improved technology for TV, the prophecies were “clean”, whereas Pastor Tshifhiwa Irene’s TV featured people throwing up, rolling, and running.

The contributions from supporters, partners, and funders were not properly managed, to the point that well-trained technical staff left because of late payments or even the inability to pay.

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What is the reason for the death of Pastor Tshifhiwa The death of Pastor Irene?

As per reliable accounts According to reliable sources, Pastor Irene did not have time to take a break, she worked herself to exhaustion often and traveled long distances and, even though she had admin staff they were involved in the day-to-day administration and running of the church. She was able to count donations, banking, buying, and payroll. This placed a massive burden on her aging body.

The popularity in popularity of Mukhuba, Bushiri, and others affected her ministry’s finances. A region where she is well-known for her capacity to fill stadiums (stadia) and the attendance dropped to a quarter. Television Station payments began to run in the back, with late payments to suppliers, and other fixed expenses. The pressures caused by these issues resulted in depression. On the evening of 23rd of October, she was admitted to the hospital for flu-like symptoms. The next morning of the 24th of October, she left into the arms of God. Lord.

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